Tea Tree Oil for Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are a fearful curse that puts you in a troublesome situation. These bugs bite you and cause severe itching and, sometimes, unbearable pain. Your nights are not as peaceful and comfortable as they used to be. And to get rid of them, you don't want to buy commercially available pesticides as they're composed of harmful chemicals. So, are you looking for some other ways to kick these disturbing creatures? We're here with a way out for you! Yes, we suggest you use Tea Tree oil for bed bugs.

Tea Tree oil is absolutely a natural pesticide which carries no side-effects if used properly. We covered all the necessary topics regarding the deep connection between Tea Tree oil and bed bugs. So, don't skip even a single sentence. Let's end up holding a weapon to kill these annoying creatures faster than ever!

What is Tea Tree oil?

Tea Tree oil, aka Melaleuca oil, is the essence of Tea Tree, which is "Melaleuca Alternifolia," botanically. The tree originated in Australia and southeast Queensland, but other countries also participate in the production of this tree and its oil. Manufacturers take fresh leaves off the tree and pass them through a steam-distillation process to obtain the oil. The oil is a pale yellow to clear in color, and its aroma is woody, earthy, fresh, medicinal, and herbaceous.

The oil has a history of culinary uses. For centuries, people are using this oil for acne, insect bites, colds and coughs, and for healing wounds and cuts. Moreover, many scientific studies prove that using Tea Tree oil for bed bugs is an effective use of oil.

How is Tea Tree Oil Most Effective for Bed Bugs?

You might have the question “does tea tree oil kill bed bugs?" Our answer is “yes” because we do research and then present to you the facts. We shake hands with logic and reason and then write whatever you're reading here! Yes, we're going to reveal the truth; describe the sense; explain the bases and everything that'll prove how Tea Tree oil for bed bugs is the right choice. Additionally, you're not limited to using Tea Tree oil for bed bugs only. The oil acts as a natural insecticide against numerous pests, including ants, mosquitos, lice, fleas, crickets, etc.

Chemical Components of Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree oil's chemical composition works as a squad that is on the mission to kill dirty bugs. Although the oil contains many components, a few of them function as typical bug repellents and killers. These are the following:

    • Gamma-Terpinene – Gamma-Terpinene functions as a killer of microorganisms, including fungi, parasites, and bacteria, but the component's potency doesn't end here. Scientific research indicates that Gamma-Terpinene plays a vital role in repelling and killing pests like bed bugs and lice etc. Moreover, this component also makes a severe attack on eggs of the bed bugs. As a result, the possibility of bed bug infestation decreases to a lower level.
    • a-Terpinene – a-Terpinene is another component that helps Tea Tree oil become a toxin for bed bugs. The primary function of a-Terpinene is to directly impact the nervous system of bugs and cause their death.
    • Terpinolene – Terpinolene also possesses the power to kill and repel numerous insects, including bed bugs. Not only this, but this component also has a reputation for fighting with harmful bacteria. Using Tea Tree oil for bed bugs keeps your home safe from dangerous microorganisms as well.
    • p-Cymene - Last but not least, p-Cymene is also a principal chemical constituent of Tea Tree oil. p-Cymene is a powerful chemical against pests and fungus. This component makes Tea Tree oil a great warrior when it comes to repelling and killing bed bugs. That's the reason why tons of commercially available pesticides and insecticides contain a decent amount of p-Cymene.


This heading might seem strange to you but believe us; this is what Tea Tree oil does with bed bugs. Bed bugs don't breathe as other animals, or humans do. There are tiny holes underside the bodies of bugs. These holes are called spiracles, and bugs take in the air through them. Then, oxygen is carried throughout their bodies through a network of small tubes, which is called tracheae. Bugs breathe and take in the air full of Tea Tree oil, causing blockage of spiracles and tracheae. Thus, bed bugs can do nothing but become the prey of death due to suffocation.


You would not have been heard of the term "paralysis for pests before. Right? Well, let us prove this saying of ours. Tea Tree oil contains such chemicals that are very toxic to bed bugs. These components directly attack bugs' nervous systems, and they don't live more.

How to Use Tea Tree Oil for Bed Bugs Properly and Efficiently?

You'll have to pay much attention to how you use Tea Tree oil for bed bugs. Using Tea Tree oil for bed bugs unsafely and improperly can put you, your family, and of course, your pets into dangerous situations. So, below is a series of some methods/ways which you can follow for better results.

