How to Make a Rescue Spray with Essential Oils

Learning how to make a rescue spray with essential oils is simple. Mix esse witch hazel, rosewater, and vodka with essential oils and pop the blend in a spray bottle. Carry it with you when you experience shock, trauma, or upset.

By defining the individual layers of emotional response, we can match those with essential oils to facilitate the entire process. Nerolis is great for the initial shock, Myrrh helps to create a sense of safety and acts like a mother’s hug. Helichrysum heals our emotional and spiritual wounds, and Spearmint helps us to unpack and process our emotions.

Black Pepper is the final layer and wraps us up in its protective energy. Explore deepening the layers of your rescue spray with essential oils using hydrosols, crystals & flower essences and connecting with your intuition. 

What is Rescue Spray With Essential Oils?

Many of you will have heard of Rescue Remedy® by Bach® Flower Remedies. It is used worldwide to calm us in traumatic moments or upset. 

However, most don’t have access to flower remedies to be able to make their own, and this is where our essential oils collection comes into play.

I spent many months developing a similar Rescue Spray a few years ago, alongside preparations for trauma, pain, and anger. So I’ll save you hours of research and share what I learned.

Think Emotionally and Metaphysically

We are so used to using essential oils that we focus on their effects on our bodies that we often overlook how they can affect our emotions and energy.

How many of you use essential oils when you feel sad, angry, or disappointed?

We enter the metaphysical realms by focusing on how essential oils can alter how we feel or behave. The place where reality is beyond what is perceptible to the senses. (Or defined by science, for that matter).

Having worked for many years with essential oils, I am fully aware of their ability to shift moods and feelings. I know how they can work on energetic levels that are difficult to explain. This is where I urge you to trust in essential oils themselves.

Use them, work with them, get to know them, and note not only how it affects your body but how you feel, your mood, and, consequently, your behavior. 

Explore the essential oils with an inquiring mind and step into a new dimension with them.

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Layer your Rescue Spray With Essential Oils

The key to making a rescue spray with essential oils is to be clear about what you want it to do. 

When are you most likely to use it? 

Most people use rescue spray if they feel upset. Some use it when they are nervous, t to feel reassured. Others use it in moments of shock to bring calm and equilibrium. 

We need to design one preparation containing the right essential oils to cover all these different layers of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual needs.

    • Layer 1 - Deal with shock or trauma.
    • Layer 2 - Create a sense of safety.
    • Layer 3- Bring in reassurance.
    • Layer 4 - Release of energy and emotions.
    • Layer 5 - Assist in emotional processing.

Best Essential Oils For Rescue Spray

Layer 1 - Deal With Shock or Trauma


This would be my first choice to support where someone has experienced shock or trauma. It contains Linalool which is calming to the mind and body and can bring back our sense of balance in the world. It can be used to help combat negative thinking patterns.


Valerian is used worldwide to reduce anxiety as a herbal remedy and essential oil. It can calm your fears, anxieties, and worries and stop them in their tracks. Its sedative properties work fast to calm you down physically and emotionally.

Layer 2 - Create a Sense of Safety


Initially, it will help to calm and ground you. Acting like a mother’s hug to make you feel reassured and safe. Myrrh aids you in seeing the truth and wider perspective of a situation. Myrrh essential oil has a dual effect; it grounds you and lifts your spiritual vibration and energy. This duality helps you keep your feet on the ground and feel connected to and supported by the spiritual realms.


Rose otto is among the world's most beautiful and sought-after essential oils. I always think of it like ‘love in a bottle.’ From that first fragrant tendril of scent that reaches your nose, you are bewitched, and it instantly lifts the vibration of your mind, body, and spirit. After the shock, trauma, and upset, it helps to connect you back to the beauty of life. 

Layer 3- Bring in Reassurance


This is a wonderfully mystical essential oil-balancing mood. Like Rose, just the fragrance of Melissa makes you feel better on all energetic levels and lifts your energy and spiritual vibration.

Rose Geranium

This is my first ‘go-to’ essential oil when I feel down or low. Its deeply floral fragrance uplifts me instantly and makes me feel better about myself and whatever is happening around me. I feel reassured that I am enough and that I can deal with this situation before me. I find it helps to bring calmness to mind and instills quiet and gentle courage. It is considered an essential oil of trust and one to work with if you struggle to trust people. It brings in trust and opens up the heart's energy.

Layer 4 - Release of Energy and Emotions


It has a nickname in the ‘liquid stitches’ industry because it is fantastic for skin healing. Not just that, it can heal emotional, mental, and spiritual wounds. Like Rose geranium, it gives you the courage to step back into life by helping you recognize your resilience and strength. Helichrysum assists you in letting go of painful thoughts. I like it because it brings in hope, and at the time, we would use a rescue spray with essential oils; hope is going to be what we need as well.


