December's Oil of the Month: Peppermint Essential Oil

The cooling presence of menthol makes peppermint essential oil our new best friend. With its fresh, minty aroma, this herb is one of the best essential oils for headache relief. As an added bonus, it can also work wonders on your hair and scalp! The same menthol that helps soothe aches and pains can help to increase blood circulation, pumping your hair follicles full of the nutrients they need to grow long, luscious locks! At VINEVIDA we offer a variety of sizes of Mentha Piperitain order to best address any and all of your needs. Try using this fragrant herbal oil to create your own hair mask. Calm an itchy scalp all while promoting hair growth and enjoying the tingling sensation of peppermint!

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At VINEVIDA we source our Peppermint oil in the USA, giving us rich, aromatic oilWe supply Peppermint oil to many aromatherapists, artisan soap, candle, and cosmetic manufacturers, aiming to provide them with premium oil at wholesale costs. We offer the oil in a variety of sizes ranging from individual to bulk essential oils. Contact us today to find out how you can best incorporate Peppermint's minty and fresh fragrance into your life!

*10% discount applies to oil sizes up to a gallon.*

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