June's Oil of the Month: Citronella Essential Oil
We’re jumping into June, which means summer is right around the corner. Unfortunately, the arrival of our favorite seasons often comes with some uninvited guests! No, we aren’t talking about your mother-in-law, or your annoying older brother (though they might show up too), we are talking about the zzzzz kind. Citronella oil can help work as a natural repellent, masking the scent of humans and pets to help reduce the interest of mosquitoes. Whether or not you enjoy a good patio session, citronella oil is also great for making candles, soaps, and even bath scrubs and cosmetics! Its strong, exotic aroma is fresh, citrusy, and sends a burst of sunshine to the senses. 

Use Code “JUNE10” for 10% off Citronella Essential Oil

Use Code “JUNE10” for 10% off Citronella Essential Oil
At VINEVIDA we source our Citronella Essential Oil straight from the Mana grass in Sri Lanka, giving us rich, aromatic oil. We supply citronella oil to many artisan soap, candle, and cosmetic manufacturers, aiming to supply them with premium oil at wholesale costs. We offer citronella oil in a variety of sizes ranging from individual to bulk essential oils. Contact us today to find out how you can best incorporate the lemony-sweet fragrance of Citronella into your life!
*10% discount applies to oil sizes up to a gallon.*

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