Lemon has that very fast, cleansing citrus energy. It aids us in releasing the pain that prevents us from moving forward. It helps us recognize these patterns and facilitates letting that destructive and disabling pain go. You can also use Lemon to help you overcome negative repetitive thinking and rumination.

Layer 5 - Assist in Processing


This is a wonderful essential oil when you need to unpack emotions. It is never a nice thing to do, and we need all the help we can get. Spearmint aids in bringing a deeper clarity to the situation and helps us understand its meaning and gain a wider perspective. You can also use Spearmint to help you speak more clearly and ask for what you need.

Liz likes to use Spearmint for children who are upset.

Black Pepper

It is a fascinating essential oil from a spiritual perspective. It makes things move quickly, too, and can facilitate that emotional unpacking and processing of emotions. It assists you in looking for those sneaky hidden feelings that hide under the surface but still affect your behavior in negative patterning. This is the essential oil you want whenever you know there are emotions to face and feelings from the past to process. It is also included here because it is a strongly protective essential oil on a spiritual level.

How to Make a Rescue Spray With Essential Oils

I have given you the details to make one large 100ml spray bottle, but you can divide it into smaller amounts and fit the bottles into your pocket or purse. Make a few and keep them in handy places or gift them to friends and family.


    • Measuring spoons
    • Measuring jug
    • 100ml Dark amber glass spray bottle
    • Stainless steel spoon or stirrer.
    • Funnel
    • Label


    • 40 ml / 1.35 fl oz Witch Hazel
    • 40 ml / 1.35 fl oz Rose Water
    • 19 ml / 0.67 fl oz Vodka or Denatured Alcohol
    • 20-60 drops of essential oils (always check your safety data if creating your blends)
    • Polysorbate 20 or 80 - as a dispersant for the essential oils.
    • 1ml Preservative: for example, Gluconolactone and Sodium Benzoate (GSB)

Preservatives are important in this product because of the addition of water. Later we will talk about adding crystals if you want to. In the past, crystals have leached out bacteria from the earth and deposited it into blends, so be extra careful about adding some antimicrobial here. 


    1. Measure out 40 ml / 1.35 fl oz Witch Hazel and 40 ml / 1.35 fl oz Rose Water and pour them into the bowl. 
    2. Measure out 20 ml / 0.67 fl oz Vodka or Denatured Alcohol, add it to the bowl, and mix thoroughly. Add your preservative.
    3. Drop all your essential oils into the small measuring jug. Note the final volume of the essential oil. You need the same volume of essential oils as Polysorbate. (Say you have 5ml of essential oils. You will need 5ml of Polysorbate).
    4. Add the same volume of your Polysorbate 20 or 80 and mix carefully into your essential oils. 
    5. Not using Polysorbate? You can use the Witch Hazel to act as a dispersant instead. Stir to mix thoroughly. 
    6. Add into the large bowl and very gently stir to combine well.
    7. Using a funnel, decant into your Dark amber glass spray bottle.
    8. Remember, the pump straw takes up some volume, so fill it almost to the top, or it will simply overflow.
    9. Lid tightly and store in a dark, cool place at a consistent and ambient temperature.
    10. Label, writing down ALL ingredients used.
    11. Remember to prime your pump ready - give it a few pumps until it starts to spray.

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Professional Blend and Recipe for Rescue Spray With Essential Oils

Rescue Spray with Essential Oils
Base Ingredients
40 ml / 1.35 fl oz Witch Hazel 40 ml / 1.35 fl oz Rose Water 20 ml / 0.67 fl oz Vodka or Denatured Alcohol 20-60 drops of essential oils
20 drops = (1%)
40 drops = (2%)
60 drops = (3%)
Polysorbate 20 or 80 -
Essential Oils For Rescue Spray at 3% dilution rate
You can use all of these essential oils in the Rescue Spray but if you don’t have some of the more expensive essential oils in your collection, feel free to swap and change, but make sure you have at least one essential oil from each layer in the preparation.
Layer 1
Deal with shock or trauma.
Layer 2
Create a sense of safety.
Layer 3
Bring in reassurance.
Layer 4
Release of energy and emotions.
Layer 5
Assist in processing
6 drops of
Neroli Absolute (Citrus aurantium)
6 drops of
Myrrh Essential Oil (Commiphora myrrha)
4 drops of
Melissa Essential Oil (Melissa Officinalis)
8 drops of
Helichrysum Essential Oil (Helichrysum splendida)
6 drops of
Spearmint Essential Oil (Mentha spicata)
2 drops of
Valerian Essential Oil
(Valeriana officinalis L)
8 drops of
Rose Otto Essential Oil
(Rosa damascena)
10 drops of
Rose Geranium Essential Oil
(Pelargonium asperum var roseum)
4 drops of
Lemon Essential Oil
(Citrus limon L (Burm.) F.)
6 drops of
Black Pepper Essential Oil
(Piper Nigrum)
  1. Do not use it in the first 37 weeks of pregnancy.
  2. Do not spray at your face or into your eyes. If you do accidentally, wash thoroughly with warm water, if symptoms persist, seek medical attention taking the bottle with its clear labeling with you.
How to Use:
  1. Spray into the air away from you and walk into the mist with your eyes closed, while breathing in the fragrance of the Rescue Spray. Let the mist settle upon you.
  2. Repeat as necessary. Do not exceed 8 applications in one hour.

