Essential Oils For Anger

Take better control of your anger  by learning how to utilize essential oils for anger. Harness the amazing properties of essential oils like Rose, Yuzu, Lavender, Roman Chamomile and Fir Needle. Use them to assist in processing emotions and feelings around anger in our personal relationships and in releasing addictions. Rose’s mastery here with GABA receptors is key to being able to dissipate some of the strength of feeling. For men, Fir Needle seems to be the ‘go-to’ essential oil for cooling temper.

Try out our simple but effective recipes from the Cool as a Cucumber Rollerball, Falling in a Bed Of Roses Routine Maintenance Lotion to the The Hand of Ishtar Diffusing Massage Oil. Use essential oils for anger, rather than letting your anger take hold of you.

This week sees our National Kiss and Make Up Day. On the surface, that’s quite glib, we are living in a world at war, and for many, being angry affects everyone around them. That’s not to mention the profound effect it has on ourselves.

Ultimately, if we can find a way to live in harmony it is so much better on so many levels, so today I thought I would think about essential oils for anger. 

A Lifetime of Anger

I have spoken in the past with my struggle with PTSD that originated from eight years living with a violent partner. Perhaps, my own personal struggle with rage derives from there. My mother would tell you, I have the capacity to become more angry than anyone else she knows, and that I have been that way since a child.

Being in a situation where it was dangerous to lose my self control, meant I had to push down rage as far as I could. To swallow it, until it became toxic and caused dissociation and at times, paralysis in my legs. It was only after the threat had gone that the level of danger became apparent.

I’d have waking nightmares about cutting my wrists and watching the blood pour out. The doctor immediately put me into therapy. I sometimes still disassociate in times of stress, and anger definitely rears its ugly  head, but I recognize how important it is to sometimes get angry.  Anger does have its benefits.

Anger is Not All Bad

It motivates us, it enables us to state our case, it can help us regain control in situations and when you are aware of being angry, it can help you to understand yourself better.

It’s a battle cry and in some cases the ability to fight back can mean the difference between survival and not. For me, never feeling safe to get angry led to something akin to being like a binge eater… once the perceived threat disappeared, the fury of a thousand lifetimes came thundering out.

It frightened me and everyone around me. It was time to take control. And for that, essential oils for anger played their part. 

Why Use Essential Oils for Anger?

So many reasons, but in the context of this article being for National Kiss and Make Up Day.

There is a lot to be said about their capacity to change the dynamics of a relationship.

I always tell my kids that despite how much you would like it to be otherwise, you have no control over someone else's behavior. Additionally, life can often be a bitch and throw curveballs to derail your very best efforts. Again, these things are out of control.

In the end, the only thing you have control over is your response to them.  You can allow them to make you furious - and to stress, that might be appropriate and useful for a while, but sooner or later you have to know how and when to reign that in.

Learning to be calm at the center of a storm has much more wide reaching benefits than finding your way out of this one argument. It will help you stay grounded at times of panic, do exams better, learn and remember better… this is one of the most important tools you will ever learn.

There are several essential oils for anger and while they will all fundamentally do the same job, the ways they do it are different.

Essential Oils for Anger in A Relationship

Number one of the essential oils for anger is Rose.

Plants have been used as medicine since the dawn of time, and sometimes it works better to use the old ways of explaining them than the new. Such is the case for one of the most important essential oils for anger - Rose.

Rose symbolism expresses love and her many shades in so many different ways. She represents love, faith and beauty. It’s a universal archetype that has served florists very well, but its usefulness is much deeper than just a motif. 

Essential Oils for Anger: The Goddess of Love?

Rewind the clock three thousand years, and the rose was the symbol of the Greek goddess, Aphrodite. Wind it back another two millennia and we discover her association with the goddess Ishtar.

Ishar was the most beloved of all the deities of Mesopotamia, and we find much archaeological evidence of her in Syria. She is the earliest deity ever found in written records and her worship spanned hundreds of years. Like Aphrodite, Ishtar was a powerful love goddess, or sex and fertility, but in Ishtar we see something more. For she was a violent war deity too.

Ishtar is a really complex goddess, capable of giving life and of taking it away. Her astonishing beauty was praised in many hymns and myths. We are told she had penetrating eyes that could pierce your very soul.

