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Fearless Fighter Synergy Blend Contains Lemon Oil, Cinnamon Leaf Oil, Rosemary (Cineole) Oil, Clove (Bud) Oil, and Eucalyptus (Globulus) Oil.

Designed to Support Normal Immune Function in their Aggressive Fight with Bacteria.

Fearless Fighter Synergy Blend: We love the name of this blend of essential oils for colds, almost as much as we love the blend. It conjures exactly the image of the relentless battle with the germs, hoisting yourself out of bed when you feel shocked,  and still having the defenses to face the day. 

What Is Synergy?

This is a blend of pure essential oils, brought together to enhance and improve each other's effects. Importantly, these are not contained in carrier oil.


They are fantastic for use in diffusers and for making your own products for home and everyday use

Why Try Fearless Fighter Synergy Blend?

Let’s Face It: Feeling ill isn’t just a massive drag (because it surely is,) but it’s also very expensive! The cost of time off work, and the price of medications and disinfections are all something to dread. Caring for sick children when you also feel ill is no fun at all. Plus, illness in children in particular can be incredibly scary. Health providers are under so much pressure after the pandemic, that anything we can do to make it easier on them is a bonus. Plus, most colds are viruses, which antibiotics can’t do anything for.  So anything you can do to treat the symptoms is brilliant.   Using essential oils for colds is a great plan.

The FDA quite rightly prevents us from saying that essential oils can cure anything.  However, there is a great deal of evidence that certain chemical constituents that make up essential oils can be a tremendous support to health. So we asked our in-house clinical aromatherapist, Elizabeth Ashley, for some ideas about how you could use this blend. 

Here Are Her Thoughts…

The most usual thing most people will use Fearless Fighter Synergy Blend for is to treat the symptoms of a common cold, so we’ll use that as an outline for ideas of ways to use it as we go through the article. Likewise, Fearless Fighter Synergy Blend is a concoction of essential oils that contain constituents proven to fight infection. There are literally hundreds of different germs susceptible to the antimicrobial powers of these guys. (Marchese, 2017) (Doyle, 2019) (Barceloux, 2008) (Cai, 2020) (Mieres-Castro, 2021)

So other ways you could use this blend, apart from being a concoction of essential oils for colds are:

    1. Ear infections
    2. Water infections 
    3. Stomach upsets 
    4. Infected wounds

Additionally, cinnamaldehyde and Eugenol are also powerful antifungal agents. So as well as using this blend of essential oils for colds, you could also use it  for 

    1. Yeast Infections
    2. Athlete's Foot
    3. Malassezia 
    4. Toe And Nail Fungus

With that said, let’s go through some of the ways you could use this blend of essential oils for cold and flu. At all points, consider that you can adapt these for different pathogens and conditions. 

Essential Oils for Nasal Congestion

Eucalyptus is used in this blend to decongest the airways. You might also find it helps to soothe your cough too. 

If you are using this blend of essential oils for a blocked nose, we’d suggest dropping a couple of drops of Fearless Fighter Synergy Blend into a bowl of hot water, and then breathing some, with a towel over your head. The volatiles move fast this way and will have quick access to your congested sinuses to soften and thin the mucus. 

Keep your face far enough out of the steam so you don’t scald yourself, and likewise take breaks and breaths outside of the towel as required. 

Have a handkerchief on hand. It will make your nose run. 

You could also blend these essential oils for a cold into a facial massage treatment.  

Use just one drop in a teaspoon of carrier oil, cream, or lotion. Then rub it into your skin. There are some really powerful chemical constituents in this blend of essential oils for cold and flu, so you absolutely must dilute them. Constituents like cinnamaldehyde and eugenol are really going to irritate your skin if you don’t. 

Using Essential Oils for Sinus Congestion

Knowing where to apply essential oils for colds, helps to understand what happens when you have a blocked nose.

The olfactory nerves - the ones we use to smell - are the only nerves in the body that don’t go through the spinal cord. They go directly through the brain through hollows in the skull called the sinuses. 

There are four sinus tracts. One on either side of the nose, beneath the cheekbones, and then two which are just beneath the plate on the top of your skull on the top of your head. They are there for air to pass through, to filter it, and to resonate with your voice. This explains why we sound different when we have a cold. 

The sinus tracts are covered in a slimy mucus membrane. When the body is trying to fight off an infection it increases the slime..and it becomes…well, you know what it 


Using Essential Oils for Head Colds in A Facial Massage Treatment

So, when you do a facial massage treatment, stroke your oils into the cheekbones and the forehead. Be careful to stay away from the eyes, there are some oils in there that could do your eyes some nasty damage. 

At night, if you don’t mind messing your hair up, also massage these essential oils for colds into the top of your head. You could also use the essential oils for sinus congestion to work with some acupressure points. 

On the top of your head, you are likely to feel a very sensitive point. Be very careful with it. Stroke the essential oils for colds in, nothing more.

Rubbing the essential oils for colds along the base of the skull, you will also stimulate the acupressure points GB20 (Gall bladder 20) which is good. These sinus points will support your quest to clear congestion. Use your fingers to palpate the grooves at the back of your head, where your neck muscles attach to your head. Do it carefully, they can feel very tender. These are useful for headaches,  watery eyes, and cold and flu symptoms. 

