NO. 1108, Inspired By: Cherry Blossom By Bath & Body Works Fragrance Oil Of The Week

NO. 1108, Inspired By: Cherry Blossom By Bath & Body Works Soaps & Candles Fragrance Oil Showcase

NO. 1108, Inspired By: Cherry Blossom By Bath & Body Works is an explosion of feminine gorgeousness. Like magnificent Sakura Cherry trees of Japan festoon the hillsides with their delicate, ethereal, pink blossoms, this fragrance is a statement all of its own.

It’s a welcoming scent of warming sunshine on newly sprouted wood. The aroma of promise and what's to come. Graceful Cherry blossom and new green leaves, dance with juicy Watermelon and rich Plum. The heart space bursts with luscious florals, newly bloomed Wisteria, and fragrant Freesias. Finally, you're seduced by the alluring Musk and sacred Sandalwood crescendo, but it is that last lingering note of Heliotrope, that leaves you breathless and eager for more. 

It’s a fragrance oil that we simply adore here at VINEVIDA.

Fragrance Notes

    • Top: Cherry Blossom, Watermelon, Green Notes
    • Mid: Plum, Wisteria, Freesia
    • Bottom: Musk, Sandalwood, Heliotrope 

VINEVIDA’S Favorite Ways To Use

VINEVIDA’S Favorite Ways To UseNO. 1108, Inspired By: Cherry Blossom By Bath & Body Works is a Spring dance like no other. Delicate, elegant, and distinguished, but still full of the joy and vibrancy of youth.

Glorious blush pink Cherry Blossom meets the refreshing juiciness of freshly cut Watermelon and those welcome green notes of the burgeoning Spring leaves. The heartspace is rich in notes of fruity Plum, and the freshly bloomed petals of Wisteria, and Freesia.

It is the base notes of this perfume that seduce you. Alluring Musk entwines with sacred and precious Sandalwood, but it is that last lingering note of heady and sensual Heliotrope that catches your breath and makes your heart flutter.

Another unashamedly feminine scent for you this month. It evokes a vibrant fresh fruity and floral dance through your creative projects and your home. 

Toiletries and Skincare

Toiletries and SkincareNO. 1108, Inspired By: Cherry Blossom By Bath & Body Works Fragrance Oil is perfect for cold process soaps and shower gels designed for women. It can introduce that wonderful sensuous floral aspect to your bathing routine. It will leave you feeling vibrant, joyful, and ready for anything. 

Scenting The Home

It has a lively floral profile with fruit and wood notes making it ideal for use all across the home. We think it is perfect for feminine spaces, especially bedrooms and sitting rooms. I like it too for places where you pass through the home or greet people, like the hallway or porch. 

It is highly versatile for blending with other fragrance oils and essential oils. We think it is ideal as a base for creating your own Signature Home Scent. Explore more about Signature Home Scents, in our blog article Layering Perfumes In The Home.

Wax and Scented Products

Wax and Scented Products

NO. 1108, Inspired By: Cherry Blossom By Bath & Body Works Soaps & Candles Fragrance Oil is a wonderful choice for designing and creating a variety of quality and higher-end wax-based products. 

It is an ideal choice for creating sophisticated candles, elegant wax melts, reed diffusers, and sachets. Especially those aimed at the female market. It is an incredibly popular fragrance oil here at VINEVIDA.

You can also use it in all types of aromatherapy candle burners.


NO. 1108, Inspired By: Cherry Blossom By Bath & Body Works Soaps & Candles Fragrance Oil is a versatile and vibrant fragrance oil. Why not try blending it with some of VINEVIDA’s other Essential Oils and Fragrance Oils?

I like mixing it with more Spring flower notes like NO. 49 - Lilac Blossom and NO. 1409, Inspired By: Wisteria Blue By Nest.

It is also sublime with delicate floral notes and essential oils like Rose Geranium and Palmarosa.

Cold Air Diffusers

If you have a Cold Air Diffuser, use our version of NO. 1108, Inspired By: Cherry Blossom By Bath & Body Works DIFFUSER Fragrance Oil. It is specifically designed and developed for your Cold Air Diffusers.

