How To Make A Pamper Kit With Essential Oils

It is extremely rewarding to learn how to make a Pamper Kit with essential oils. Learn how to design it completely from scratch. Take control of your ingredients and only include what fits with your ethos. Simple adjustments to suit your skin type are possible and we show you how. Essential oils like Sweet Orange, Patchouli, Frankincense and Ylang Ylang are perfect for Pamper Kits where you can harness all their wonderful properties. Include them in gorgeous preparations like our Calming Cream, Face Masque and Scented Bath Milk.

You’ll soon feel like a pampered queen and maybe even feel vaguely human again! Take time out for yourself and make something truly sumptuous for yourself, you know you are worth it. They make well received gifts too if you want to get ahead of the game for the holidays.

Why Make A Pamper Kit With Essential Oils?

Make The Most Of Your Precious Time

I’m sitting here in between writing this, trying to arrange a lunch with the girls. The earliest availability that I have is a MONTH away! Time is precious and fleeting so we need to make the most of what we have.

Most of us would love a Spa Day but simply cannot carve enough time from our daily schedules to accommodate it.

Many more are tied to the home caring for children so have little to no spare time.

Yet, between work, our kids and our responsibilities, we need to find a couple of hours a month to look after ourselves. Turn the work phone off, send the kids to bed, and give your partner a TV dinner in front of the game.

Once every month, write in your diary “ME TIME” (…and STICK to it).

Create time for YOUR special spa day and learn how to make a Pamper Kit with essential oils

Make The Most Of Your Precious Money

Spas can be so expensive and I don’t know about you, but my bank account can’t stretch to it right now.

But, with shrewd  essential oil investment,  and learning how to make a Pamper Kit with essential oils, there is no need to feel like you need to  compromise or miss out on the luxurious things in life.

The decision as to whether you make your whole Spa treatment from scratch or simply enhance products you might already have with essential oils, is entirely yours but for the purpose of this article we’ll  look at creating cost effective, luxurious Spa products from scratch.

Make The Most Of Your Precious Control

It sounds a strange thing to say ‘precious control’, but it is precious in a world where we are increasingly losing control over some of our choices.

Going to a Spa and being treated to all those luscious, scented products is blissful. However, while the Spa products might feel luxurious and smell gorgeous, unless your spa has an organic policy, you don’t really know  what they are putting on your skin.

You run the risk of it being a chemical cocktail that could, ultimately, upset the sensitive balance of.your skin.

When you learn how to make a Pamper Kit with essential oils you have the power to control every single ingredient that you put on your skin. Relax in the knowledge you have chosen the most natural, ethically sourced products and essential oils that your budget allows.

There is something for every budget and I will show you how you can make the most of those economical ingredients.  

Harnessing The Properties Of The Essential Oils 

I saved the best and most important for last.

When we think about how to make a Pamper Kit with essential oils we can focus on harnessing  all their wonderful active chemical constituents and properties.

Not only do we then have skincare that feels deliciously decadent to use, but it is also good for our mood and skin. 

Tailor make products entirely for you.

Remember this is YOUR Spa day, you only have to please yourself here. Making just a handful of luxurious Spa products JUST for yourself makes it feel really special! After all, don’’t you deserve that?

When people ask what essential oils they should use, my first question is always “What do you want to FEEL”?

This should be at the forefront of your design process.

Do you want to feel relaxed or uplifted? Soothed or motivated?

Designing products around how you want to feel will inform your essential oil selections.

Lavender essential oil is relaxing and soothing, whereas Sweet Orange essential oil is uplifting and motivating.

You might also decide to tailor your choices around your skin type. Essential oils like Rose and Frankincense are wonderful choices for those with dry or combination skin. Bergamot is great for those under 50 with oily skin.

With careful, considered choices you can make a whole raft of wonderful Spa products to last you for months, for a fraction of the cost of going to the spa!

Our Favorite Essential Oils For Your Pamper Kit

Rose Geranium (Pelargonium asperum var roseum)

This is my go to essential oil when I feel a bit low or a bit down and I use it to uplift me throughout the day.

