Oil of the Month
Deriving from India, our exclusive Frankincense Essential Oil, February's Oil of the Month, is the steam-distilled oil that has been in use since ancient times. This oil originates from the Middle Eastern Boswellia Serrata tree’s gum resin and the uses of this oil are diverse!
It was and still is widely popular in spiritual incense, cosmetics, and soapmaking. Even in traditional Chinese Medicine, this essential oil comes in handy for numerous reasons.
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Take a few drops and dilute it with a suitable carrier oil like jojoba or coconut and use Frankincense essential oil for skin. 
You can use a few drops inside your vaporizer or diffuser too. This way, you can have an at-home aromatherapy feel. Combining Frankincense Essential Oil with few drops of the mentioned suitable blending oils also works great for soapmaking recipes.

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