VINEVIDA does NOT recommend that you use the Soaps and Candles version in your Cold Air or Nebulizing Diffuser.  Our Soap and Candles version has not been designed for this purpose. You will find that it is formulated with a thicker viscosity, this could block the delicate nozzles on Cold Air Diffusers. 

Creative Ways To Use

Creative Ways To Use

It has been joyful developing this showcase for NO. 1108, Inspired By: Cherry Blossom By Bath & Body Works Soaps & Candles Fragrance Oil. It has left me eager to see those first pink blossoms burst forth against the sunny bright blue sky.

Let it take you on a floral dance. At first, fresh, delicate, and juicy. Then let it burst open with floral and fruity heart notes before being enveloped in Musk, rich Sandalwood, and Heliotrope.

Find the joys and pleasures of Spring in making these projects for yourself, for your friends and family, and for your customers.

It's a vibrant feminine and joyful fragrance oil for use in skincare and toiletries and all around the home. 

First, let’s create an amazing range of diffuser blends for your Spring home!

Diffuser Blends

Diffuser Blends

When we explore this vibrant feminine fragrance oil, you will soon see it is rather complex. While you can add a variety of other aromas to compliment it beautifully, we do need to be a bit cautious not to go overboard. 

Let’s just take another look at the fragrance notes and I will highlight some of their ideal companions.

Original Scent Profile Ideal Companions
Top Cherry Blossom, Watermelon, Green Notes Rose, Kaffir Lime, Grapefruit, Violet Leaf, Ozone, Clary Sage, Basil.
Heart Plum, Wisteria, Freesial Helichrysum, Hyacinth, Bluebell, Jasmine, Ylang Ylang, Honeysuckle, Gardenia, Palmarosa.
Base Musk, Sandalwood, Heliotrope Patchouli, Cedarwood, Amber, Oud, Tobacco, Vanilla.


You want to keep the top notes, floral, fruity, and green. Keep it floral within the heart space and anchor the base with those delicious woody or resinous notes. Working in this way will help you to maintain the overall balance of the scent profile. 

Diffuser Blends fall into IFRA Category 12 where NO. 1108, Inspired By: Cherry Blossom By Bath & Body Works fragrance oil has no safety restrictions.


    1. Diffuser blends are super simple to make at home. Simply take a small measuring jug, and blend your chosen fragrance oil and essential oils.
    2. Use a funnel for ease and decant your mixture into a 10ml dropper bottle,
    3. Using a good quality silicone spatula to scrape the jug and funnel, helps you get every last drop of precious oil, minimizing any waste.
    4. Label the bottle clearly, listing all of the ingredients, and use it on an oil-proof label.
    5. You MUST annotate this bottle as ‘UNDILUTED’, for safety considerations, please. 

How To Use:

    1. You must follow the manufacturer's instructions for your diffuser. 
    2. If you are instructed to, dilute the blend. 

NOTE: Do NOT use the Soaps & Candles variation if you have a Cold Air Diffuser, please use the variation labeled DIFFUSER Fragrance Oil.

Blossom and Buds 

Blossom and Buds

Evoke those first fragrant blossoms of Spring with this super light and delicate Diffuser Blend. It is super feminine and utterly glorious! 



    • Not designed or formulated for topical use on the skin.

Bright Spring Day

Bright Spring Day

Let the sunshine stream in, warming the blossoms and enhancing the fragrance with its welcome rays. Notes of fresh green trees bursting forth with buds and newly opening leaves. Explore the vibrant florals and add in some zesty Citrus notes. Spring has sprung with this one. 



    • Not designed or formulated for topical use on the skin.

Spring Decadence

Spring Decadence

This is a homage to everything decadent and indulgent about Spring. Vibrant, joyful, rich and powerful.  It can become a little heady, so just use it in short, blissful bursts of gorgeousness. It is perfect for your reverent and sacred moments for celebrating the height of Spring. 



    • Not designed or formulated for topical use on the skin.

