NO. 1402, Inspired by: Citrine by Nest Fragrance Oil Of The Week

NO. 1402, Inspired by: Citrine by Nest Soaps & Candles Fragrance Oil Showcase

NO.1402, Inspired by: Citrine by Nest is like a dance through an extravagant floral fantasy. Lemon blossom entwines with the delicate but heady notes of Freesia. All festooned and freshened by glistening droplets of morning dew. The sacred notes of Lotus take your hand and draw you into the final flurry of rich wood notes and its final, sensational citrus twist.  It’s a fragrance oil that we love here at VINEVIDA.

Fragrance Notes

    • Top: Lemon Blossom, Citrus, Dew
    • Mid: Freesia, White Floral 
    • Bottom: Lotus, Woods

VINEVIDA’S Favorite Ways To Use NO. 1402, Inspired by: Citrine by Nest Soaps & Candles Fragrance Oil

VINEVIDA’S Favorite Ways To Use NO. 1402, Inspired by: Citrine by Nest Soaps & Candles Fragrance Oil

NO. 1402, Inspired by: Citrine by Nest is a delicious floral dance, glistening and sparkling dewdrops freshen and brighten the Lemon Blossom and Fressia’s. Dusted with just a twist of delicate and brightening citrus. 

The sacred and divine notes of Lotus invite you deeper into the profile and it deepens down into rich woods and heady white flowers.

It’s an unashamedly feminine scent which evokes a delicate freshness and floral fantasy through your creative projects and your home. 

Toiletries and Skincare

NO. 1402, Inspired by: Citrine by Nest Fragrance Oil Is ideal for cold process soaps and shower gels designed for women. Give your bathing routine a glorious citrus and white floral greeting and leave yourself feeling uplifted, renewed and confident about your day.

Scenting The Home

It has a fresh, bright and floral profile making it ideal for use all across the home. We think it is perfect for feminine spaces, especially bedrooms and it is stunning for use in a bathroom. 

I love its versatility for blending with other fragrance oils and essential oils, but you do need to be considered to not overpower some of the masterful delicacy of this perfume. 

I think it is ideal as a base for creating a Signature Home Scent, as there is room in the profile to build upon. Explore more about Signature Home Scents, in our blog article Layering Perfumes In The Home.

Wax and Scented Products

Wax and Scented ProductsNO. 1402, Inspired by: Citrine by Nest Soaps & Candles Fragrance Oil is a great option for creating a variety of elegant and higher end wax-based products. 

Perfect for creating sophisticated candles, elegant wax melts and sachets that aimed at evoking that feminine floral dance.  

It is ideal for use in a Reed Diffuser. I suggest to get a good lasting ability, blend it with a rich heart like Neroli and a strong base note like Patchouli, to prolong the life of the scent.

It is also suitable for all types of aromatherapy candle burners.


NO. 1402, Inspired by: Citrine by Nest Soaps & Candles Fragrance Oil can be a highly versatile fragrance oil. Just remember to not overpower those delicate floral top and heart notes. Try some of VINEVIDA’s other Essential Oils and Fragrance Oils.

I like mixing it with more white florals and woody note fragrance oils, try blending it with NO. 44 - Jasmine and NO. 19 - Caribbean Teakwood.

It is also sublime with intoxicating white floral Essential Oils like Neroli and Jasmine. Then add in an anchoring base note like Patchouli to broaden and enrich the whole scent profile.

Cold Air Diffusers

If you have a Cold Air Diffuser, use our version of NO. 1402, Inspired by: Citrine by Nest DIFFUSER Fragrance Oil. It is specifically designed and developed for your Cold Air Diffusers.

We do NOT recommend that you use the Soaps and Candles version in your Cold Air or Nebulizing Diffuser. The Soap and Candles version is simply not designed for this purpose, as it is formulated with a thicker viscosity which could block the delicate nozzles on Cold Air Diffusers. 

Creative Ways To Use And Blend NO. 1402, Inspired by: Citrine by Nest Soaps & Candles Fragrance Oil

It has been a delight developing this showcase for NO. 1402, Inspired by: Citrine by Nest Soaps & Candles Fragrance Oil. It takes you on this floral dance, at first fresh, light and delicate and then it starts to burst open with floral heart notes and sacred Lotus and rich woods finally, have you enraptured.

I really enjoyed creating some of these blends and projects for myself. I hope that you find the same pleasure in making them for yourself, for your friends and family and for your customers.

It's a floral, feminine and joyful fragrance oil for use all around the home and especially in skincare and toiletries. 

