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People from all walks of life feel confident when it comes to coping with mental and physical discomfort. What's the reason behind it? It is nothing but the holistic benefits that deal with multiple issues without any harmful aftermath. Therefore, when you find men and women fervently searching for the best essential oil for bruises, nothing is surprising about it. Yes, comforting people with aromatherapy and therapeutic aids are not the only thing that essential oils do. These natural oil essences effectively ease and remove various skin issues. Indeed, they can relieve you fast when you suffer from mole build-up, sores, and other skin discomforts.

But to get the best out of them, you must know which oils can come to your rescue in issues. We have gathered here the most efficient essential oils for easing and removing the bruises on your skin. Read on to learn how to use them effectively so that you can reap the benefits without suffering any side effects.

What are bruises? Why do they develop, and how to get rid of them?

Bruises are not skin disease caused by fungus or viral infection. They are just unexpected skin conditions developed when a certain area of the skin suffers from trauma. That trauma may result from a fall, a hit, an injection, a missed step, a surgery, a sprained ankle, etc. So, bruises may occur for varied reasons leading the hit area to form a swelling over the skin. And the swelling may inspire various discolorations – red, blue, and green.

When your muscle or a specific area of your skin gets hurt, blood vessels beneath that distinct skin location break. These disturbed or broken vessels leak blood around the tissues of the hit or hurt area. The hardly hit skin, not scraped, has blood clotted beneath, causing a noticeably ugly swelling. Though the bruises do not cause unbearable or severe pain, they disturb the inflammation and aching.

Bruises develop even when you lead an active routine, but they heal naturally or with DIY natural treatments. But in some cases, the healing cycle may prolong depending on the reasons for them. Most of the time, the discoloration or tiny bump starts to ease on its own, and sometimes you need to apply cold therapy to the area. The easing sign is the gradual reduction of inflammation and muscle pain and the fading of the discoloration. 

But this process takes longer. So, if you want rapid recovery, you can apply some essential oils diluted with a carrier oil. There are many, but some oils have earned a name in easing bruises. Regular application of them helps the body to reabsorb the clotted blood rapidly.

What are the Natural Ways to Get Rid of Bruises?

When the broken blood vessels in the hit area of muscle resume its formal shape or your body reabsorb the clotted blood, you are recovered from bruising. That is to say, somehow, you have to stop blood vessels from getting broken. And then you have to make the blood clotting reabsorbed to get rid of contusion. There are five ways to do that, and they include:

  • Essential Oil Application
  • Ice Therapy
  • Heat Therapy
  • Compression
  • Elevation

Today, we will discuss one of the most effective ways in the five ways mentioned above. Like many others, we believe that the best essential oil for bruise application is the best way to go. Let's see what they are and how they do away with bruises.

Best Essential Oil for Bruises: Top 5 Natural Remedies

Essential oils are natural remedies for discomforts with zero side effects. They are full of natural properties that are pretty useful to heal physical discomforts. When dealt with an informed process, the most severe bruises can heal the fastest way possible. Here you choose the best essential oil for bruises from the five most recommended bruise remedies.

1. Geranium Essential Oil

The geranium essential oil contains the properties of the flowery plant that help the blood circulation hike. Moreover, it effectively stimulates the germination of new healthy tissues. Therefore, when you apply the said oil in the bruised skin location, the clotted blood starts to get reabsorbed.

And the fresh tissues replace the hurt tissues of the sore muscle. Additionally, this best essential oil for bruises will ease inflammation of the irritated skin area faster. You can apply it with a massage, compression, heat therapy, and diffusing in a warm bath.

2. Rosemary Essential Oil

Apart from the cooking recipe, Rosemary has been a famous pain relief, muscle comforter, and relaxing agent for joint aches. On top of being an active agent to deal with inflammation and irritation, this oil prevents bruises from turning septic scar.

Thus it accelerates the blood flow and kills the microorganism in and around the swollen spot. Therefore, the swelling and discoloration disappear gradually with the regular application of rosemary essential oil.

3. Frankincense Essential Oil

Our research has found that frankincense oil is highly efficient in easing inflammation, reducing pain, and healthy cell production. Not to forget, this oil can stop bleeding and speed up the healing course of cut and bruised body parts. The Boswellia Resin and the oil essence extracted from it are full of such natural properties to provide you with the said benefits in need.

So if you apply frankincense essential oil on the affected spot, the muscle's bruised part will resume its natural form. And the discoloration caused will fade, giving back the skin its original color.

4. Lemongrass Essential Oil

Lemongrass contains two such natural properties that can promote healthy tissues and reduce inflammation. These two components include the analgesic element and limonene. The former contributes to healthy cells' production, and the later is an effective pain/irritation killer.

So, we suggest applying lemongrass natural oil essence, diluted with a carrier oil, on the hurt spot. You can get rid of the pain and irritation rapidly. And the properties in the oil will prevent viral and bacterial infection. Moreover, it will speed up new, healthy cells in the massaged part, replacing the damaged or dead cells.

5. Lavender Essential Oil

Our final recommended essential oil for bruise remedy is lavender essential oil with the identical properties mentioned above. Not to waste time repeating the same words, we jump to the tag line. Yes, you should apply diluted lavender oil extraction if you want rapid recovery from bruises. Lavender possesses all the natural components that prevent the growth and spread of infectious microbial beings.

We can refer to history to reinforce the claim when and where lavender oil received almost salutary treatment as a cleansing and healing agent. The places where lavender was dominant and prominent for the said causes are Ancient Egypt, Rome, and England. Legend has that lavender stood as a hero facing the Great Plague in London.

Wrapping Up

By now, it is pretty clear that essential oils can be efficient remedies for bruises. But the question remains, "Is it the only solution?" Applying essential oil in the bruised part of the skin may be an effective way but not the only one—instead, the most advisable suggestion to consult a physician when the situation turns grave.

But at the initial period and for faster relief, the best essential oil for bruises is a wise preference. And the five oils suggested here will surely live up to the claimed expectation.

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