November's Oil of the Month: Cinnamon Bark Essential Oil
Grab a good book and your favorite fuzzy blanket and get ready to get cozy with the sweet, fragrant scent of cinnamon bark essential oil. A festive favorite, cinnamon oil can offer up those holiday feels all year-round. An instant mood booster, cinnamon evokes memories of home-baked cookies and nights curled up by the fire. Plus, its strong, long-lasting aroma is perfect for creating essential oil soaps and candles, which have the added benefit of being great gifts!

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At VINEVIDA we source our cinnamon oil from Sri Lanka, where Cinnamonum verum is native. When it comes to cinnamon oil, you will find that there are two different varieties: cinnamon bark essential oil, and cinnamon leaf essential oil. While both come from the cinnamon tree belonging to the genus Cinnamonum zeylanicum, there are subtle differences between the two. Cinnamon bark oil is distilled from the bark, while cinnamon leaf, of course, comes from the leaf of the tree. This makes cinnamon bark essential oil the more powerful of the two. It is higher in cinnamaldehyde and less ideal for topical use than the cinnamon leaf.
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