Rose Geranium is wonderfully hydrating for the complexion. It nourishes and protects the skin and is tremendous for very dry complexions. Rose Geranium is a good place to start when you learn how to make a Pamper Kit with essential oils.  Aromatherapists often add Rose Geranium to creams and ointments for dry and flaky skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis.

It’s a wonderfully fragrant tool to keep in your kit for hydrating and soothing skin but it also reduces anxiety.

There was a lovely trial done in 2015 in Iran. One hundred ladies who had been admitted to Bent al-Hoda Hospital in the city of Bojnord in the North Khorasan province of Iran between 2012-213 were divided into two groups. A group was given Geranium essential oil to sniff during their labor, and the other group was given a placebo. They were all first-time mums and were given a Spielberger questionnaire to assess their anxiety levels. Post-intervention showed that the anxiety had decreased considerably in the Geranium group; however, strangely, there was no change in their diastolic blood pressure. (Fakari, 2015)


    • Do not use it in the first 16 weeks of pregnancy.

Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia)

Used the world over to soothe us, relax us and help us sleep, Lavender is one of the best known essential oils.

With its myriad of active properties you can see why it is such a popular essential oil for most households. It really is the perfect choice when your day has got on top of you and you just need to chill out and relax.  Lavender is a very gentle oil and one you can gain confidence with when you are first learning how to make a Pamper Kit with essential oils.

I realize some people really aren’t keen on the scent but when you blend it with strong scented oils like Vetiver and Patchouli, it disappears so you will still benefit from its active properties. In fact, a blend of all three of these essential oils makes a wonderful Sleep Spray or rollerball.


    • Do not use it in the first 16 weeks of pregnancy.

Bergamot (Citrus bergamia)

It is such a wonderful essential oil for brightening the complexion and acting as an astringent. I think it is also rather good at ironing out those wrinkles too! Bergamot can be a little drying though, so avoid it if you have very dry skin.

This bright, vibrant and versatile essential oil has a bit of a bad rep because of the potential of  phytotoxicity, or photosensitivity when exposed to sunlight. Photosensitivity is a chemically induced skin irritation that can occur when you topically apply certain essential oils, like Bergamot.

It can happen when you expose your skin to UV light too soon, so it is often suggested to be used in products designed to be used at evening.

However, if you keep the dilution rate to a teeny weeny 0.40%, photosensitivity is no longer an issue.


    • Do not use it in the first 16 weeks of pregnancy.
    • It is phototoxic, so avoid being in the sun after application unless your dilution is 0.40% or less.
    • Avoid using it on children under two years of age.

Helichrysum (Helichrysum splendida)

This is a truly wonderful essential oil if you are very stressed or are recovering from trauma or emotional upheaval. It supports you and helps you to feel comforted and held.

I like to use it for general aches and pains and for uplifting me when I feel a bit grumpy about my knees or my back. Using Helichrysum always brings me back to center with its bright sunny yellow flower energy.

I have very recently started to use this on my own skin after being drawn quite strongly to it and I have already noticed how it has calmed some skin that has become prone to a little redness through perimenopause. Personally, I will be continuing to use it and watching the results. Other aromatherapists use it for smoothing and balancing the complexion…so watch this space.

It is a beautiful essential oil to gain some confidence with when you first set out to learn how to make a Pamper Kit with essential oils.


    • Do not use it in the first 16 weeks of pregnancy.
    • Helichrysum has blood thinning properties, therefore, it is not suitable for use for people who have platelet disorders or are on blood thinning medication. It is suggested you cease use of Helichrysum essential oil 48 hours before any planned surgery.

Sweet Orange (Citrus sinensis L)

Another zingy, bright, citrus essential oil that just lifts you up and makes you smile. Equally, it calms anxiety rather effectively. Therefore, it is an excellent choice in your Pamper Kit with essential oils.

It is well used in aromatherapy for reducing anxiety and uplifting mood. Goes (2012) concluded:

“Results indicate an acute anxiolytic (reduces anxiety) activity of Sweet Orange aroma, giving some scientific support to its use as a tranquilizer by aromatherapists”.

