What is Cinnamon Essential Oil Used For?

We've looked at the differences between cinnamon bark essential oil and cinnamon leaf essential oils this week and found that their chemistry and safety measures are different. Not only that, but their actions in fighting bugs and germs are pretty different, too, although there are certainly some crossovers. So let's look then, what is cinnamon essential oil suitable for, and which ones shall we choose?

Make The House Smell Fragrant

Since it's the holiday season, the top of the pops has to be scented pine cones, diffusers, and room sprays. If you want the room to smell like cinnamon, then you need cinnamon bark essential oil. The cinnamon leaf will smell more like cloves, but the cinnamon leaf will probably blend better with your pines, firs, and spruce oils. Cinnamon bark works well with your cedarwoods and cypresses. Cinnamon Bark is lovely paired with orange. Cinnamon leaf is gorgeous with lemon. These are suggestions, not rules, and have an experiment for yourself. Where does each aromatic blend take you?

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Warm Creaky Rheumatic Joints

The next loveliest thing about the spices is how you make them feel warm and comforted. When the world faces an energy crisis, anything you can do to help you feel a bit warmer will be sensible.

Cinnamon bark will be more effective in this case because the brain registers and recognizes the fragrance of happier times.

Generally, I like to use ginger in these situations, but cinnamon bark works well as long as you remember to use the tiniest amount. One drop in a tablespoon of carrier is all you will need. Any more than that, you can see how a warming feeling might become a burning sensation, and we certainly don't want that.

How about this for a nice blend?

Safety: Not suitable for use during pregnancy (Juniper) Caution is advised if you take blood-thinning medications or have a platelet disorder.

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Warm Your Feet

As I write this for you from the UK, the sky is dark, and I can feel the dampness coming over the hills from Wales. Here in Hobbit Land, we care a great deal about warm feet! So, I've made this relaxing foot cream for nights in front of the fire. Using more than three essential oils in a blend is rare because the properties usually overlap somewhat. Still, in this blend, I want the geranium and chamomile to soothe the stress of the day, the spices to warm and cosset, and the myrrh to heal and blisters cracks and abrasions. I prefer the different dried ginger root feel of cookies versus the Thai cooking zinginess of the fresh root.

Safety: Not suitable for use during pregnancy (Myrrh). Caution is advised if you take blood-thinning medications or have a platelet disorder. (Cinnamon)

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Scent Sneaker Feet

Sneakers get smelly and horrid, but they are a breeding ground for all nasties, including the fungi that cause athlete's foot. Both eugenols, found in Cinnamon Leaf essential oil, and cinnamaldehyde, found in cinnamon bark essential oil, are very effective against these kinds of fungi, so let's reunite the cinnamon army.

Method of use: Rub into clean, dry feet twice a day. Also, soak socks in a sluice bucket of water with a few drops of tea tree and cinnamon oils to ensure any spores in the fibers cannot reinfect the feet.

Safety: Not suitable for use during the first 16 weeks of pregnancy. Exercise caution if you have a platelet disorder or are on blood thinning medications (Cinnamon).

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Wash Down The Surfaces

I like to use this once a week in the deep clean, but you could be more meticulous about using it daily.

I used this a lot during the COVID lockdown when I got sick of the smell of bleach. It's lovely to wipe down the banister, toilet flushes, and light switches—an accidental bonus of a very festive and clean house.

The maximum topical dilution of cinnamon bark essential oil is 0.05%, whereas cinnamon leaf oil is far higher, but this recipe does not adhere to that. Because it's not designed for topical use, I'm not being so careful, but I recommend protecting your hands with gloves. In addition, essential oils and plastic bottles are generally a lousy mix. I'd keep this in a glass bottle with a spray dispenser.

Method of preparation: First, add your oils to the alcohol, pop them into your bottle, and then top up with water. Spray it on and leave it for a while because it needs time for the agents to get to work, then wipe it off; remember that essential oils evaporate, so its longevity is short. You will need to reapply regularly to get it to work continually.

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Add To Lip Balms

Do not use cinnamon bark oil in this! Cinnamon Leaf oil is rich in eugenol, which acts against HSV, which causes cold sores. I always like Melissa oil in balms for the same reason, but again, that's an oil you only want in tiny dilutions. A bit of German Chamomile is soothing if they are chapped.



    1. Melt the Shea Butter in the microwave or over the stove in a double boiler.
    2. Add in the olive oil and essential oils. Mix well.
    3. Pour the lip balm into metal tins (approximately 2-3)
    4. Let the lip balm rest until it sets up.

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Thrush Massage Oil

On this one, I'm not worried about which oil you use but more about where you put it! Remember that oils absorb through the skin and into the bloodstream. You do not need to put this onto the affected part. I'd rub some onto the pulse points, some onto the lower abdomen, and some on the lower back.

Apply natural yoghurt to the affected area. If you must wear knickers, make sure they are cotton. Nylon ones are terrible for causing these kinds of breakouts.

In addition, I love to use cinnamon essential oils for their bacterial and antiviral properties, but also digestion issues too.

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What is a cinnamon essential oil for? It's warming, comforting, and nurturing. It is reassuring that your house is clean and safe and is terrific for protecting the family against germs. For more ideas and deeper scientific insights, please visit Cinnamon Bark Essential Oil vs Cinnamon Leaf Essential Oil benefits.

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