Shall we first explore how to blend it to create an amazing range of diffuser blends?

NO. 1402, Inspired by: Citrine by Nest Diffuser Blends

Come and explore this fresh and feminine fragrance oil with me. Let me show you how you can add in a variety of other aromas to compliment it beautifully and not overpower its initial delicacy. 

Let us just have another look at the fragrance notes and some of their ideal companions.

Original Scent Profile Ideal Companions
Top Lemon Blossom, Citrus, Dew Lemon, Lime, Rose, Lavender, Violet Leaf, Ozone
Heart Freesia, White Floral Neroli, Jasmine, Ylang Ylang, Honeysuckle, Gardenia, Palmarosa, Wisteria
Base Lotus, Woods Patchouli, Sandalwood, Cedarwood, Amber, Musk

You want to keep the top notes, light and effervescent, don’t crowd them out or you risk upsetting the balance of the profile. Keep it floral within the heartspace and anchor the base with the bigger more woody or resinous notes. This way you will maintain the overall balance of the scent profile. 

Diffuser Blends fall into IFRA Category 12 where NO. 1402, Inspired by: Citrine by Nest fragrance oil has no safety restrictions.


    1. Diffusers blends are really simple to make. In a small measuring jug, simply blend your chosen fragrance oil and essential oils together.
    2. Decant into a 10ml dropper bottle, use a funnel to help you. 
    3. A good quality silicone spatula helps you get every last drop of precious oil from the jug and funnel, which helps to minimize any waste. 
    4. Use an oil-proof label and label the bottle clearly, listing all of the ingredients used. 
    5. For safety considerations, you MUST annotate this bottle as ‘UNDILUTED’. 

How To Use:

    1. Please follow the manufacturer's instructions for your own individual diffuser. 
    2. Dilute the blend, if you are instructed to do so.

NOTE: If you have a Cold Air Diffuser, please use the variation labeled DIFFUSER Fragrance Oil, NOT the Soaps & Candles variation.

Flirty and Fabulous

Flirty and Fabulous

This is ideal when you want to create a light, bright and feminine ambience. Full of the joys of Spring and the warming sunshine it brings. Come and dance in the sunlit dewdrops with this one!



    • Not designed or formulated for topical use on the skin.

Elegant and Sophisticated Floral Fantasy

Elegant and Sophisticated Floral Fantasy

Go all out elegant and sophisticated with this gorgeous blend, perfect for any room in the home, at any time of the day. Though it is pretty heady, so only use it for an hour or so at a time. 



    • Not designed or formulated for topical use on the skin.

Floral Indulgence

Floral Indulgence

This is a homage to everything floral and so it is rather decadent and wonderfully indulgent. Though please be warned, it can become a little heady. Therefore, please use this in short, blissful bursts of gorgeousness for a very special treat. 

It is brimming with aphrodisiacs, so would be perfect for an intimate night at home. 



      • Not designed or formulated for topical use on the skin.

    Perfume Oil 

    Perfume OilNO. 1402, Inspired by: Citrine by Nest Soaps & Candles Fragrance Oil is nothing short of perfect for making your own perfumed oil. It was originally developed as a women’s scent so why not use it as such?

    You can use it on its own or create something a bit different and more elegant and complex.

    Why not have a go at creating something truly unique for yourself?

    For Perfumed Oil In IFRA Category 5A, NO. 1402, Inspired by: Citrine by Nest fragrance oil has maximum safety dilution restrictions of 10%. Therefore, in 10ml of perfumed oil, you will need to use 1ml or less. 

    You will need to mix together long lasting carrier oil like Sweet Almond with a commercial preservative, follow the manufacturer's instructions for how much preservative to add.

    Then just add your 1ml or less of NO. 1402, Inspired by: Citrine by Nest Soaps & Candles Fragrance Oil and other chosen fragrance and essential oils.  Simply combine them all in a rollerball, label fully and you are good to go. 

    TOP TIP: If you are adding extra oils remember to check ALL of your IFRA safety recommendations!

    If you have time and patience and fancy having a go at making alcohol based perfumes please  consult this tutorial - How To Make Perfume With Essential Oils.

    Our Favorite Recipes

    VINEVIDA Soaps & Candles Fragrance Oils are truly amazing and specifically designed for creating a range of wonderful products. They are custom designed to stand up to the high temperatures and rigors of the cold process soap making and candle making processes. 

    They have also been designed in mind to withstand the IFRA recommended safety dilutions that are needed for toiletries and skincare. They are also purposefully designed to still hold their fragrance strength through any of these processes. No mean feat.