This essential oil makes for an ideal choice when you need to calm your anxiety so you can get a spring in your step, to motivate you and encourage you forward. Sweet Orange is perfect for a zingy start to a morning Spa routine.

Our skin will thank us too because Sweet Orange has a high limonene content and it is thought that this helps scavenge those pesky free radicals that could harm our precious healthy cells.

The active constituents of Sweet Orange essential oil can also help promote clarity of the skin, by reducing inflammation and acne.


    • Do not use it in the first 16 weeks of pregnancy.

Frankincense (Boswellia serrata)

Liquid Gold itself. It has been prized for millenia, not only for its wonderful aroma and resinous incense but also for its miraculous effects on our skin.

Frankincense oil contains components that promote cell regeneration and keep your cells and tissues healthy. With the help of these components, applying frankincense oil to your face can help prevent wrinkles and lift and tighten skin.

The components also contain astringent properties, which help reduce acne blemishes and the appearance of pores. Combined antibacterial, antiseptic, and antioxidant qualities included in the components of frankincense oil work together to protect the skin by helping it heal from damage and reducing inflammation.

Frankincense oil can benefit people with eczema, burns, bites, and rashes thanks to its anti-inflammatory components. (The Secret Healer, 2014)

It is a gentle and kind healer and another essential oils that you can gain some confidence with when you first start learning how to make a Pamper Kit with essential oils.


    • Do not use it in the first 16 weeks of pregnancy.

Ylang Ylang (Cananga odorata)

Another one of my favorites, its scent is absolutely sublime, rich, floral, heady and intoxicating. It is a first class choice when you want to make something smell luxurious and decadent because of its depth of fragrance. Ylang Ylang is one of those very rare oils that can straddle all three perfume notes. It blends well with other floral and woody oils to really ramp up the indulgence factor.

Widely known as a balancing essential oil in the aromatherapy world. It is great for balancing combination skin, especially during hormonal skin breakouts, that is because it is also pretty good at balancing our hormones for us too. Oh and those awful mood swings that seem to appear at the same time.

Personally, I use it to bring balance to my inherited high blood pressure as well. Ylang Ylang is great for reducing anxiety and stress as well, bringing my blood pressure down even further.

It is one essential oil that will always appear in my skin care. I have very sensitive, dry combination skin. I can have oily T zones but then really flaky skin across the rest of my face and Ylang Ylang is really a gem that I use to try and counteract this. It is worse during the winter months too.


    • Do not use it in the first 37 weeks of pregnancy.

Patchouli (Pogostemon cablin)

This is a stalwart of my bathroom cupboard, standing sentry, awaiting for the time when I just need ‘something nice’. A tonic, as it were, to lift me, cosset me and make me feel more human.

Out comes this beloved bottle of Indian Patchouli, with its intoxicating, heady, fragrance that fills me with memories of long haired bikers in leather jackets doused in Patchouli and the strident rock music of my teens.

It’s a well known essential oil for relieving anxiety and depression with plenty of research to back it up.

Like this, from Shin (2012) “Inhalation of patchouli oil effectively reduced the levels of stress and increased compassion satisfaction in emergency nurses, suggesting that patchouli oil inhalation may improve the professional quality of life of emergency nurses.”

Patchouli is like a gift for your skin too, as it has many benefits. It can help your complexion look vibrant and feel healthy and radiant looking. The essential oil can also be used to reduce the effects of aging by tightening and toning the skin, this helps to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, making the skin appear more supple and smooth.

I find Patchouli is an essential oil to practice blending with when you first start learning how to make a Pamper Kit with essential oils.


    • Do not use it in the first 16 weeks of pregnancy.

How to Make a Pamper Kit With Essentials Oils - Essential Oils vs Fragrance Oils

We often get asked if we can mix essential oils and fragrance oils in the same preparation. The simple answer is that yes, you can mix them both together, even when you are first learning how to make a Pamper Kit with essential oils.

However, you still need to follow all of the safety considerations and guidelines of essential oils because they have active properties.

Fragrance oils do not have any active properties but they still have their own set of safety data from IFRA that needs to be followed. You can find that information on the individual fragrance oil’s VINEVIDA web page under DOCUMENTS.

