October's Oil of the Month: Palmarosa Essential Oil
Though both the scent and name of Palmarosa essential oil are almost enough to make one believe it's a member of the rose family, this sweet-smelling impostor is actually part of the lemongrass clan. Don’t let Palmarosa’s citrusy cousins fool you though—the bright, floral fragrance of VINEVIDA’s Palmarosa oil will delight your senses by bringing a spicy sweetness to any perfume or product it goes into.
At VINEVIDA, we source our Palmarosa essential oil straight from India, giving us rich, aromatic oil. We supply Palmarosa oil to many aromatherapists, artisan soap, candle, and cosmetic manufacturers, aiming to provide them with premium oil at wholesale costs. We offer this oil in a variety of sizes ranging from individual to bulk essential oils. Contact us today to find out how you can best incorporate Palmarosa's minty and fresh fragrance into your life!
*10% discount applies to oil sizes up to a gallon.*


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