What Else Can I Use To Enhance My Rescue Spray with Essential Oils?

Cultures worldwide offer many remedies for dealing with shock and trauma. It can be an interesting subject to research and expand your knowledge.

Here are some things I have used over the years in my Rescue Sprays.


Rosewater is a hydrosol; it is a by-product of the essential oil distillation process; however, many producers also choose to make rosewater as their primary product.

Many hydrosols are discarded as a waste products, but they are quickly gaining credibility as a healing product in their own right.

I love them and use them in skin preparations and products that work upon our emotions and feelings, like Rescue Spray.

If you can’t afford Rose, Melissa, or Neroli essential oils, look for the hydrosols instead. They won’t have the same strength or properties as essential oils, but they will certainly offer an alternative that is more than suitable for this purpose.


I make products that layer many essences, and crystals make wonderful additions to products like Rescue Spray. Consider adding Rose Quartz to heal the heart and mind, Black Tourmaline to instill a sense of safety, and Shungite to help positively release those emotions.

Crystals like Celestite can help you connect to your faith, and some consider, alongside its sister Angelite, it to be the crystal for communing with angels. Faith can be important to feel safe, grounded, and protected.

Flower Essences

The original Rescue Remedy® used worldwide is a blend of 5 Bach® Flower Remedies - Rock Rose, Impatiens, Clematis, Star of Bethlehem, and Cherry Plum — plus the Bach® essence Olive.

You don’t have to use that.

You can easily make your flower essences; there are plenty of videos and tutorials online. Once you have learned this really simple process and the understanding behind the process, you can make an essence out of anything!

Why not make your own Valerian, Yarrow, Daisy, Dandelion, and Comfrey flower essences? All of these can help with those five important layers of healing that we addressed above. Depending on your climate, most of these are easily found and even considered weeds as they are so prolific!


Don’t be afraid to experiment and tap into your intuition. Notice the things you are drawn to and gravitate towards; they often bring their secret key to opening the door to your emotional and spiritual healing.

If you feel drawn to a particular essential oil, try using that. Get all your essential oils together, touch each one, and see which one feels right for you; give it a go!

You may be attracted to a certain crystal; forget what the crystal healing book says, make an essence from that and include it. If a plant calls to you, do the same.

First and foremost, listen to your inner voice. Look at the signs and symbols that appear around you. For instance, if you suddenly start seeing angels or tomatoes everywhere, consider including those essences and energies.

Safety on Rescue Spray With Essential Oils

Avoid Using it During Pregnancy

Most essential oils cannot be used in the first 16 weeks of Pregnancy, but because of some essential oils and absolutes used in this blend, we recommend not using them in the first 37 weeks.

Watch Where You Spray It!

Use some common sense here, guys. Do not spray at your face or into your eyes. If you accidentally get it on your face or into your eyes, wash thoroughly with warm water. If the symptoms persist, please seek medical attention. Make sure you have labeled the bottle clearly and accurately, and take it with you if you seek medical advice. 

Don’t Spray It Near The Cat

Be careful not to spray this around animals; animals can be sensitive to the strong fragrances of essential oils. Not only that, Lemon essential oil poses a potential risk of toxicity to cats as they do not possess the correct enzyme to metabolize some citrus oil components in their livers. This means the oil does not break down into smaller parts in their system, so it’s as if they have imbibed it undiluted.

Sprays that propel droplets into the air could land on your cat. Limit your cat's exposure to collecting these droplets on its fur and then grooming itself, which could be hazardous for it. 

Final Word

That’s it. You have discovered how to make a rescue spray with essential oils. It is a simple process, but you can add all those extra layers to make it a full-bodied experience that addresses the mind, body, and spirit when faced with shock or trauma.

Using essential oils to calm, reassure, instill a sense of safety, and process the underlying emotions is a potent recipe for success when dealing with challenging and upsetting situations. 

Have a go and create your Rescue Spray with essential oils; use just one essential oil for each of the five layers, or use both. Experiment with adding layers of crystal and flower essences, using your intuition to guide you to the ones you need.

My Rescue Spray is a deeply complex product developed over many months of research and experimentation. It has 22 essential oils, 8 flower essences, and 13 crystal essences….. And that is only half of it! My clients LOVE this product, and it sells time and again. Have fun developing your product, but never lose sight of those layers of emotions and feelings you are addressing. Everything in it must have its purpose.

Have fun making a rescue spray with essential oils, and I’d be delighted to hear about your experiences.

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