    We get very excited about the possibilities of our fragrance oils here at VINEVIDA. It is a real joy to come up with new ideas, recipes and tutorials for you all.

    This week, we have the uber feminine NO. 1402, Inspired by: Citrine by Nest fragrance oil and it begs to be used on the skin in a way where the fresh, floral scent can linger. Body Mist is an ideal medium for this. Though this is not a deodorant, simply a fragranced Body Mist. 

    NO. 1402, Inspired by: Citrine by Nest fragrance oil is perfect for projects where you want that sense of freshness, femininity and to take you on a ride of unashamed floral fantasy. Try it in our super luxury second recipe for this week - A Massage Candle. This is a brand new recipe for you to try out and enjoy.

    Body Mist

    Body Mist

    This is a brand new Body Mist recipe for you, that is wonderfully fragrant, refreshingly vibrant.

    It is perfect for popping into your purse for a refreshing spritz, just when you need it most. Little 20ml spray bottles are perfect for this purpose.

    In IFRA Category 2 -  NO. 1402, Inspired by: Citrine by Nest Soaps and Candles fragrance oil has a maximum safety dilution recommendation of 2.09%. Do remember that this is maximum safety dilution rate and not a recipe recommendation. 

    You Will Need:

      1. Measuring jug
      2. Stainless steel spoon
      3. Funnel
      4. 100ml spray bottle
      5. Label


    Optional: Preservative of your choice. 


      • Do not spray at the eyes or face. If you do get it in your eyes, rinse thoroughly with clean, warm water. If irritation persists, seek medical attention, taking the clearly labeled bottle with you. 


      1. If you are using a preservative, note when to add it in the process and how much. 
      2. In a measuring jug combine all of the ingredients and mix thoroughly. 
      3. Add your NO. 1402, Inspired by: Citrine by Nest Soaps & Candles Fragrance Oil.
      4. Once the mixture is fully combined, decant into your spray bottle. Use a funnel for ease,
      5. Screw the top on tightly.
      6. No prime the pump. It makes sense to use the last of priming pump spray to do a 48 hr patch test on your inner elbow or wrist, to make sure you are not allergic to any of the ingredients.
      7. It is important that you label the bottle clearly, listing all ingredients for safety reasons.

    How To Use:

      1. Perform a 48 hour patch test before using. 
      2. Simply spritz lightly over the body, avoiding your face and eyes. 

      Massage Candle

      Massage Candle

      This is another brand new recipe for you today. If you have never come across Massage Candles you are in for a treat.

      A Massage Candle is a mix of skin safe wax, cosmetic butters and oils. They melt at a lower temperature, creating a molten pool of luscious and skin nourishing goodness to melt into your grateful skin.

      They are becoming increasingly popular in spas, as clients love the warming sensation, the heavenly fragrances and how soft, smooth and supple their skin feels after treatment. Locking in moisturization and hydration and protecting your precious skin

      NO. 1402, Inspired by: Citrine by Nest Fragrance Oil just exudes that fresh elegance, making it perfect for projects like this but it also pairs well with essential oils and their positive actions and benefits. And we definitely want to capitalize on those in this project.

      NO. 1402, Inspired by: Citrine by Nest Soap and Candles Fragrance Oil in IFRA category 5A has maximum safety dilution restrictions of 10%.

      Don’t forget that any other essential oils and other fragrance oils that you choose, will all have differing safety dilution recommendations, so please check those too.

      There is no option on the VINEVIDA calculator for Massage Candles. Instead, use the ‘Body Oil’ option, it will help you work out the correct safety data in the right category.

      A Note On Waxes

      A Note On Waxes

      Now you cannot just use any wax for this project. You need to use waxes that are skin safe and have low melting points, from a safety point of view this is critical.

      Waxes, like Soy Wax, Beeswax, vegan Carbonara wax or even Coconut Wax are all perfect.

      Plump for Cosmetic Butters with lower melting temperatures too like Cocoa Butter and Shea Butter, both are perfect choices for this project.

      You can use most cosmetic carrier oils but Sweet Almond has a lovely long shelf life and a dash of Rosehip oil can add a welcome splash of color and skin nourishing magic! You don’t want to add candle colorants as many are not skin safe and most commercial cosmetic colors are water based and will not mix with the wax and oils. 

      Choose good quality cotton wicks and veer away from wooden wicks that often discolor and scent the wax.  

