NO. 49 - Lilac Blossom Fragrance Oil Of The Week

NO. 49 - Lilac Blossom Soaps & Candles Fragrance Oil Showcase

NO. 49 - Lilac Blossom is a beautifully vibrant fragrance full of the joys of Spring. You are met with the brightness of fresh new greenery, dancing with heady Lily and the lively citrus notes of Bergamot.

It is softened, sensationally, with the late Spring floral heart notes of delicate Lilac petals and blowsy, full blown Tulips.

The green resinous notes of Cedar leaf embrace you before the final flourish of deep earthy Vetiver reaches a crescendo.

Beautifully blended it balances late spring joys with the hope of the coming summer. 

Fragrance Notes

    • Top: Greenery, Lily, Bergamot
    • Mid: Lilac Petals, Tulips
    • Bottom: Cedar Leaf, Vetiver

We stock two versions of this fragrance oil. 

The No. 49 Lilac Blossom Soaps and Candles Fragrance Oil is designed to tolerate the vigorous soapmaking process. As the name suggests, it can be used for soaps and candles, but also to make skin care and toiletries. 

We also stock a specific No.49 Lilac Blossom Diffuser

The difference between the two products is viscosity. 

We recommend NO. 49 - Lilac Blossom DIFFUSER Fragrance Oil for diffusers, and for cold filter diffusers specifically, since the Soaps and Candles Fragrance Oil may clog cold filter diffuser valves. 

That said, there are clearly more applications and ways you can use the Soaps and Candles Fragrance Oil. This is the more versatile choice. 

Ways To Use NO. 49 - Lilac Blossom Soaps & Candles Fragrance Oil

Our Soaps and Candles Fragrance Oil are exceptionally versatile and can be used for a myriad of different applications.

Let's look at them in three distinct categories: Topical Applications, Scenting The Home & Diffusers and Candle Burners.

Topical Products

Choose the Soaps and Candles Fragrance Oil version when making products of this type.

Our fragrance oils are free of Phthalates, Parabens, SLS, and SLES and they are not tested on animals. 

VINEVIDA Soaps and Candles fragrance oils can also be blended into many different bases to create quality,  unique, skin care products. They work well with natural ingredients. 

Because these fragrance oils are specifically designed to withstand rigorous processes and heat applications,  they can also be useful for adding to products like Body Butter, Balms or Salves where base ingredients need to be hot. 

Soap making

VINEVIDA Fragrance oils are designed to withstand a variety of different soap making processes. So, whether you make Cold Process Soap or Melt and Pour Soap, our Soaps and Candles fragrance oil will not let you down. 

In the case of NO. 49 - Lilac Blossom, it makes a lovely floral and feminine soap, but there is also plenty of room in the scent profile to blend it in different ways. Deepen and round soap scents using spicy heart notes and woody bases. 

If you fancy something still floral, but more refreshing, you could brighten and lighten it with a citrus twist.


NO. 49 - Lilac Blossom’s floral scent makes for delightful skin care. Choose from Cleansers, Masques, Moisturizers, Toners or Nourishing and Night Creams, or even lovely gift sets.


Blend No.49 Lilac Blossom with Shampoos and Shower Gels to expand your range of home or business products.

I like NO. 49 - Lilac Blossom in Lotions and Body Spritzes. It seems to suit the lighter nature of this fragrance.  

For deep, rich products like Body Butters, add in woody base note fragrances to anchor the scent and to give the profile more dimension. Examples of good companions would be Cedarwood or Amyris. 


Fragrance oils can be used to make cosmetics like Blush Tint and tinted powders and Blemish Creams. Adding NO. 49 - Lilac Blossom to a dusting of Face Powder feels light, ethereal and delightfully feminine.

No. 49 - Lilac Blossom is NOT suitable for making lip products. Essential oils would be a more appropriate choice of ingredient for this.  

Scenting The Home

We can scent our home in many ways and  VINEVIDA fragrance oils cover every angle. 