In one myth, she goes to visit her sister Erishkigal in her realm of the underworld. Her motives for doing so are vague, but potentially she is making a powerplay and perhaps Erishkigals belief that she cannot be trusted is astute.

The myth describes Ishtar's ritual power dressing, donning her makeup, her jewelry and beautiful clothes. Later, Erishkigal will disarm her of all of these by making her undress, disarming her of her powers. Then, Erishkigal hung her up on a meat hook, swinging for three days till she died. (Eventually, she was rescued by two sexless spirits…but the story goes on and on…)

Mesopotamian civilizations worshiped Ishtar in their marriage and fertility rites, but in fact she had a horrifically tumultuous relationship with her consort Dumuzi. It was fraught with scandal and jealousy.

Using Using Essential Oils For Anger To Protect Against The Fallout of War

Mesopotamians did not strictly associate Ishtar with war, but rather with its destructive elements. And we can see how Erishkigal humiliated her, and eventually, she was killed.

All that after her proud, courageous moments dressing in front of the mirror. We see the envy, scorn and stories of betrayal in the passionate tales of her relationship with Dumazi. Regardless of all the dreadful heartache she endures, Ishtar remains this steadfast and productive deity.

You could twist Ishtar’s a million ways to understand them, but one such way could be to see it as the teaching story of rose medicine.

We all understand rose to be the flower of love, but its scent is antidepressant, hopeful and uplifting. It is a specific for grief and heartbreak.

Perhaps even more importantly, we are now beginning to understand why it is so good at helping us to bounce back from these kinds of trials and to carry on. 

Using Essential Oils For Anger To Reduce The Desire to Fight

Rodent trials have revealed that rose essential oil possesses an anti-conflict ability. This is tested using two methods of evaluation. These are Vogel and Geller Tests. There are differences, but for the requirements of our knowledge at this level, they do the same. They create a conditioned fear response by punishing the mouse.

The mice are allowed to become very hungry. Then food and water is put out for them, however, each time they go to feed they are punished with little electric shocks. So, over time, they decide no, I don’t think I will go and get anything to eat or drink, because the risk is too high.

Then, they are treated with the anxiolytic agent, and hopefully they say “Whatever, I’m hungry, I am just going to feast”.

They become courageous and defiant, and this is obviously a great achievement for whatever drug is being tested. This proved the anti-anxiety-like properties and anti-conflict abilities of rose oil. They were also able to ascertain this was down to phenyl ethyl and citronellol. (Umezu, 2002)

Essential Oils for Anger Can Be Useful in Fighting Addiction

What’s interesting is that rose essential oil is also proven to be able to support people who are withdrawing from drugs, a point where people may become incredibly aggressive. (Abassi Maleki, 2013)

How Do Essential Oils for Anger Engage With The Nervous System?

This support during withdrawal happens because of how rose essential oil communicates with our GABA A receptors.

GABA is our nervous system’s main calming neurotransmitter. The GABA A is the most predominant receptor, which goes right through the system as well as being on less obvious tissues such as the liver, through our immune system and even in the tissues of placenta.

If you consider that theoretically that if the molecules from rose oil touch every GABA A receptor in the body, how calm we would become.

Rose acts upon our bodies from many different aspects. Another interesting one, is rose essential oil interacts with the beta adrenergic receptors. Feeling stressed, tense and anxious affects how beta-adrenergic receptors signal. (Consider how adrenergic is connected to adrenaline).  These receptors slow down our breathing, helping us get more oxygen to the heart. They are vital to the health of the heart. 

The full extent of connection between the emotions and the beta adrenergic receptors is still not fully understood. However, a drug called propranolol is often used to influence them in a variety of different ways. It can be used to reduce hypertension, tachycardia, and muscle tremors. Sometimes, it is also prescribed to reduce anxiety in acutely stressful situations such as public speaking or musical performances. (Steenen, 2015)

Traditionally, we would say that these receptors are to do with anxiety, but when analyzed there seem to be deeper, more nuanced emotions at play, like shame,  embarrassment, and anger. (Gardiner, 1968)

Rose essential oil interacts with these receptors, perhaps explaining why it is one of the most important essential oils for anger. It relaxes us through the GABA A receptors, has an anti-conflict dimension and protects our heart. 

