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Dreamy Drift Synergy Blend contains Lavender (Bulgaria) Oil, Marjoram (Sweet) Oil, Chamomile (Roman) Oil, Bergamot Oil, Ylang ylang-ylang oil, Sandalwood Oil, Lime (Distilled) Oil, Lime (CP) Oil, Vanilla (Oleoresin) Oil to swaddle you in comforting restful sleep.

What Is Synergy?

This is a blend of pure essential oils, brought together to enhance and improve each other's effects. Importantly, these are not contained in carrier oil.


They are fantastic for use in diffusers and for making your own products for home and everyday use

There are many blends of essential oils for sleep on the market. No wonder. It’s what essential oils are good at. This blend is designed for the kind of sleep that rejuvenates, fortifies, and invigorates. It’s the kind of scent that puts you on a train to the Land of Nod with a smile on your face and a dream in your heart. It’s a very special kind of blend. 

A Happy Place of Citrus Delight

Let’s start by telling you the unusual stuff because y’all know how great lavender and chamomile are for restfulness. We can come back to them. What’s interesting in this blend are the bergamot and lime essential oils. These are lovely uplifting oils that make you feel happier and more positive. Both are determined and very good at chasing away confusion and doubts. Where the more sedative oils soothe and relax, these two instill hope. 

Several clinical studies with bergamot essential oil have “shown promising results: anxiety and stress reduction, anti‐depression, pain relief, and blood pressure and heart rate reduction.” (Han, 2017)

Bergamot essential oil is mildly sedative and calms and soothes the nervous system [139]. Rodent experiments suggest that inhaling bergamot essential oil increases the release of GABAm the neurotransmitter that is responsible for calming our nervous systems.  In an experiment performed  in a mental health treatment center waiting room, patients reported feeling more positive after fifteen minutes of inhaling bergamot essential oil [141]

Lime and Bergamot essential oils can be difficult to use in the daytime because they are phototoxic. Sunshine can activate a skin sensitization reaction. However, using them at bedtime allows them to get to work on the nervous system with no such concerns. 

Ylang Ylang Balances A Seesaw of Emotions

Ylang-ylang is deliciously relaxing and balancing. Aromatherapists also use it to balance hormones, so it's beautiful if you are suffering from the rigors of PMT, menopause, or any other kind of hormonal disturbances. Ylang-ylang is beautiful if you feel tense or anxious, especially about any kind of tension in relationships. Ylang-ylang is harmonious and soothing. It also has a powerfully relaxing effect on blood pressure and pulse, soothing the nervous system into a gentle state of peace. 

The Comforting Embrace of Sandalwood

Sandalwood brings some masculine balance to what might otherwise be an overly sweet blend of essential oils for sleep. Sandalwood slows the mind and brings a rather prayerlike sense of peace. 

Right Time Right Place With Marjoram

Marjoram is a gorgeous support to healthy sleep, believed to realign our internal body clocks to regulate our wake/sleep patterns. 

The Heavy Weights of Relaxation

All these are brought together with cozy vanilla, lavender, and chamomile essential oils. 

Lavender is famous for its effects on anxiety and sleep. Less known is how it also improves levels of the mood-modulating neurotransmitter, serotonin. 

Why Not Use Dreamy Drift in Your Diffuser? 

Research shows that inhaling certain essential oils each day improves levels of oxytocin in the body. Oxytocin has a complex role to play in our sleep-wakefulness cycles. When the body is not suffering the effects of stress, oxytocin helps us sleep better. 

A small study done last year also suggests that inhaling essential oils for two hours, when you go to bed, may also help memory too. 

Perhaps Use Dreamy Drift in an Inhaler Stick? 

The smell is a very personal thing, and sometimes you might be sharing a room with someone who would prefer not to be smelling your Dreamy Drift Essential Oil Synergy for some reason. Why not add a couple of drops of your dreamy drift Essential Oil synergy into an aroma stick, so you can just keep it close to you? Also great to use it this way, if you are traveling too. Aroma Sticks are great if you want to get a snooze on the plane, for example.

They are also really useful if you are going to be away from home. 

Essential oils are often used in studies of people in hospitals, as a way of reducing their anxiety before operations and to try and make their stay a little more comfortable. Unfortunately, our Dreamy Drift Essential Oil Synergy can’t do anything about the palatability of hospital food, but it may be able to help you sleep. Research shows that inhaling lavender oil blends reduces anxiety, and helps people get to sleep faster and to sleep longer. Interestingly, people also report needing to get up to go to the toilet so often and feeling warmer in their hospital beds too!

Add Dreamy Drift Essential Oil Synergy To Your Bath 

Gorgeous! We suggest adding two drops of the Dreamy Drift Essential Oil Synergy to a teaspoon of carrier oil and then adding that mix to warm bath water. 

Research suggests that inhalation of essential oils starts to affect the brain after about five minutes. Topical administration (through the skin) takes a little longer: around nineteen minutes. So, why not light some candles and have a lovely soak? 

Dreamy Drift Essential Oil Synergy Candles 

Usually, we’d suggest using one of our Essential Oil Oils to make candles because they contain fixatives to make the scent last longer. The problem with these is they will have no therapeutic effects.  

A great plan for candles around an aromatic bath is to light simple tea lights and let them burn for five minutes or so. You want to have a pool of melted wax around the wick. When you have this, add a couple of drops of your Dreamy Drift blend of essential oils for sleep to the liquid. (Take care not to get oil on the wick itself - that smells awful when it burns!) The warmth of the melted wax releases volatiles into the air for you to breathe quickly, to soothe you. 

The Most Beautiful Gift of Relaxation: Massage with Dreamy Drift Essential Oil Synergy 

Add a couple of drops of Dreamy Drift essential oil synergy to a teaspoon of carrier oil for a beautifully relaxing massage. 

Touch has powerfully healing properties in its own right. Stroking essential oils for sleep into warm skin means they have millions of gateways into the body. (They are absorbed through skin pores into the bloodstream. 

Don’t forget, you can always use the Dreamy Drift synergy in some oil to use like a body oil if you have no one else to give you a massage.

Is It Safe To Use On Children And Babies? 

We would not advise using this blend topically on children under the age of 2. 

Likewise, if you have a baby who will not sleep, think carefully before using essential oils for sleep in a diffuser around them since they navigate the world via smell. 

There are some ideas in this post about using essential oils on a breast milk pad in this post, which will give you some educated ideas about using these dreamy drift essential oils for sleep in babies. 

Is It Safe To Use During Pregnancy?

Since ylang-ylang essential oil is not recommended for use during pregnancy, we would suggest looking at lavender and chamomile essential oils for sleep, and using the two of them together, rather than using Dreamy Drift Essential oil Synergy if you are pregnant.

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Dreamy Drift Synergy Blend Dreamy Drift Synergy Blend Dreamy Drift Synergy Blend Dreamy Drift Synergy Blend Dreamy Drift Synergy Blend Dreamy Drift Synergy Blend Dreamy Drift Synergy Blend

Dreamy Drift Synergy Blend




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