    • First, diluting the essential oils before using them is a common practice. In most cases, it is necessary to dilute certain essential oils to prevent any allergic reactions. But using Tea Tree oil for bed bugs is quite the opposite than that of the conventional way. Use a minute quantity of water while making a spray for bed bugs. Here is a red signal for you as well. When it comes to direct contact, undiluted essential oils can be harmful to humans and animals. So, make sure your pets don't lick the places where Tea Tree oil is sprayed.
    • Second, spray every corner of your room. Bed bugs not only dwell in your beds, but they also live in furniture, wall cracks, cupboards, mattress, and clothes. Spray on the entire bed frame, including nooks and crannies. In short, spray every place, especially those that are not easily apparent to the human eye like tiny lines within the bed frame, etc.

Other Effective Ways to Get Rid of Bed Bugs Along with Using Tea Tree oil

No doubt, Tea Tree oil can repel and kill bed bugs. But we'll let you know some other possible ways which you can use to get rid of bed bugs. These methods are simple, easy to adapt, and start-by-using-home-accessories. These are as under:

Try Heat

Yes, heat is a way to keep bugs away from your home. You'll have to arrange a high heat setting to clean carpets, rugs, sofa cushions, bedsheets, and doormats. For beds, sofas, and furniture, use a steam cleaner. These two practices will kill eggs of bugs and will get you free from bugs temporarily. For long-lasting peace, always use Tea Tree oil for bed bugs.

Very Low Temperature

Keeping your clothes and sheets under zero degrees Fahrenheit can also prove to be a good option for bugs infestation. But if you're an impatient sort of person, then this method is not for you. The reason is that freezing must last from 3-5 days for the required results.

Use Vacuum Cleaner

We're talking about the standard vacuum cleaner which you daily use for cleaning your home. Using a vacuum cleaner doesn't kill bed bugs, but instead, it allows you to collect them in large quantities. You can then dispose of them outside of your home. This method can't be as effective as using Tea Tree oil for bed bugs can be.

Combination of Tea Tree Oil with Other Essential Oils for Better Results

Tea Tree oil belongs to a group of essential oils that have the potency to kill insects and pests. While combined with these oils, Tea Tree oil doubles its ability to kill and repel bed bugs. We're here to suggest some blends to clean your home more quickly and efficiently.

Tea Tree and Lavender Essential Oil

When Lavender essential oil blends with Tea Tree oil, it is enough to break bed bugs' life cycle! Like Tea Tree oil, the lavender essential oil is also very helpful in killing mosquitoes, bed bugs, lice, etc. You need to mix these two oils with a water concentration of below 40% in a spray bottle. Do this spray on all the places that we've already mentioned above. Always shake the spray bottle well before spraying.

Tea Tree Oil and Red Thyme Essential Oil

These two essential oils become the worst enemies of bed bugs when combined in a spray bottle. Red Thyme essential oil has a history as an insect repellent and a natural pesticide. Make a blend similar to the blend mentioned above and spray it whenever you notice signs of bed bug infestation.

Why Choose VINEVIDA for Tea Tree Essential Oil?

Tea Tree Oil for Bed Bugs

You can find hundreds of essential oil sellers available out there. But most of them can't guarantee you that you're getting 100% pure essential oil. You're thinking: "why should I choose VINEVIDA's Tea Tree oil?" Asking questions is your right, and answering it is our obligation! We assure you that we'll far exceed your expectations if you try our Tea Tree oil. Just take a look below.

Sustainability of Ingredients

Our Tea Tree oil can live a longer life than any other company's oil can do. You'll always find VINEVIDA's Tea Tree oil as fresh as it was the first time you opened the bottle.

Best Pricing

We've set wholesale pricing of all of our essential oils, including Tea Tree oil. No taxes added to the price. You'll find that we're the best when it comes to pricing.


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Pure Products

We collect fresh leaves from the Tea Tree and produce 100% pure oil. The oil is free from any additives and chemicals, which means it is safe to use.

Over to You

You hate bed bugs resting in your clean and precious clothes, furniture, and beds. And you always seek ways to get rid of these tiny hooligans. We ease your trouble and logically convince you to use Tea Tree oil for bed bugs. Not only this, but there are also mentioned other easy ways to keep bugs away. There are specific essential oil recipes that you can use for extraordinary results. Instead of going somewhere else, you can choose our Tea Tree oil because your satisfaction makes us happy and confident about our products.

Using essential oil is quite a natural way to get relief from bed bugs. Connect with nature, and you'll appreciate its quality to bring peace for you!

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