Frankincense metaphysical

Frankincense is sometimes referred to as the King of oils. It is widely used in religious ceremonies and spiritual practises for hundreds of years. Many places of worship burn Frankincense resin to still the mind during prayer and meditation. It is known for promoting a sense of relaxation, groundedness and connectedness. 

According to Blossoming Heart author Robbi Zeck, frankincense moves us away from feeling vulnerable and feeling protected. She says “Frankincense bring stability and insulation when the inner landscape of the heart is feeling vulnerable. When you feel yourself wide open, choose to stay connected to the light and know that the unseen helpers will protect you”. Protect you, your home, and your environment from the worries of the world with a drop of Frankincense oil.

Reference: The Blossoming Heart - Aromatherapy for Healing and Transformation, Robbi Zeck, Aroma Tours, Victoria Aus, 2014

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