We also have a new calculator that you can use to work out just how much you can add to any preparation. All fragrance oils, like essential oils, vary in safety dilutions and so you need to make it routine to check this information.

Find the brand new and entirely useful VINEVIDA Calculator here!

Our Top Three Fragrance Oils To Compliment Your Pamper Kit With Essential Oils

I thought I would add in a little bonus section and share what fragrance oils I think would lend themselves well, when learning how to make a Pamper Kit with essential oils. 

Fresh Cut Roses Fragrance Oil

Very often Rose essential oil is adulterated with Rose Geranium essential oil because it is far cheaper than Rose! Though a trained nose can smell it a mile away because there is a distinct greenness to the scent that sets it apart.

That’s why I like this Fresh Cut Roses as a happy bedfellow with Rose Geranium, because it has that beautiful green edge to it as well.

I love all things rosy and over the years have come up with all sorts of wonderful cocktails of rose, in search for the perfect ‘essence of rose’. An unmistakable scent that truly embodies everything the rose means to me. I’m still working on it.

I think that these two work very nicely together and make for a beautifully cost effective rose sensation. You can use these in a multitude of ways to support and enhance one another and create a truly luxurious array of spa goodies for a fraction of the cost of Rose essential oil.

It blends beautifully with Ylang Ylang, Patchouli and Lavender essential oils and is an ideal choice to help you gain more confidence when learning how to make a Pamper Kit with essential oils. 

Nag Champa Fragrance Oil

As I was perusing through the fragrance oils, this sang out to me like a siren song.

Its scent profile is described as deliciously sweet, sacred, and exotic. With gorgeous amounts of  Frangipani, Patchouli, Orange, Sugar, Sandalwood, Vanilla and Musk.

You can use this to support many of the essential oils mentioned in the section above, to deepen the fragrance profile and turn something relatively ordinary into something utterly sublime.

If you were to add this to a blend of Patchouli and Sweet Orange essential oils, you would have something truly spectacular. Not just in scent, but a marriage of all those gorgeous active properties and chemical constituents.  It would be uplifting, but it would also reduce your anxiety and enable you to relax. The Nag Champa fragrance oil adds that luxurious layer of extra fragrance that makes it feel user exotic and luxurious.

Another wonderful fragrance oil to gain some blending experience with when you are first starting out with how to make a Pamper Kit with essential oils. 

Black Ice Fragrance Oil

Black Ice is our ‘Oil Of The Month’ for August and what a rather sophisticated and powerful one it is too.

It's an imitable style with just a hint of danger. Jasmine, Musk, and Lily strut in like stiletto-clad supermodels being chased by Cedarwood and Eucalyptus. Cheered on by Lemon and Lavender.

It is such a versatile fragrance and one that would blend beautifully with any of the essential oil in the section above. I particularly like it for rich, nourishing body butters and heavy creams, like hand and foot creams. They tend to hold the scent on your skin for longer.

I would blend this with Bergamot, Patchouli and Frankincense to really elongate the whole scent profile, with the freshness of the Bergamot, the intensity of the Patchouli and the resinous depth of the Frankincense. Let’s not forget all the wonderful active properties of these essential oils too and it makes for a blend that is uplifting, encouraging and heartening. 

How To Make A Pamper Kit with Essential Oils

When you first start to learn how to make a Pamper Kit with essential oils, your starting place on the design board is the question… “How do you want it to make you feel”?

What do you want your Pamper Kit to do for you?

You also need to consider what products suit you? For instance, do you have a bath or shower? There’s no point making a luscious bath bomb, if you only have a shower.

Also, you need to consider your skin type. Have you got skin like a rhino or are you a delicate and sensitive flower? Is your skin very dry, combination or oily?

Do you have a budget or can you splurge a little?

Taking all of these points into consideration at the design concept stage, when you first learn how to make a Pamper Kit with essential oils, will help you tailor make bespoke products for yourself and as luxury gifts for friends and family.

It can be very cost effective when making larger batches of unscented bases that you can break down into smaller portions and add select essential oils and fragrances oil to separately.