      You Will Need:
        • Double boiler
        • Weigh scales
        • Stainless steel spoon
        • 2 x 4oz (120ml) Candles glasses or jars.
        • Oil proof label
        • Cotton Wicks and wick holders (and a dab of skin safe adhesive)
        • Do not use it in the first 37 weeks of pregnancy. 
        • Do not use it over broken or irritated skin. 
          1. Get your jars ready first, make sure they are scrupulously clean and dry and then affix your wick into the middle of the jar with some skin safe adhesive. Use a wick holding tool to keep it perfectly central.
          2. In a double boiler set over a low to medium heat, gently and slowly melt the waxes together.
          3. Then add in the Shea and Cocoa butters and allow to melt gently.
          4. Once fully melted, remove from the heat and set aside for a few minutes, allowing to cool a little before adding the Sweet Almond and Rosehip carrier oils.
          5. If you have a thermometer try and add the essential oils once it has dropped below 125F to help preserve their qualities as much as possible.
          6. Then add your NO. 1402, Inspired by: Citrine by Nest Soap and Candles Fragrance Oil.
          7. Mix really thoroughly for a good couple of minutes, until everything is fully incorporated and combined.
          8. Pour the wax into the jars and keep that wick nice and central.
          9. Cover with a cool cloth and allow to cool fully. Do not lid until fully cooled and cured. 
          10. Allow to rest and cure for at least 24 hours but the scent develops more intensity over a short period of time. 
          11. Trim your wick to a safe ¼ of an inch. 
          12. Lid and label, listing all ingredients for safety reasons. You are going to use it on the skin after all. 
        How to Use:
          1. Place in a safe place, away from furnishing and decorations, out of draughts. Preferably on a heatproof mat or surface. 
          2. Light the cable and let a good molten pool develop, usually anywhere from 5-15 minutes depending on your environment and humidity. 
          3. Now don’t be a nit here, snuff out the flame of the Massage Candle before pouring please! Yes, I learnt my lesson on this one, as you pour the fluid out, the flame can suddenly get rather large as the wix exposes to the air. Do us all a favor and snuff it out, you can always light it again if you need more.
          4. Apply to the skin and massage in thoroughly, pay particular attention to any muscle knots or tension to help you unwind. 
          5. It’s glorious to use fresh from a warm bath to lock in hydration. You get to enjoy the ambience of a candle lit bath to boot!

        Want to explore more about using Massage Candles With Essential Oils? Click the link to the blog for this week’s full tutorial on Massage Candles and everything you need to know to make a range at home. 

        Do You Need Some Help Using VINEVIDA Fragrance Oils?

        Do You Need Some Help Using VINEVIDA Fragrance Oils

        Here at VINEVIDA our customers are precious and valued. Therefore, we see the importance in helping to educate you in the use of VINEVIDA products. This is why it is a priority to us that you understand the products that you are buying, so that you can get the best from them. Not to mention value your money. It is also a much more sustainable practice in the long run for us all. 

        Sometimes, when people start their fragrant journeys with us, there is confusion about which oil to use, how to use it and for what purpose. To help you and answer some of the most commonly asked questions we have produced this super handy guide. How To Use VINEVIDA Oils. It is jam packed with useful information. 

        You can begin by discovering our essential oils and carrier oils, exploring the differences between them and let us show you how to use them both to their best effects.

        Maybe, you just want to skip ahead to our Fragrance Oil section. It is here that you can explore the differences between our two fragrance oil variations. If you did not know already, we stock two different types of VINEVIDA fragrance oils. We clearly help you by identifying the recommended applications for each one. Mystery solved! 

        Of course, some of the most common questions we are asked are ‘Can I use this in my diffuser' and `How to use VINEVIDA oils for diffusers’?  We thoroughly identify the individual diffusers and explain how they work. 

        Help us to help you make the most of every single cent you spend with us. Pop on over and learn how to get the very best from VINEVIDA’s oils - How To Use VINEVIDA Oils, there is so much to discover!

        Safety Aspects

        Whenever you are creating your new projects, remember that you must stay within the recommended IFRA guidelines. This is doubly important if you are creating products to gift or sell.

        Be aware that the moment these lovely products pass from your hands, they are then out of your control. Be mindful that you are still ultimately responsible for the original recipe and formulation. This is why it is so important to only trust recipes written by industry professionals, especially when making cosmetics, skincare and toiletries. If you are in doubt, check the safety data for yourself. 

        I am sure you are aware by now that it is paramount at VINEVIDA, for us to show our valued customers how to use our products safely.  We provide you with all the safety information you need on our website and the individual webpages in order to be able to do this for yourself. 