Tumble Dryer Sheets

Tumble Dryer SheetsNO. 1108, Inspired By: Cherry Blossom By Bath & Body Works Soaps & Candles Fragrance Oil is ideal for adding a delicate, feminine scent to your freshly laundered clothes. 

You can use it on its own or blend it and create something more complex. It is always worth having a go at creating something truly unique for yourself.

For Tumble Dryer Sheets in IFRA Category 12, NO. 1108, Inspired By: Cherry Blossom By Bath & Body Works fragrance oil has no maximum safety dilution restrictions. Use as much as you like, but within reason.

How To Make:

    1. Simply mix 25 ml of NO. 1108, Inspired By: Cherry Blossom By Bath & Body Works with 75ml of White Vinegar in a large jar. 
    2. Then add lightweight cloth squares to the jar, you want them to soak up the mixture. 
    3. Continue adding cloth squares until the jar is relatively full.
    4. Make sure that every cloth soaks up some of the mixture. You are aiming for the clothes to be mildly damp, rather than soaking wet.
    5. Don’t worry about the vinegar smell, once run through the dryer, the vinegar smell tends to disappear on the clothes. You can add more fragrance oil if you wish, but try it out first and run one load through the dryer to test it out.
    6. Label the jar clearly, listing all of the ingredients for safety purposes. Date it too, it will remind you to refresh it every so often. 

How to Use:

    1. Take 2 of the cloth squares, drop them into your tumble dryer with your clothes
    2. It is best to avoid using them with delicate clothes or fabrics like silk. 
    3. Keep out of reach of children and pets.

Our Favorite Recipes

VINEVIDA Soaps & Candles Fragrance Oils are specifically designed for creating a range of wonderful products, including cosmetics, excluding lip products. 

The possibilities of our fragrance oils always fire us up here at VINEVIDA. It is an absolute pleasure to come up with new ideas, recipes, and tutorials for you all. 

This week, we have the uber-feminine NO. 1108, Inspired By: Cherry Blossom By Bath & Body Works fragrance oil. Maybe, it is because my own blusher compact has images of Cherry Blossom emblazoned upon it that it gave me the idea to do a Blush Tint recipe for you. Light, delicate, and beautifully fragrant, what’s not to love?

NO. 1108, Inspired By: Cherry Blossom By Bath & Body Works fragrance oil is perfect for projects where you want that sense of reverence, gratitude, and space for the sacred in your life. 

Try it in our second recipe for this week, a Sacred Anointing Oil; it is a little different, I will give you that. This is a brand-new recipe for you to have a go at. 

Blush Tint

Blush Tint

This is a brand-new recipe for you. If you have never had a go at making your own cosmetics, then this can be a good place to start.

This is a relatively simple recipe that you can tweak to your own skin tone choosing from a variety of appropriate ingredients.

What Can I Use As Pigment?

You can always buy commercial pigments to make your life easy. Yet, there are all sorts of natural pigments that you can use.



Clays are wonderful for use on your skin and for cosmetics. Rose Kaolin Clay is perfect for those with the typical ‘English Rose’ complexions, but darker skin tones will appreciate brown or rusty clays like Rhassoul. You just need to make sure that they are very finely powdered for this project.

TOP TIP: Green will help cancel out red on the skin so consider using a bit of Green Clay in your recipe if you have redness in your complexion. Use a 50:50 ratio of Green Clay and White Kaolin Clay.

Natural Powders

Natural Powders

Try natural powders like Beetroot and Cocoa to give you your color. The older we get, the more we need to shy away from that shade of cerise or magenta pink on our cheeks, and plump more towards the Cocoa or Rose shades. (Yes, if you have a dehydrator or freeze dryer you can make your own tint from dried rose petals).

The only specialist thing you need is a twist-up blusher/deodorant dispenser. I have used this in a shallow jar and applied it with my fingers in the past.

In IFRA Category 3 -  NO. 1108, Inspired By: Cherry Blossom By Bath & Body Works Soaps and Candles fragrance oil has a maximum safety dilution recommendation of 1.99%

Note: This is the maximum safety dilution rate and not a recipe recommendation. 