Aim for Five Individual Products

When I am making a Pamper Kit either for myself or as a gift, I generally aim for about 5 individual products. Often I will swap items out to suit myself or the recipient. Shower steamers are lost on me because I bathe every night instead. My pal LOVES them as she showers every morning. So, in go the Shower Steamers for her Pamper Kit.

I can’t use shop bought body lotions and butters without my skin having a tantrum, so I’m always going to make myself a luxury body butter. I tend to use it when my skin feels dry and needs the nourishment of a richer cream.

Here are some ideas of products that you could include when you are first learning how to make a Pamper Kit with essential oils. You can certainly make up a wonderful Pamper Kit for either yourself or for a gift.

How To Make A Pamper Kit With Essential Oils - Ideas
Most of these ink to comprehensive tutorials and articles to get you started when you first start learning how to make a Pamper Kit with essential oils and making your own products at home.
Skincare Body Care Bath Care Scented Products Therapy Products
Cleanser Body Lotion Salt & Sugar Scrubs Scented Candle Roller balls
Toner Body Butter Bath Salts Diffuser Blends Aura Mist
Face Masque
(see below)
Body Powder Bath Oil Room Spray Aroma Pendant
Moisturiser Body and Massage Oil Shower Steamer Linen Spray Rescue Spray
Night Cream Body Spray and Deodorant Bath Bombs Scented Sachets Sleep Spray
Serum Luxe Créme Bath Melts Air Freshners Calming Cream
(see below)
Lip Balm Hand Cream Bubble Bath Scented Pillows Headache Balm
Face Spritz Foot Cream Scented Bath Milk
(See Below)
Scented Eye Masks Skin Salve

An easy way to approach this, when you first start learning how to make a Pamper Kit with essential oils, is to choose one product from each of the five sections.

Personally, I would plump for the following: 

    • I would start off the experience using scented candles, I like deep woody aromas like Oud and Sandalwood to set the tone. 
    • I do love rose and honey scented Bath Milk for that full Cleopatra experience and ultimate indulgence. 
    • Then, I would make use of a delicious Face Masque and a nourishing Body Oil, as I don’t use them that often so it would add to the Spa ambience and the idea that it is a treat. 
    • Then, I’m all over that Sleep Spray for a blissful surrender into dreamland feeling relaxed, nourished and preened like a Queen!

What will you have in yours I wonder? 

Safety Considerations When Learning How To Make A Pamper Kit With Essential Oils

When you are first learning how to make a Pamper Kit with essential oils  you must bear in mind the following:

    1. All essential oils have active properties and chemical constituents and it is these that are responsible for the way that they behave upon you physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.
    2. You must follow the safety data guidelines for safe dilution and these can be found on the individual essential and fragrance oil pages on the VINEVIDA website.
    3. You must also check for any contraindications for any health needs you may have or medications that you may take.

For example: 

    • All essential oils should not be used in the first 16 weeks of pregnancy and essential oils like Rose and Ylang-Ylang should not be used in the first 37 weeks. Fennel should not be used at any stage of pregnancy. 
    • Grapefruit essential oil has blood thinning capabilities and should not be used 48 hours before surgery. 
    • Peppermint should not be used on children under 6 years old as the 1,8 Cineole can slow their respiration rate.

Please check ALL the essential oils that you plan to use for contraindications and the safety dilution rate.

Remember too, that fragrance oils all have differing dilution rates as well and you need to check ALL of these too. They are easy to find on the provided safety sheets.

Our new Calculator makes this an absolute doddle though. 

    1. Simply enter what type of product you wish to make
    2. Select your essential oil or fragrance oil
    3. Add in the weight or volume 
    4. Click on CALCULATE.

It will then give you a form telling you EXACTLY how much you can use in your given product and a range of dilutions from lightly scented to strong scented.

How great is that?

How to Make A Pamper Kit With Essential Oils - The Recipes

How to Make A Pamper Kit With Essential Oils - Face Masque

I just love a clay based face masque. The clays have such a wonderful array of different benefits for your skin it can be hard to know what to choose, but of course, I will help you out here.

