Cedarwood Metaphysical

One of the many uses of essential oils is how they can support us on an emotional and spiritual level. They can help us unlock thoughts and ideas, moving us forward in our health and wellbeing. They are our aromatic allies. They hold our hands and gently guide us as we explore more about ourselves, helping us to understand ourselves better and more clearly.

Cedarwood is the symbol of strength, abundance and courage. It can help calm the overactive mind, as well as offering clarity of thought. 

According to high profile aromatherapist and writer Robbi Zeck, in her seminal work “The Blossoming Heart”, she says that Cedarwood can help move us from Cautious to Courage. 

We know, on a physical level that Cedarwood can help relieve nervous tension, and ground us as we navigate life’s journey. Cedarwood can provide us with the courage to go beyond what we believe is possible.

Do you need some courage? Perhaps adding a drop or two of Cedarwood to your blends can help give you the courage you need to tackle what’s on your plate.

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