You Will Need:

    • Double boiler
    • Weigh scales
    • Measuring jug and spoons
    • Stainless steel spoon
    • Silicone Spatula
    • 100ml/gm Blusher/Deodorant Twist Up Dispenser
    • Label


    1. 0.9 oz / 25.51 g of Beeswax (Cera Alba)
    2. 0.45 oz / 12.75 g of Cocoa Butter (Theobroma cacao)
    3. 0.9 oz / 25.51 g  of Mango Butter (Mangifera indica)
    4. 0.3 oz / 8.50 g of Sweet Almond Carrier Oil (Prunus dulcis)
    5. 0.12 oz / 3.40 g of Rosehip Carrier Oil (Rosa Canina)
    6. 0.15oz / 4.25 g of Extra Virgin Coconut Oil (Cocos Nucifera)
    7. 0.3 oz / 8.50 g of White Kaolin Clay (Kaolinite) 
    8. 0.15 oz /  4.25 g + extra of Rose Clay (Kaolinite) 
    9. 0.03oz /  3.68 g  + extra of Beetroot Powder  (Beta vulgaris)
    10. 2 ml of NO. 1108, Inspired By: Cherry Blossom By Bath & Body  WorksSoaps & Candles Fragrance Oil

Optional: Preservative of your choice. 


    • Not suitable for use on the eyes. 


    1. If you are using a preservative, note when to add it in the process and how much. 
    2. Carefully measure out all of your ingredients ready, you will need to move quickly at times. Make sure you have extra Rose Kaolin and Beetroot powder to hand as well. 
    3. Now you can add your wax and butter to a measuring jug and microwave on low heat to melt or melt it gently in a double boiler. I highly recommend the latter to preserve the quality of your ingredients, as you do not want to overheat them.
    4. Once melted add your carrier oils and stir to combine. 
    5. Add in your pigments and mix it thoroughly. A tool like a little milk frother or a whisk can help break up any lumps of powder for a smooth finish. Go easy though, as it can introduce extra air in the blush stick that you don’t want. Bang it firmly a few times on the table to knock any excess air bubbles out. 
    6. Add your NO. 1108, Inspired By: Cherry Blossom By Bath & Body Work Soaps & Candles Fragrance Oil, and mix thoroughly.
    7. At this point, make sure it is not too hot and try it out on your hand or arm for both consistency and to check the color density.
    8. If you feel it needs to be softer, add a little more oil, if you want it harder add more wax and a bit more white kaolin clay. 
    9. If you feel it is hardening at this point, just pop it back over a gentle heat and stir gently until you get just what you want in terms of color and consistency. 
    10. Once ready, very carefully and slowly pour it into your dispenser. Don’t get any down the sides though as it could stain. Fill it right up to the top, as far as you dare go. 
    11. Allow to set and then cap it.
    12. Label the container, listing all ingredients for safety reasons.

How To Use:

    1. Perform a 48-hour patch test before using. 
    2. Simply apply it to your cheeks. Dotting across your temples, forehead and the end of your nose adds definition, as does applying it along your jawline. 
    3. Use within 6 months.

Sacred Spring Anointing Oil 

Sacred Spring Anointing Oil

This is another brand-new recipe for you today. Anointing oils are used across the world for spiritual and religious ceremonies and rituals. From anointing the body to anointing candles this is perfect for your Spring celebrations and gratitude. 

Anointing Oil is wonderful for the practices of meditation, reflection, and prayer. 

If you are not into using it as an anointing oil, see it simply as a perfumed oil instead and use it to smell utterly glorious! 

Now, I have given the quantities for this to be skin-safe. If you are going to use it simply to anoint candles and are never going to use it on the skin, there will be no safety restrictions.

NO. 1108, Inspired By: Cherry Blossom By Bath & Body Works Soap and Candles Fragrance Oil in IFRA category 5A has maximum safety dilution restrictions of 4.32%.

There is no option on the VINEVIDA calculator for Anointing Oil. To make it skin-safe, use the ‘Body Oil’ option, it will help you work out the correct safety data in the right category.