You can just fill a jar with a mixture of the clays and mix it with Spring Water when you are ready to use it. In using it, you find that you  never quite need as much clay as you think you do either so it lasts really well too.

Don’t use metal spoons or equipment with Bentonite clays as it reacts with the ions that you need for it to pull the crap out of your skin and detoxify it. Bentonite has INCREDIBLE properties and makes for fascinating research.

In the course of my research, many years ago, I came across this lady Perry A and signed up for her email list. Every so often wonderful testimonials and ideas on how to use it drop in my mailbox. I always look forward to reading it. Take a look for yourself.

You will need:

    • A non metal bowl
    • A non metal spoon - wooden or bamboo is fine.
    • A non metal jar funnel
    • A 7 oz glass jar with a plastic lid. (Avoid a metal lid)



    1. Mix all of the clays together in the bowl 
    2. Add the drops of essential oil, but spread them out and work them well into the clays so that they don’t all clump in one spot, distribute them well through the clay.
    3. Decant, using a jar funnel into the glass jar.  Lid tightly to reduce chances of moisture getting in. Label clearly listing all ingredients. 
    4. Carry out a 24 hour patch test.

How to Use:

    1. Make sure you do a patch test first by applying some of the product to your inner elbow and observing over a 24-48 hour period. 
    2. Take about 1 full teaspoon of clay from the jar and put it into a non-metallic bowl
    3. With a wooden spoon, work in a small amount of Spring Water until it forms a slack paste.
    4. Apply to your face, avoiding the eye area and let dry for at least 15 minutes. (It is not unusual to experience a little heat during this stage, it is perfectly normal and it is unlikely your skin is reacting - if it feels like it is burning, then wash it off immediately) 
    5. Once dry, leave for a few minutes more and rinse off with clean warm water and a soft face cloth.
    6. Carefully remove all traces and marvel at what it does for your skin. You look great, right?

How to Make A Pamper Kit With Essential Oil - Uber Luxe Body Oil

I’ll admit, I’m going all out luxury for this one. Unashamedly throwing caution to the wind. There are some products that are WORTH splurging on, and this…. is most definitely one of them.

This is like a superfood for your skin, but also your soul. The benefits from the carrier oils and essential oils for your skin are extensive. Make this your most desired product for your Pamper Kit.

You will need:

    • Measuring jug, cups and spoons
    • Funnel
    • 500ml /17 fl oz dark amber glass bottle with tight fitting cap
    • Label



    1. Combine all of the carrier oils in the measuring jug and mix well.
    2. Add the essential oils and combine well.
    3. Decant using a funnel into a dark amber glass bottle and lid tightly. 
    4. Label clearly with all ingredients.
    5. Carry out a 24 hour patch test.

How to Use:

    1. Make sure you do a patch test first by applying some of the product to your inner elbow and observing over a 24-48 hour period. 
    2. Apply a small amount into the palm of your hand and warm the oils gently and massage well into your skin. Massaging it improves circulation and encourages cell renewal.
    3. Avoid any intimate areas and your eyes too please.
    4. You can apply this over wet skin to lock hydration in.
    5. You can also use it as a conditioning hair oil, just rinse it out well with shampoo.

NOTE: Because the Sea Buckthorn and Rosehip carrier oils are an intense orange color, this can sometimes transfer onto your bed linen or clothes.  Let it dry thoroughly and then dab your skin with some tissue to absorb any excess. It generally does come out  after pre-soaking in stain remover and then using a strong detergent on a hot wash - ask me how I know this! 

How to Make A Pamper Kit With Essential Oil - Scented Bath Milk

You know this recipe is pretty cheap and cheerful, but it really does make you feel like Cleopatra, reclining resplendently in her giant bath full of asses milk.

I feel sorry for those that had to milk the asses! Don’t fear, you don’t need any of your own asses and you don’t need to milk any asses either!