        Please be aware that it is your responsibility to consult that safety information. Not to mention, to put it into practice too. 

        How To Find Our Safety Documents

        Our VINEVIDA safety documents are purposefully simple to find. 

          1. Simply open the web page of the Fragrance Oil or Essential Oil you want.
          2. Search under the main image, until you will see a navigation bar. Look for the link labeled DOCUMENTS, simply click on it. (You can expect it to open up anything from a couple to several different files). 
          3. You need the file called: IFRA STATEMENT. Just click on it, and it will open up the file.
          4. Here you will find all the safety data you need. You can use these figures for designing, creating and producing your own projects at home. 
          5. Just remember though, that it will state the maximum amount of fragrance oil you may safely use in your preparation. Do not confuse this with a recipe recommendation, it is definitely not that! 

        VINEVIDA Calculator

        When I get stuck or need further clarification, there are a couple of things I can do, and you can do just the same.

        Firstly, use our VINEVIDA calculator tool. It is simple to find on our main navigation bar and it is thoughtfully designed to be really easy to use. 

        All you need to do is to enter all the relevant details that it asks you for. Once you have entered the relevant details it will work out the safety recommendations for your Fragrance or Essential Oil. It even gives you different strength recommendations.

        When you use the VINEVIDA calculator, it gives you the confidence and assurance that you are working within safety guidelines, every single time that you use it.

        IFRA Guidance

        It can be really easy to get confused about what IFRA category something fits into, let’s face it, it is not immediately obvious which category Massage Candles should be in. Massage Candles fall into IFRA Category 5A, because whilst it is a candle (Category 12), it is ultimately to be used as a body oil (5A).

        When you are in doubt, always err on the side of caution. When I am stuck, I always consult Guidance For The Use Of IFRA Standards. Often, this helps to guide the way and answers most of the questions I have. 

        Facebook Group

        We just adore seeing what you all make with your VINEVIDA products, we never fail to be astounded at your inventiveness and skills. So… have you considered sharing your thoughts? Perhaps share your experiences making these recipes and share your best hints and tips with other customers on our VINEVIDA Facebook Group?

        We always get super excited seeing what wonderful and innovative products you all create with VINEVIDA products. I just wish we had smelly-vision! 

        The Final Word

        The Final Word

        It has been an elegant and refreshing experience working with NO. 1402, Inspired by: Citrine by Nest this week.

        I have thoroughly enjoyed the extravagant floral fantasy of NO. 1402, Inspired by: Citrine by Nest.  Lemon blossom dances joyfully with Freesia, as they glisten and sparkle in refreshing droplets of morning dew. Sacred and revered Lotus embraces you before laying you into a bed of rich wood notes and that last glorious citrus twist.

        NO. 1402, Inspired by: Citrine by Nest Soaps & Candles Fragrance Oil is an utterly glorious and refreshing way to scent your body care products. 

        Blending With NO. 1402, Inspired by: Citrine by Nest Fragrance Oil

        If you have never blended your fragrance oils before, go a little cautiously with this one. Follow those hints and tips above for adding in heart and base notes, without upsetting the masterful balance of the overall scent profile. But do not let that put you off having a go at blending NO. 1402, Inspired by: Citrine by Nest Fragrance Oil with other VINEVIDA Fragrance Oils and Essential Oils. It is easier than you think to create something truly sublime unique for your home that can rival expensive designer brands.

        You can blend it so masterfully to use in every room of the home, or use it just as it is, perfectly refreshing in its extravagant floral dance.

        If you are all for streamlining your Signature Scent in your home, try replicating some of the Diffuser Blend recipes to develop coordinating Scented Candles, Wax Melts, and Reed Diffusers. They are ridiculously easy to make for yourself, you will wonder why you would pay big bucks for designer brands when you can make your own at home? 

        Thank You For Joining Us For Fragrance Oil Of The Week  

        I have had fun this week developing new recipes and tutorials for you all, I hope you have enjoyed it as much as I have.

        Remember, just as long as you stay within the recommended IFRA safety dilutions, all should be well. Find and consult all the safety documentation, use the VINEVIDA calculator. It is all there to help you out if you get a little confused or stuck.

        It has been refreshing working with NO. 1402, Inspired by: Citrine by Nest Fragrance Oil this week. I love its elegance  and fresh, lively, vibrancy. It makes you feel cosseted but free, refreshed and inspired. Try it for yourself. I sincerely hope that you will love NO. 1402, Inspired by: Citrine by Nest Fragrance Oil, just as much as we do here at VINEVIDA.

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