Best Smelling Essential Oil Blends

This article will explain what experts consider to be the best smelling essential oil blends, which should be used to deter harmful odors at and even outside. Now, join us in this exciting discussion!

Who does not like a fresh smelling and safe home? Yes, we all want a clean smelling home, and it shouldn't be 'rocket science' to keep your home fresh and clean. In fact, it is as easy as following a simple 'recipe.' 

Who wouldn't be allured to test these recipes? We all encounter foul odors and bad aromas at some point. The smell of cooked fish, fried broccoli, and other fried food items linger around your home after a hearty meal.

Have pets at home? More often than not, pets can be stinky. This is not pleasant to most people, especially when guests are invited. Yes, some smells are just foul, but there are bad smells that can be suffocating! Moreover, stinky particles can be a serious threat to health.

What is the way out? You are probably thinking of aromatic candles, but you may not know that even the beeswax and soy candles release harmful chemicals while giving off smoke. Therefore, the best smelling essential oil blends will come in handy to fight bad smells, allergens, pollens, and other pesky particles.

Without merely stopping at these suggestions, aromatherapists have come out with the most efficient and quite easy-to-apply recipes. Now, you can make your DIY essential oil blends. So, read on and learn from the best!

What Do You Need to Do to Create the Best Smelling Essential Oil Blends?

If you want to play it safe and refuse to rely on the chemical-filled, processed products offered by the commercial manufacturers, you must continue reading! Yes, it is essential to gather all the natural essential oils that contain your favorite scents, so that you can try to create your own essential oil blends. On the flip side, this can be a bit tricky as you want to attain the best smelling recipe.Best Smelling Essential Oil Blends

To your relief, this article offers you the most accurate and efficient recipes to make your oil blending effort a breeze. We have interviewed experts in the industry, gone through extensive research through books and blogs. After that, we have made our top 10 best smelling essential oil blends recipes that will give you the desired effect with the best smelling aromas. Are you ready to create your best smelling essential oil blends? In that case, you have to build up a collection of the original essential oils. 

The Must-have Essential Oils for Your Home include:

    • Lemon Essential Oil: It smells the cleanest and most refreshing. While it is known to have some antiviral and antibacterial properties, it will surely freshen up any kitchen or open floor.
    • Tea Tree Essential Oil: It smells medicinal and minty while having germ-fighting properties that are antiviral and antibacterial.
    • Rosemary Essential Oil: That earthy rosemary scent, which has antiseptic and antibacterial properties.
    • Sweet Orange Essential Oil: A refreshing orangey scent, that is efficient in degreasing and sanitizing a room.
    • Lavender Essential Oil: Spreads soothing, calming scents, and has antibacterial properties.
    • Eucalyptus Essential Oil: The stimulating and refreshing scent of eucalyptus pairs well with its antibacterial, antifungal properties. Use it for your bathroom, shower, and kitchen.
    • Peppermint Essential Oil: A cooling sensation of peppermint works well with its soothing, antibacterial properties.
    • Cinnamon Leaf Essential Oil: Cinnamon Leaf has a clove-like scent, and works with its antiseptic and antibacterial properties.
    • Pine Essential Oil: The lovely scent of pine will remind you of our favorite home cleaners. The smell of nature with that refreshing pine scent works wonders in any bathroom or kitchen. 

The Must-have Scents to Create Your Custom Essential Oil Blends are:

If you want to keep your home clean and safe, keep these essential oils at your disposal. But just the essential oil by itself may fall short of creating the elevating smell in your home, office, and surroundings. Mixing a couple of essential oils will make the oil blends declare its aromatic presence. So, the families of the scents that may prove pretty useful in this regard are:

    • Citrus: This scent comes with a fruity and clean smell. It goes well with Orange, Lemon, and Bergamot essential oil blends.
    • Spice: The warm smell of this plant is somewhat sweet. It works better if mixed with Cinnamon Bark and Black Pepper.
    • Herb/Grass: Herb or Grass provides a fresh and sharp grassy/herbal smell. It blends well with Thyme, Rosemary, and Marjoram essential oil.
    • Tree/Wood: Stabilizing and sweet woody fragrances match well with Tea Tree, Sandalwood, and Cedarwood.
    • Floral: Soft and calming smells blend well with Lavender, Geranium, and Ylang Ylang.