Create a Signature Home Scent

NO. 49 - Lilac Blossom is perfect as a base for creating your own Signature Home Scent. Promising the hope and joy of spring and hailing the onset of the coming summer it is a sublime choice for this time of the year. 

Bright greenery, citrus notes and floral heart notes dance with more resinous and earthy greens for a masterfully blended scentsation. Use it across the whole house, especially in rooms where you might entertain and relax, like dining rooms and sitting rooms.It is ideal for spaces in where you want a burst of the floral feminine,  like bedrooms and bathrooms.

Creating a Signature Home Scent allows you to make matching products like Candles, Reed Diffusers and Room Sprays to unify aroma throughout your fragrant home.  Try blending with other fragrance oils and essential oils to make something truly unique for your Signature Home Scent.

If you are excited to know more about Signature Home Scents, pop on over to our exciting blog article Layering Perfumes In The Home.

Candles and Wax Products For The Home

NO. 49 - Lilac Blossom Soaps & Candles Fragrance Oil is the perfect choice for designing and creating a variety of wax products aimed at a more feminine market. It is a considered choice for creating vibrant candles, elegant wax melts, and appealing reed diffusers and sachets and is an incredibly popular Spring fragrance..

Carefully blending can also turn it into a masculine masterpiece, if you can take the time to get it right. Deep Vetiver notes deepen it, and adding in woody notes also helps to make it more unisex. 

If you are making commercial products, aim your packaging to appeal to both men and women.

Scented Products For The Home

If you are looking to create a Signature Home Scent with NO. 49 - Lilac Blossom, consider making Reed Diffusers, Room and Linen Sprays.

Don’t discount those other less mainstream products like Deodorizers and Scented Sachets. They can be highly effective around your home and NO. 49 - Lilac Blossom offers that bright, vibrant and floral aroma that is beautifully balanced with the varying levels of greenery running through it.  

Cleaning Products for The Home 

NO. 49 - Lilac Blossom makes for a very popular choice for Laundry care products like Tumble Dryer Sheets, Laundry Cleansers and Softeners. Freshen all your household linen with this stunningly sublime scent.

Don’t forget to run it through the home and use it to scent your Surface Cleansers, Carpet Refresher Powders and use it to make your own scented Toilet Bombs and Drain Bombs. 

Diffusers and Candle Burners

Aromatherapy Candle Burners

VINEVIDA NO. 49 - Lilac Blossom Soaps and Candles fragrance oil is suitable for use in all types of aromatherapy candle burners.


We do NOT recommend using VINEVIDA Soaps and Candles version in your Cold Air or Nebulizing Diffuser. This version is too viscous for them. 

Instead, opt for NO. 49 - Lilac Blossom DIFFUSER Fragrance Oil.

There is depth information on different types of diffusers in How To Use VINEVIDA Oils

However, please check your machine’s manufacturer's instructions for more tailored guidance. 

Blending Recommendations

NO. 49 - Lilac Blossom Soaps & Candles Fragrance Oil is a vibrant and feminine fragrance oil. Experiment by blending it with some of VINEVIDA’s other Essential Oils and Fragrance Oils.

I like mixing it with citrus top notes and woody base notes like NO. 48 Lemon Verbena and NO. 21 - Cedarwood & Amber.

It is also sublime with woody Essential Oils like Amyris and Cedarwood and bright, fresh Citrus notes like Bergamot and make it more heady with the white floral of Neroli.

NO. 49 - Lilac Blossom Diffuser Blends

When we first look at this feminine spring favorite, you will see where there is scope for building on the aroma.  It would not take too much to tip it over to a more masculine scent profile with some masterful balancing with spices and woods.

It’s really easy to get excited with this one, it’s full of hope and promise and we can tweak that to add more sunshine, more warmth or really deepen it down and make it stormy, sultry and seductive.

But first, we need to remind ourselves of the fragrance notes and I will give you some ideal bedfellows for your blends. 