Using essential oils for colds and the points together, you are integrating two therapies, which supercharges the effects. So be careful not to overstimulate them. Stroke the essential oils for colds, paying gentle attention to painful spots. Leave your finger on and after a while, it will go numb as you clear the point to allow energy to pass through it again. This can take up to about two minutes. 

Soldier On Regardless

Rubbing Fearless Fighter Synergy Blend into the back of the neck also gives the oils a chance to get to the brain fast. Then, the uplifting limonene chases away dark clouds and gives cinnamon a chance to start comforting you and fighting those germs. 

Get Into Defense Mode

We want the essential oils with antibiotic skills to get into the bloodstream and start going to battle. 

The best place to do that is to publish a dilution of Fearless Fighter Synergy Blend on the insides of the wrists on the pulse points. Then constituents like cinnamaldehyde, 1,8 cineole, and eugenol can start to circulate around the body, seeking out pathogens to overcome them. These appear in cinnamon, eucalyptus, and clove essential oils respectively. 

There are around 200 different rhinoviruses that affect nose and throat infections. These account for 10 to 40 percent of colds. Other common cold viruses include coronavirus and respiratory syncytial virus (RSV).

Eucalyptus contains a powerful constituent called 1,8 cineole.  The species of rosemary chosen for the blend is also high in 1,8 cineole which supports healthy breathing in cases like asthma, COPD, or bronchitis. (Seol, 2016) (Juergens, 2020)

1,8 Cineole is also a proven virucidal and antiviral agent against the coronavirus Sars-Cov-2 (better known as COVID-19) (Mieres-Castro, 2021) (Elsebai, 2022) amongst other pathogens.

An antiviral agent slows down (and in some cases stops) the spread of the virus through the body.

Protect The Family

A virucide is an agent that can reduce the chances of you catching a virus - you might think of bleach for example. 

Cinnamaldehyde, eugenol, and 1,8 cineole are all antiviral and virucidal towards many different viruses. So, if we take time to put some onto our wrists (potentially as often as hourly when we feel ill) these can be helpful to slow down the virus proliferation. 

When you have someone ill in the house, clean down toilet flushes, light switches, banisters, and traffic surfaces with this blend. 

Likewise, use it to clean food production surfaces and trash cans. Eugenol and Cinnamaldehyde have powerful actions against E. coli.

Use it in a Diffuser

Fantastic for getting those decongestant molecules into the air and circulating them to unblock your nose. At the same time, it's like having an industrial cleaner tackle your air purity. Put paid to those airborne molecules straight away.

Using this Blend of Essential Oils for Cuts and Grazes 

You could certainly use this blend as a way to cleanse cuts and wounds, however, it is likely to sting if you do. Keep well away from the part of the skin that is broken and dilute this blend of essential oils for infected wounds well.

Using Fearless Fighter Synergy Blends for Children

Importantly, if you want to use this blend of essential oils for head colds, be really careful how you use it on a child. Likewise, this could be a great blend of essential oils for ear infections, provided you use a small enough dilution. This is a very strong blend and it is advised to use essential oils containing 1,8 cineole on children with extreme care. 

Earlier we suggested using one drop in a teaspoon of carrier oil. 

For Children, dilute one drop of the Fearless Fighter Synergy Blend into a TABLESPOON of carrier oil.


It sounds counterintuitive, but 1,8 cineole slows respiration which can be very dangerous for small children. Apply to their back and to their backs only. 

Also, be mindful that babies navigate their worlds through scent. They become agitated and upset when they cannot smell mum, so try not to overwhelm them with fragrance, regardless of how poorly they are.


    1. Please do not use this blend in the first 16 weeks of pregnancy. 
    2. Do not apply to open wounds. Apply on healthy skin around the affected area.
    3. Do not apply mucus membranes. Cinnamaldehyde is extremely irritant to the mucus membranes, so do not put it up the nose, in the ear or directly onto the genitalia. Regardless of what you read, essential oils on a tampon (for fungal infections) is a REALLY bad plan. For these kinds of conditions, apply externally, over the pelvis and lower back. 
    4. Due to the harsh nature of some of these essential oils, it is not recommended you use Fearless Fighter Synergy Blend in the bath.
    5. The essential oils chosen for Fearless Fighter Synergy Blend affect blood clotting. Therefore this blend would not be suitable for use if you have a platelet disorder or are taking anticoagulant medications. Likewise, cease to use 48 hours before any planned surgeries. 
    6. Use with caution if you have high blood pressure, epilepsy or any kind of delusional condition such as psychosis or schizophrenia. 
    7. Always dilute this synergy into at least one teaspoon of carrier oils.
    8. For children under the age of 6, dilute Fearless Fighter Synergy Blend into ONE TABLESPOON of carrier oil, and keep it away from their face. Only apply this blend to their backs.
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Fearless Fighter Synergy Blend Fearless Fighter Synergy Blend Fearless Fighter Synergy Blend Fearless Fighter Synergy Blend Fearless Fighter Synergy Blend Fearless Fighter Synergy Blend Fearless Fighter Synergy Blend

Fearless Fighter Synergy Blend




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