Top 10 Efficient Recipes for The Best Smelling Essential Oil Blends

Essential oil blends are better than all other alternatives because they can relieve you of stinky odor and ensure physical well-being. Indeed, they don't contain any chemical particles. You will see a lot of snake-oil salesmen at the market, trying to lure you into buying their so-called "best smelling essential oil blends," but do you think any commercial essential oil blend recipe would be better than the one you make all by yourself at home? 

With DIY essential oil blends, you can have the best one as there is zero chance of any chemical components to be in the blends.

However, you must ensure that all the essential oils and scents are at your disposal before landing on the scene to make your custom essential oil blends. Here are our recipes:

Refreshing Citrus

You can create soothing oil blends to refresh your home, office and car interior that will keep you stimulating. This blend will likewise help you perform better while working. With this smelling essential oil blend, people will be more home-bound than before as they will feel the tiredness fading faster with the mood-uplifting smell infused from this oil blend. When you have to sit inside a car to reach a faraway destination, you will never get bored as the mixture of the natural oil essence will provide you with a soothing car interior. But, how to create this amusing effect?

To make the refreshing diffuser blends, you have to combine the following

    • Lavender – 3 drops
    • Ylang Ylang – 3 drops
    • Wild Orange – 3 drops 

You can have the same effect with Bergamot essential oil blends with a bit variation in the oil essences:

    • Bergamot – Three drops
    • Wild Orange – Three drops
    • Cypress – Three drops

Both the variation will give you the same stimulus and mood uplift wherever you apply it.

Spring Floral Effect

Indeed, Spring Floral Effect is an essential oil blend that can give you the feeling of being around a garden of fragrant flowers during the spring. It boosts your mood. And you can get rid of all the weariness a hectic routine puts you in. To create that blend, you just need two essential oils; Ylang Ylang essential oil and Geranium essential oil. The recipe is too easy to implement.

Here you go with that:

    • Ylang Ylang – Three drops
    • Geranium – Three drops

Warm Vanilla

Vanilla essential oil is a rare and great addition to your essential oil blend collection. It is the best essential oil when it comes to fighting pet odors, bad aromas, and excruciating car interior remaining closed for several days.

Moreover, it sticks out among all the best smelling essential oil blends through the fierce fight to help eliminate several health issues surrounding you. This may offer the best remedy if you want to use essential oil blends to rejuvenate allergies and sore throat.

Here goes the recipe:

    • Three drops of Vanilla Bean Natural Oil
    • Three drops of Vanilla Therapeutic Oil

The mixing of these two supreme quality essential oils can provide you with high potency and natural scent.

Special Occasion

As long as you have the right collection of essential oils, you can make oil blends for almost any purpose. Yes, you can create essential oil blends that go with special occasions like Christmas Day and Winter Holiday Vacations. For sure, Siberian Fir and Cinnamon Leaf Essential Oil can provide you with the scent associated with the event.

Even if you want to recreate a particular occasion, you can do that through the best smelling essential oil blends. Honestly, nothing evokes the memory like smell and scent associated with that special moment. For a holiday moment, you better pick the oils that can provide a natural and clean scent as we like to spend our holidays in and around nature. 

Combine the following essential oils for your special occasion:

    • Three drops of Cinnamon Oil
    • Four drops of Siberian Fir oil
    • One drop of Natural Vanilla Oil
    • One drop of Wild Orange Oil 

Autumn Spice

To your amazement, this blend may impress you highly by dint of the smell and the effect it inspires. Moreover, the scent of this blend sets your mind at peace. Even a few drops in the oil burner will replace the cooking smell with a fresh energizing one. It's a potent essential oil blend to have the desired result with a few drops. So, if you want to generate this decent oil blend, follow the recipe.

Just a combination of the following two will do the work:

    • Four drops of Tangerine Essential Oil
    • Two drops of Black Pepper Essential Oil

You can create the same sense with a mixture of Orange and Cinnamon essential oil with a blend of Ginger essence.

