Bright and Breezy


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Sweet Orange 

So uplifting and positive. Legend says that if you use a drop of sweet orange oil daily, you’ll feel prettier! We love it in aroma jewellery to give you more confidence and swagger! 

Lime (Persian)

A strutting samba of fragrance. Fantastic if you are feeling a bit fed up.  It’s so bubbly, it almost seems to giggle. Welcome to the party! (Lime bath parties are not advised. Dermal irritant. )


If you feel lethargic or sluggish, lemongrass is like an electrical surge. Great in massage oils and diffusers but putting this in your bath might give you a rather itchy shock. (Baths not advised.)

Lavender (French) 

Sometimes brightness depends on having enough rest and sleep. Your best friend to help you to switch off. Fabulous in baths, massage oils and diffusers.


Refreshing, complex and invigorating. Warming in the cold and refreshing in the heat. Great in diffusers and in the bath. An underrated oil, in our opinion! 

Cedarwood (Himalayan)

Peaceful, quiet, happy.Sometimes you don’t want to feel up and bouncy, just mellow and chill. Cedarwood feels like a Return to Innocence.  Safe and easy to use. 

Bright and Breezy

Bright and Breezy



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