Perfecting the Perfect Skin Shade
Tinker with your shades, but always add the smallest amount possible. Mix thoroughly and test to get your desired color. Tinker one tiny increment at a time. Be patient and you will get there! Repeat as many times as needed, rather than going in heavy handed, this avoids disastrous mistakes.
The Issue at Hand: Try Doing This:
It’s too light for me Darken it off with Black Iron Oxide
It is too dark for me Add more white tinted Mineral MakeUp Base
It looks a little too orange for my skin tone Weirdly, you want Blue Ultramarine her to cool it down and balance it because it is opposite to orange on the color wheel. Warning: just a wee bit though!
It appears too pink for my skin tone Green helps to cancel red and pink, so add a dash of Green Iron Oxide.
Contentious ones that demand experimentation
There are various schools of thought on how to approach these issues. People often use them interchangeably. My advice is to try both.
Put a tiny amount of your original mix into a separate container. Just add a speck of the correcting agent. Mix it and test it on your skin to see which works best.
It looks dull, flat and too cool Try Yellow Iron Oxide first, then try Red Iron Oxide
It is too warm for my skin tone and needs cooling down Try Red Iron Oxide first and then try Yellow Iron Oxide
    • Top: Greenery, Lily, Bergamot
    • Mid: Lilac Petals, Tulips
    • Bottom: Cedar Leaf, Vetiver

Follow This Framework

    1. You want to keep the top notes refreshing and feminine with citrus and delicate florals. 
    2. Keep it wonderfully floral, or lightly spicy in the heart space. 
    3. Try deepening down the base with woody, or earthy notes. 

This framework will help you to maintain the overall balance of the scent profile. Which in the long run, will give you more successful outcomes.

You can also use these recommendations to make a variety of products that complement your Signature Home Scent.

Diffuser Blends fall into IFRA Category 12 where NO. 49 - Lilac Blossom fragrance oil has no safety restrictions.

NOTE: If you have a Cold Air Diffuser, do NOT use the Soaps & Candles variation. Please use DIFFUSER Fragrance Oil variation for the best results.  


    1. Diffuser blends are incredibly simple to blend for yourself in the comfort of your own home and they give you infinite possibilities.
    2. In a small measuring jug, blend your chosen essential oils and fragrance oils together.
    3. Decant your mixture into a 10ml dropper bottle, use a funnel to make life easier.
    4. A silicone spatula is the best tool to scrape every last precious drop of oil out of the jug and funnel, minimizing any unnecessary waste.
    5. Label the bottle clearly, listing all of the ingredients on an oil proof label. 
    6. It is crucial for safety that you annotate this bottle as ‘UNDILUTED’ please.

How To Use:

    1. We cannot give individual diffuser advice, therefore, we highly recommend that you follow your manufacturer's instructions for your diffuser. 
    2. Dilute the blend, with either water or carrier oil, if you are instructed to do so.  

Bobbing In The Breeze

Fresh, vibrant and full of the joys of Spring, let this Diffuser Blend help you bring the outside in. 

Stunningly floral, but also fresh with plenty of green notes. Ideal for freshening and brightening the ambience of your home.



    • Not designed or formulated for topical use on the skin.

Feminine Fantasy 

Embrace femininity and indulge in all those glorious floral notes. A Diffuser Blend that has gone all floral fantasy on you! It is perfect for when you want to create a vibrant, joyful ambience in the home.



      • Not designed or formulated for topical use on the skin.

    Stormy, Sexy and Sultry 

    This Diffuser Blend shows you how versatile NO. 49 - Lilac Blossom can be, when blended with richer, deeper scents. You can completely change the whole ambience of the fragrance. Don’t be heavy handed though, though you don’t want to upset the fine balance of this one.

    It is perfect for date night and intimate moments. 



      • Not designed or formulated for topical use on the skin.
      • This is pretty heady, only diffuse for short periods and take a break. 

    DIY Recipes Using NO. 49 - Lilac Blossom Soaps & Candles Fragrance Oil

    Here at VINEVIDA, we get very excited about the possibilities of our Soaps and Candles fragrance oils.