Insects and Bugs Repellent

Beyond dispute, not only the essential oil blends remove the bad smell from your home but also keep the mosquitoes far away. And the burning coils along with other electro-chemical products harm the respiratory organ on top of creating the choking smell. To relieve you both from mosquitoes and toxic chemicals, you can create a mosquito repellent by blending good-smelling essential oils. So, this combo defends your home from mosquitoes and bugs with the predominant presence of eucalyptus essential oil. 

Combine the following in 3 tbsp water:

    • Two drops of Eucalyptus Essential Oil
    • One drop of Peppermint Essential Oil
    • One drop of Geranium Essential Oil
    • ½ teaspoon of Aloe Vera Gel

Give a good shake, put it in a spray bottle, and spritz around your home. For sure, bugs, mosquitoes, and other pesky insects will run away. Moreover, the sweet aroma will refresh the environment and uplift your mood!

Ever Refreshing Yoga Mat 

You may know that Tea Tree essential oil essence has antifungal and antibacterial properties. Adding Lavender Essential Oil with Tea Tree Oil can generate a soothing scent. To your relief, you can use this blend when it comes to spraying a yoga mat. It works like a two-edged sword as it removes all other stink and odors along with sterilizing your yoga-mat. Thus, you can keep your yoga mat fresh just by spritzing the following essential oil blends on it. 

Forty-eight drops of all the following ingredients into 4 Oz of water.

    • Tea Tree Essential Oil
    • Lavender Essential Oil
    • Oregano Essential Oil

Coastal Breeze

If you are fervently missing a past romantic weekend spent with your beloved ones by the seashore, you can recreate the near-accurate feel through the identical smell. Not to forget, the sweet scent of coastal floral herbs, memories of gathering driftwoods to make a fire in the rocky shore, and the smoke swept by wind through the greens are the scent you always crave for. As long as you have the best smelling essential oil blends, you can travel back to that time by recreating that smell.

Just a good mixture of the following essential oils, and you can again take a tour through that remote coastal village and the cottage garden you stayed in.

    • Eucalyptus Essential Oil
    • Lavender Essential Oil
    • Grapefruit Essential Oil
    • Bergamot Essential Oil
    • Rosemary Essential Oil
    • Cedarwood Essential Oil
    • Birchwood Essential Oil

If you cannot collect all those above, just follow the following recipe and combine:

    • Three drops of Tangerine Essential Oil
    • Two drops of Australian Blue Essential Oil

Health Stimulus 

To your utter amazement, the natural oil essence or essential oils can promote your health. Essential oils are the pure liquid distilled from the plants that do not contain any harmful chemicals. Moreover, they contain the aromatic compounds that diffuse good smells. Good scents can magically improve your emotional and physical state.

Since the dawn of history, the essential oils have been used as the medicinal and therapeutic stimulus. In line with the good tradition, use the following essential oils blends to improve your emotional, spiritual, and even physical health.

Recipe to keep your home healthy:

    • Lavender Essential Oil – Two drops
    • Wild Orange Essential Oil – Two drops
    • Douglas Fir Essential Oil – Two drops
    • Thyme Essential Oil – One drop

Delightful Indoor Space

With this essential oil blend, you can create the environment of a delightful indoor space that everyone craves to be in. The lemon essential oil smell, which is cleaner than other oils, is a tough fighter to eliminate viral and bacterial properties. And, the tea tree essential oil adds ecstasy when you take a shower. In combination with energizing spearmint oil essence, these two including the lemon essential oil can ensure the entire delightful interior. Here you go with the recipe:

    • Lime Essential Oil – 3 drops
    • Tea Tree Essential Oil – 2 drops
    • Spearmint Essential Oil – 2 drops

Wrapping Up

There you have it. Now you know how to fight the bad odors in your home, office, and yoga classes. We covered pretty much every essential oil that you need to make the best smelling essential oil blends recipes. Yes, collecting all the oils and scents in your home may seem like an investment. Be it so. This will return you a benefit many times your investment as your health and living comfort will no more be at stake. Therefore, it is wise to try out these essential oil blend recipes if you really want to live fresh and healthy.

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