Essential Oils for Anger

The Serenity of Lavender

This one doesn't need loads of science to back it up. We know that lavender is beautifully soothing and calming.

Tested by the same team, lavender was also proven to have anti conflict abilities. (Umezu, 2006)

Roman Chamomile

I always say you can learn the medicine of the chamomile plant just by looking at it. They have daisy-like heads in really long stems that bob about on the breeze. Despite their appearances as being fragile, they just dance in the flow. It doesn't matter how hard they are buffeted by the storm, they just don’t break. 

Medicinally, I say they are good for anything to do with inflammation and that includes making it one of the best essential oils for anger and inflamed tempers. 

Inhale it, put it in your bath, use it in rollerballs , creams and lotions. 

Don’t forget to drink tons of chamomile tea! 


Yuzu is a lesser known citrus oil from Japan, which is outperforming even Bergamot in clinical trials around depression.

This trial focused on mood during menstruation. (I mean, suggesting we get angry and hostile during our periods…the very suggestion is rude!)

This was a small study, of seventeen young, premenstrual women who were given yuzu to inhale for just 10 minutes. For them, this was during the second half of their cycles, after they had ovulated which is traditionally when most women’s PMS reigns.

The tests showed that inhaling the yuzu essential oil significantly decreased three negative subscales: tension-anxiety, anger-hostility, and fatigue-common premenstrual symptoms. It showed that their mood was still stabilized when they were tested again 35 mins later.

The test says, “These premenstrual psychoneuro physiologic effects of yuzu fragrance did not differ from those of the effects of lavender” leading us to understand that lavender will also do the same thing. I’d love to see the effects of the two together! Perhaps you could do your own experiment combining yuzu and lavender essential oils for anger. 

Fir Needle For Men

A fascinating trial has opened up so many questions to me, and this was about how fir needle essential oil affected mood. Just a tiny trial, 26 people, a mix of males and females. Participants were asked to inhale fir essential oil for three minutes, then they were asked to complete a questionnaire and to have their heart rate monitored.

What was interesting was the effects on mood were not the same in the women and men. The female students report feeling much more vigorous and full of life. Their scores for tension–anxiety, depression, and fatigue had all fallen. So they felt less stressed, uplifted and less tired. 

But, when they were asked about their feeling of anger-hostility, they reported that the fir needle had had no effect.  

The men said…wait, what? We don’t feel any different at all in terms of depression, but we feel much less angry and hostile. (Kim, 2022)

Essential Oils For Anger - Recipes For Calm

Try these recipes next time you feel that red hot flash emerging and see if you can instill some calm. Using them regularly will also help dissipate some of those more ragged emotions over time. 

Cool as a Cucumber Rollerball

This has the cooling fragrance of Cucumber to remind you to be a little more chill. However, it is backed up with the serious heavy hitters of calm, Roman Chamomile and Yuzu essential oils. Pop it in your pocket and whip it out as soon as you feel your blood rising. 

You Will Need:

    • Small measuring jug 
    • Funnel
    • 20 ml Rollerball
    • Label



    • Do not it in the first 16 weeks of pregnancy.


    1. Measure out the Sweet Almond carrier oil into a small measuring jug.
    2. Add the fragrance and essential oils and mix thoroughly.
    3. Using a funnel decant into the roller ball bottle, add the roller top and cap tightly.
    4. Label clearly, listing all ingredients for safety reasons. 
    5. Carry out a 24-48 hour patch test. 

How to Use:

    • Do the patch test!
    • Roll onto pulse points at the wrists, inner elbows and temples as and when needed. 
    • You can use this up to 8 times a day. 

Falling in a Bed of Roses Routine Maintenance Lotion

This is all about letting the power of the Rose do the work for you and harnessing all her beautiful gifts to bring healing to your mind, body and spirit. Use it daily over a period of time as a routine maintenance lotion. 

You Will Need:

    • Measuring scales
    • Non-reactive mixing bowl
    • Stainless steel spoon
    • Measuring jug
    • Measuring spoons
    • Funnel
    • 250ml bottle and lid
    • Label



    • Do not use it in the first 37 weeks of pregnancy.