You Will Need:

    • Measuring jug
    • Stainless steel spoon
    • Funnel
    • Silicone spatula
    • 20ml dropper bottle



    • Do not use it in the first 37 weeks of pregnancy. 
    • Do not use it over broken or irritated skin. 


      1. Measure out your carrier oils into the measuring jug.
      2. Then add your NO. 1108, Inspired By: Cherry Blossom By Bath & Body WorksSoap and Candles Fragrance Oil.
      3. Add in your essential oil and mix until everything is fully combined.
      4. Decant into your 20ml bottle, using a funnel for ease. A good quality silicone spatula helps you get every last precious drop into the bottle. Lid tightly.
      5. Clearly label, listing all ingredients for safety reasons.

    How to Use:

      1. Do a 24 to 48-hour patch test if you plan to use it on the skin.
      2. Anoint yourself, as feels appropriate. (Avoid any intimate areas).
      3. To anoint a candle simply rub a couple of drops into the surface of the candle. It is a lovely practice for candles burnt in meditation and reflection or as offerings and prayers. 

    Do You Need Some Help Using VINEVIDA Fragrance Oils?

    Do You Need Some Help Using VINEVIDA Fragrance Oils

    Our customers are precious and valued here at VINEVIDA and so is education.  It is a priority for us to educate you on the use of VINEVIDA products. We want to help you understand the products that you are buying, that way you can get the very best from them. It is a more sustainable way of working and it helps you get value for money from every cent you spend with us.

    Often, there is confusion about which oil to use, especially when we first start exploring. Customers often need to know how to use them and for what purpose. To answer some of the most commonly asked questions and to help you unravel any mystery, we have produced this super handy guide for you. How To Use VINEVIDA Oils.

    First, discover our essential oils and carrier oils. You can explore the differences between them and we show you how to use them both safely and effectively.

    Alternatively, you can skip ahead to our Fragrance Oil section where you can discover the differences between our two fragrance oil variations. At VINEVIDA, we stock two different types of fragrance oils. We show you how to use them and identify their recommended applications.

    Naturally, some of the questions we are asked most often are ‘Can I use this in my diffuser' and 'How to use VINEVIDA oils for diffusers’? We have taken the time to highlight the individual diffusers and explain how they work.

    We want you to make the most of every single cent you spend with us, but you have to help us to do that. Click on the article and learn how to get the very best from VINEVIDA’s oils - How To Use VINEVIDA Oils, there is so much for you to discover!

    Safety Aspects

    You have to remember when you are designing and formulating your own projects, that you must stay within the recommended IFRA guidelines. You must follow this if you are creating products to gift or sell.

    Be mindful that, once these lovely products leave your hands, they are then out of your control. However, you are still responsible for the original recipe and formulation. For this reason, it is important to only trust recipes written by fully trained industry professionals. Many hobbyists simply don’t have the safety training needed. This is especially important when making cosmetics, skincare, and toiletries.  However, if you are in doubt, you can always check the safety data for yourself, when you know how. 

    At VINEVIDA, we want to show our brilliant customers how to use our products safely. For this reason (and it is the law), we give you all the safety information on our website. All of the individual web pages have links to these documents, to be able to do this for yourself. You can source this information and work it out for yourself quite easily. 

    You must be mindful of the fact that it is your responsibility to consult that safety information and put it into practice!

    How To Find Our Safety Documents

    Our VINEVIDA safety documents are very simple to locate.

      1. Open the web page of your chosen Fragrance Oil or Essential Oil.
      2. Look under the main product image and will see a navigation bar. 
      3. Locate the link entitled DOCUMENTS and click on it. (It will open up anything from a couple to several different files).
      4. Find the file called: IFRA STATEMENT. Simply click on it, and it will open up the file in a new tab.
      5. This provides you with all the IFRA safety data that you need. You can use these maximum recommended safety dilution rates for designing, formulating, and producing your own products and projects.
      6. Please take note that it will state the maximum amount of fragrance oil you may safely use in your preparation. This is NOT a recipe recommendation.  