    We hope that you have as much fun as we did exploring these new recipes and tutorials. Have a go at making these projects for yourself, for your friends and family and for your customers. 

    This week, we have the Spring joy of NO. 49 - Lilac Blossom fragrance oil. We think it is really versatile and you should find it easy to build upon and blend with other fragrance oils and essential oils.

    NO. 49 - Lilac Blossom, just as it is, works wonderfully in lighter products like Body Lotion and Body Spritzes and so this is what we have for you this week.

    I have been tinkering with a new Body Lotion recipe for you, but you can just as easily buy an unscented lotion and blend the fragrance oil into it. If you want complete control over your natural ingredients, make this utter delight!

    The Body Spritz is a tried and tested recipe and simple enough to put together in just a few minutes, so if you are looking for an easy project to get started, try this! 

    Body Lotion

    I have had a tinker with this recipe and I think you will like how light it is and how quickly and easily it absorbs into your skin. I have designed it to feel fresh and for it to be beautifully hydrating, but without stickiness. With its floral fragrance, it is going to be a sure fire favorite. 

    This is a relatively simple recipe, so if you have never tried making your own skincare, this is a good entry project for you. 

    In IFRA Category 5A -  NO. 49 - Lilac Blossom Soaps and Candles fragrance oil has a maximum safety dilution recommendation of 5.23%. This means that in 100ml of Body Lotion, don’t use any more than 5.23ml of fragrance. I recommend 3% for this project. 

    You Will Need:

      • Mixing bowl
      • Measuring jug and spoons
      • Stainless steel spoon
      • Funnel
      • Silicone spatula
      • 100ml bottle
      • Label 



      • Preservative of your choice. 


      • Do not use it in the first 16 weeks of pregnancy.


      1. In a mixing bowl combine the Aqueous Cream and Rosewater.
      2. In a small measuring jug combine the Rosehip Carrier oil and the Glycerine. Slowly add in the fragrance and essential oils and combine well.
      3. Pour this into the bowl and combine everything fully.
      4. TOP TIP: If it is not thick enough for you, add more Aqueous/Water Based Cream. If it is too thick add more Rosewater or Spring Water. Alter the consistency to your liking now. 
      5. Using a funnel decent into a 100ml bottle. A silicone spatula helps you to minimize any waste. 
      6. Label clearly, listing all ingredients for safety reasons. Add the instruction to ‘Shake well before use’. 

    How To Use:

      1. Shake well before use
      2. Do a 24-48 hour patch test
      3. Apply to your skin in firm upward motions and allow it to sink in quickly before dressing. 

    Body Spritz

    This Body Spritz is another wonderfully light product to use with NO. 49 - Lilac Blossom. I have kept it deliciously light and airy for a refreshing experience. 

    NO. 49 - Lilac Blossom Soap and Candles Fragrance Oil in IFRA category 2 has maximum safety dilution restrictions of 3.08%. Which means in 100ml of Body Spritz, don’t use any more than 3.08ml. I suggest 2 ml is more than enough for this project. 

    There is no option on the VINEVIDA calculator for Body Spritz so use the ‘Deodorant Spray’ option, it will work out the correct safety data in the right category for you with those settings. 

    NOTE: If you don’t want to use Polysorbate, you need to add a dispersant for the essential oils, a few drops of Castile Soap is a viable alternative. As is increasing the amount of Witch Hazel. 

    You Will Need:
      • Measuring jug
      • Stainless steel spoon
      • Funnel
      • 100 ml Spray bottle

    Optional - Preservative of your choice - follow the manufacturer's guidance on how much to add and when and note where in the recipe it should be added. 

