July's Oil of the Month: Rose Geranium Essential Oil
Just like lying in a bed of roses, VINEVIDA’s rose geranium essential oil will surround you with its sweet, floral, aroma. Coming from a species of geranium cultivated in South Africa for their prize-winning fragrance, this oil is a favorite of perfumeries. The number of antioxidants it contains means the added benefit of younger, smoother-looking skin, while geranium oil’s other properties help induce rest and relaxation. Try it out, and receive a money-back guarantee if you aren’t satisfied!
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At VINEVIDA we source our geranium essential oil straight from South Africa, giving us rich, aromatic oil. We supply geranium oil to many artisan soap, candle, and cosmetic manufacturers, aiming to supply them with premium oil at wholesale costs. We offer geranium oil in a variety of sizes ranging from individual to bulk essential oils. Contact us today to find out how you can best incorporate the floral and rosy fragrance of geranium into your life!
*10% discount applies to oil sizes up to a gallon*

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