    VINEVIDA Calculator

    I get stuck sometimes and often need further clarification, so there are a couple of things I can do. You can do the same... Let me show you how.

    Firstly, try out the VINEVIDA calculator tool. You can find it on our main navigation bar under TOOLS. It is purposefully designed to be very easy to use. 

    Simply enter all the relevant details that it asks of you. Work through each section systematically. Once you enter the details, it works out the safety recommendations for your chosen Fragrance or Essential Oil. It will even give you different strength recommendations to help your design process.

    When I use the VINEVIDA calculator, it gives me the confidence and assurance that I am working within safety guidelines, every single time that I use it. It can give you that confidence too. 

    IFRA Guidance

    Often it can be confusing about what IFRA category something fits into. After all, it is not immediately obvious which category Blush Tint should be in. Blush Tint falls into IFRA Category 3, even though it states it is for eye makeup only. Yet, if you consult the file below, it clearly states that ‘Women's Makeup’ is to be placed in category 3, under the new regulations.

    It always pays to err on the side of caution, so when I am stuck, which is more often than you might think! I consulted the Guidance For The Use Of IFRA Standards, it hasn't failed me yet. However if the information seems scant or vague, do a bit more research and use your common sense. 

    Facebook Group

    Facebook Group

    We get so excited seeing what you do with your VINEVIDA products, we never fail to be astounded by your talents and skills. Perhaps, you would like to share your experiences making these recipes? Why not share your best hints and tips with other customers on our VINEVIDA Facebook Group

    We adore seeing what amazing and innovative products you all create with VINEVIDA products. The smelly vision would be the perfect accompaniment! 

    The Final Word

    The Final Word

    It has been a profoundly delicate and feminine experience working with NO. 1108, Inspired By: Cherry Blossom By Bath & Body Works this week.

    I have very much enjoyed the explosion of feminine gorgeousness. Taking in that sensation of warming sunshine on newly sprouted wood and connecting with the sense of hope and optimism it brings.

    It is where the graceful Cherry blossom meets its delicate new green leaves. Fragrant and juicy Watermelon dances with rich mouth-watering Plums. Freshly opened Wisteria petals and fragrant Freesias bloom into the heart before they give way to Musk and sacred Sandalwood. However, the final crescendo belongs to the headiness of Heliotrope, which leaves you breathless. 

    It’s a fragrance oil that we are completely in love with here at VINEVIDA.

    Blending With NO. 1108, Inspired By: Cherry Blossom By Bath & Body Works Fragrance Oil

    If you are new to blending your fragrance oils, follow those hints and tips, given above, for a foolproof path forward. Blending NO. 1108, Inspired By: Cherry Blossom By Bath & Body Works Fragrance Oil with other VINEVIDA Fragrance Oils and Essential Oils is easier than you think. You can easily create something unique and beautiful for your home. Not only that, they can also rival those expensive designer brands.

    Use it just as it is, in its perfect refreshing floral and fruity dance. Or blend it for use all around

    your home. 

    Have you thought about streamlining your Signature Scent in your home? You could always try replicating some of the Diffuser Blend recipes to make coordinating Reed Diffusers, Scented Candles, and Wax Melts. They are very easy to make for yourself, and we have plenty of tutorials on the blog to help you. You will soon wonder why anyone would pay big bucks for designer brands when you can make them so cost-effectively at home. 

    Thank You For Joining Us For Fragrance Oil Of The Week  

    It has been a joy developing new recipes and tutorials for you all this week and I very much hope that you have enjoyed it as much as I.

    Use the VINEVIDA calculator if you get a little confused or stuck. If you stay within the recommended IFRA safety dilutions and find and consult all the safety documentation, all should be well. 

    It has been deliciously delicate and feminine working with this fragrance oil this week. I loved its fresh floral, fruity ambiance, underpinned with those deeper notes. I find it makes you feel hopeful, sensual, and optimistic. Why not try it for yourself? I am sure you will love NO. 1108, Inspired By: Cherry Blossom By Bath & Body Works Fragrance Oil, just as much as we do here at VINEVIDA.