You will need:

    • Mixing bowl
    • Measuring cups and spoons
    • Jar funnel
    • Glass jar and lid
    • Label


    1. Carefully measure out all of your dry ingredients and combine well in a bowl
    2. Add your essential oils but pay attention to evenly distributing your drops around the whole bowl of dry mix, don’t add them all in one place.
    3. Mix really well together and distribute the essential oils, mixing well for at least a couple of minutes. 
    4. Using a jar funnel, decant into a glass jar and add a tight fitting lid to exclude moisture.
    5. Label clearly will all the ingredients
    6. Dissolve a little and carry out a 24 hour patch test.

How to Use:

    1. Make sure you do a patch test first by applying some of the product to your inner elbow and observing over a 24-48 hour period. 
    2. Add a ¼ cup to a warm running bath and swish around to combine and dissolve fully.
    3. I always like to add an extra dollop of delicious honey at the last swirl for an extra layer of decadence and nourishment for my skin. 
    4. Languish resplendently and enjoy the fragrant bliss. 

How to Make A Pamper Kit With Essential Oil - Calming Cream 

Many of us are deficient in Magnesium and some medical research has linked magnesium to reduced anxiety and improved sleep.

Saba (2022) carried out research on those having heart surgery and concluded:

‘Due to the effects of magnesium supplementation in patients after heart surgery, it is recommended that this supplement be included in the treatment plan in order to prevent anxiety and depression in these patients after surgery and improve their quality of sleep’

Magnesium helps you to relax by stimulating the production of melatonin and serotonin which can boost your mood and improve your quality of sleep.

Magnesium also reduces the production of cytokines and cortisol, which can lead to increased inflammation and stress in the body. 

Reducing the bad stuff and increasing the good stuff has to be a good thing. Right?

We can squirrel oodles of this goodness into a simple cream that we can use at night to calm things like restless legs, aching muscles or just use it as a sleep balm.

You Will Need:

    • Mixing bowl
    • Measuring jug
    • Measuring spoons
    • Stainless steel stirrer or spoon
    • Jar funnel
    • 100ml /3.38 fl oz Dark Amber Glass Jar with Lid
    • Label



    1. Measure out the Distilled Water in a small measuring jug and add the Magnesium Flakes, stir well and leave for a few minutes to dissolve. You can heat the mixture slightly if any flakes appear stubborn.
    2. When completely dissolved, add the Aqueous Cream and the Glycerine and mix well to thoroughly combine.
    3. Add the essential oils and stir well to combine once more.
    4. Decant into the jar using a jar funnel. Lid tightly.
    5. Label clearly with all the ingredients
    6. Carry out a 24 hour patch test (see note below first).

How to Use:

    1. Make sure you do a patch test first by applying some of the product to your inner elbow and observing over a 24-48 hour period. Now,  when you are deficient in Magnesium and apply any products containing magnesium it can make your skin tingle, this is to be expected and will diminish with use over time as you become less deficient in magnesium. Tingling of the skin is a normal reaction with this cream.
    2. Apply to clean skin on your lower legs and feet before bedtime. 
    3. Pop some socks on after application if you will be walking around to minimize the risk of  slips, trips and falls. 

The Final Word

We are all short on time and some of us, short on money too. That does not mean that we have to miss out on gorgeous treats like Spa days. Not to mention all the beautiful products that go with it.

It is important to take time out for yourself, to rest, recoup and treat yourself, because YOU are important too!

Having a Spa experience with your own handmade Pamper Kit with essential oils is well within your reach. It also gives you control over every single ingredient that you include in your recipe. Meaning you can tailor make every single product to suit yourself or family and friends when you learn how to make a Pamper Kit with essential oils.

A Pamper Kit with essential oils makes for a perfect gift choice and there are so many easy to achieve ideas in this article. I am sure you can whip a few up ready for the holidays in a heartbeat.

Don’t forget to check out the tutorials that appeal to you the most. Use that new VINEVIDA calculator to help you work out how to use safe amounts of both the essential oils and fragrance oils for your chosen project. But whatever you choose, remember to have fun with it, enjoy the process AND the outcome.

Maybe it is just the right time to spend an afternoon learning how to make a Pamper Kit with essential oils just for yourself and spending the evening enjoying the fruits of your labor? What are you waiting for?

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