      • Do not use it in the first 16 weeks of pregnancy. 
      • Do not use it over broken skin. 
      1. Mix your fragrance oils and essential oils with the Polysorbate
      2. Carefully measure out your fluids into the measuring jug.
      3. Add in your mix of Polysorbate, NO. 49 - Lilac Blossom and the essential oils, and combine well. 
      4. Decant into your 100ml bottle, using a funnel makes it easier. 
      5. Cap tightly and prime your spray, use the last spray to do a 24-48 hour patch test. 
      6. Label your bottle clearly, using a waterproof label. Be sure to list all of your ingredients for safety reasons.
    How to Use:
      1. Do a 24 to 48 hour patch test, using the last pump priming spray
      2. Spray lightly over the body, avoiding the face and eyes.
      3. Should any get in your eyes, rinse with clean, tepid water immediately. If irritation is persistent, seek medical advice taking the clearly labeled container with you. 

    Do You Need Some Help Using VINEVIDA Fragrance Oils?

    If you are new to using VINEVIDA fragrance oils, fear not, we have a whole range of articles to help you expand your knowledge.

    Start with - How To Use VINEVIDA Oils, it covers everything you need to know about our basic applications and uses of VINEVIDA fragrance oils.

    Are you not sure how or where to find our safety information? Check out How To Find Safety Information On The VINEVIDA Website for our short step by step guide. A more comprehensive pictorial tutorial is available in How To Use VINEVIDA Oils as well.

    Don’t forget about our VINEVIDA calculator if you get stuck. Use it to work out the recommended IFRA safety dilutions. 

    Facebook Group

    We always get very excited to see what you do with your VINEVIDA products. You never cease to amaze us with your wonderful skills and obvious talents.  If you have had fun making our recipes, perhaps share your experiences on our VINEVIDA Facebook Group? Why not share your best hints and tips with other customers.

    Of course, we know just how versatile VINEVIDA products are! Yet, it never fails to thrill us to watch you discover that for yourselves too! 

    The Final Word

    It has been all the joys of Spring here this week, working with this feminine NO. 49 - Lilac Blossom fragrance oil.

    I have very much enjoyed the feminine and vibrant personality of this floral and earthy green fragrance oil. Greeted by those refreshing top notes of citrus Bergamot and heady white Lilies before it gives way to the heart notes.

    Delicate panicles of Lilac petals and blowsy, full blown Tulips make the heart blossom and bloom wonderfully. 

    The whole profile is masterfully blended with the earthy and resinous green base notes of  Cedar leaf and the final flourish of deep earthy Vetiver.

    It’s an extremely popular fragrance oil, full of the joys of late Spring and hailing the coming Summer. We love it too, here at VINEVIDA!

    Blending Recap With NO. 49 - Lilac Blossom Fragrance Oil

    Save $$$ and Make Your Own

    Blending NO. 49 - Lilac Blossom Fragrance Oil with other VINEVIDA Fragrance Oils and Essential Oils is so simple to do and easy to do at home. Explore creating something unique for your home.

    Often, your own blends can rival those expensive designer brands. It will make you wonder why people pay out big bucks for designer brands. Make your own and save yourself a fistful of dollars!

    Follow The Framework

    Remember to follow the blending framework given with the Diffuser Blends recipes. It is a foolproof method, giving you amazing results every time. 

    Streamlining Your Signature Home Scent 

    Have you considered streamlining your Signature Scent in your home? You can easily adapt  some of the Diffuser Blend recipes to make coordinating Reed Diffusers, Scented Candles and Wax Melts for your home.

    We have plenty of comprehensive and exciting tutorials on the blog. They are all relatively easy to make for yourself at home, once you know how!

    Thank You For Joining Us For Fragrance Oil Of The Week 

    It has been a blast of Spring developing these fresh new recipes this week and I hope it brings the joys of Spring into your home too. 

    It has been refreshingly feminine working with this fragrance oil this month. I loved its feminine florals and earthy resinous green notes. I find it makes you feel refreshed, hopeful and feminine. It is perfect for creating a fresh, joyful and light ambience in your home. 

    NO. 49 - Lilac Blossom Fragrance Oil is just a delight and I am sure that you will love it just as much as we do here at VINEVIDA.