    1. Weigh out your Aqueous Cream or water-based cream and place it into the mixing bowl.
    2. Add in your carrier oil and mix well until thoroughly combined.
    3. In your measuring jug, measure the Rose Water.
    4. Add the Witch Hazel and Glycerin into the Rose Water and mix well again.
    5. Slowly pour a small amount of the fluid mixture into the Aqueous Cream base in the mixing bowl, and combine well with a spoon. Then continue to add the fluid mixture in small amounts until the desired consistency is obtained.
    6. If you feel it is too thick at this stage, add more spring water, and combine well until the desired consistency is reached.
    7. Add in your essential oils carefully and stir well until thoroughly mixed.
    8. You may find pouring this mixture from the bowl into the cleaned measuring jug to fill your bottle easier. Use a funnel too to keep it clean. 
    9. Lid immediately. 

How To Use:

    1. Do your patch test!
    2. Use this as an ongoing regimen.
    3. Massage into your face, and body in upwards circular motions.
    4. Use up to three times a day, as needed.
    5. Avoid getting it in your eyes, if you do. Rinse well with clean, tepid water. If irritation persists, seek medical advice taking the labeled jar with you. 

The Hand of Ishtar Diffusing Massage Oil

When we feel angry, it is a good time to focus on giving yourself a little bit of self love. Anger is a symptom of something upsetting us. The act of massage can be an intimate act, even with yourself. Focus on appreciating yourself for who you are and honor your feelings. Feed your soul with this incredible massage oil.

This is like a superfood for your skin, but also your spirit. The benefits from the carrier oils and essential oils for your skin and reducing your feelings of anger are extensive. 

You will need:

    • Measuring jug
    • Funnel
    • 500ml /17 fl oz dark amber glass bottle with tight fitting cap
    • Label



    • Do not use it in the first 37 weeks of pregnancy.
    • Helichrysum thins the blood, so this would not be suitable if you are already taking blood-thinning medication or have a platelet disorder.


    1. Combine all of the carrier oils in the measuring jug and mix well.
    2. Add the essential oils and combine well.
    3. Decant using a funnel into a dark amber glass bottle and lid tightly. 
    4. Label clearly with all ingredients.
    5. Carry out a 24 hour patch test.

How to Use:

    1. Make sure you do a patch test first by applying some of the product to your inner elbow and observing over a 24-48 hour period. 
    2. Apply a small amount into the palm of your hand and warm the oils gently and massage well into your skin. Massaging it in well, improves circulation and encourages cell renewal.
    3. Avoid any intimate areas and your eyes too please.
    4. This dry oil can be used daily if you have super dry skin, but I suggest 3 times a week is more than enough.

NOTE: Because the Rosehip carrier oil is an intense orange color, this can sometimes transfer onto your bed linen or clothes.  Let it dry thoroughly and then dab your skin with some tissue to absorb any excess. It generally does come out of fabrics, after pre-soaking in stain remover and then using a strong detergent on a hot wash - ask me how I know this! If you are worried, swap it out for more Argan Oil.

The Final Word

Anger may sprout from many roots in our lives, family, work, friends and the World at large. However, a bit like weeds, it is not something that we want to let grow and get out of hand. If you do, chances are that before you know it, things are overrun and you end up overwhelmed and exhausted by it all.

Using essential oils for anger can be a very effective place to start, to reduce some of the emotions, feelings and symptoms of anger that you are experiencing.  Try that Lavender and Yuzu essential oil blend and see how effective it can be for you. Maybe, pop it into a rollerball and give it a go.

Harness all the bounty and goodness that Rose has to offer. Especially to those of you whom are in personal relationships that are causing you distress, unhappiness and anger. That does not have to be your partner, it could be your child, a parent or your best friend.

Pick your battles and use Rose to help you define what is worth fighting for and what is not. Don’t waste your precious energy on anger that is not actually serving you or motivating some purpose within you. Dump it, let it go and let it be once and for all.

Above all, use essential oils for anger to dissipate those emotions, feelings and symptoms of anger and bring yourself back to a happy equilibrium.

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