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Allspice Essential Oil Benefits, Uses and Blends

Scientific Name: Pimenta Dioica from the Genus Myrtaceae.

Origin: Jamaica

Plant Part: Leaf

Scent: Warm Spicy, Woody, Allspice Essential Oil has a sharp, pungent aroma, but it is sweet and spicy, almost like a cross between cinnamon and cloves.

Color: Dark Brown

Consistency: Thin

Perfumery Note: Middle note

Initial Aroma Strength: Pungent

Extraction Method: Steam Distillation

Allspice Essential Oil Blends Well With

Citrus oils, other spices, floral notes with a rosy aspect like rose, geranium, or palmarosa, and woodies.

Allspice Essential Oil Composition

Taking a look at the GC MS we can see the chemistry is very much weighted towards one constituent, and what a constituent it is! One of the most powerful natural antimicrobials we have discovered.

    • Eugenol 82 %
    • Methyl Eugenol 12%
    • Beta Caryophyllene 6.4%
    • Alpha Humulene 0.99%

The Emotional and Mental Aspects of  Allspice Essential Oil

Let’s address this first because if we are not careful, the excitement of the science of allspice essential oil is going to bury the mental and emotional aspects of this oil, and yet how it makes you feel is incredibly valid.  

Excitement is a good description although it’s not quite there. 

I would say a better description is anticipation

That little flutter of excitement that something delicious is coming. Christmas twinkle that suddenly overcomes you and you suddenly feel a tremble of delight. 

Something’s just around the corner. You can feel it getting closer and it feels wonderful. This is why allspice essential oil is a beautiful oil to use if you feel melancholy, despairing, or simply stuck in a rut. 

Likewise, it’s a delicious aphrodisiac oil if it’s all been a bit same-y and predictable for a while. (If you are thinking of using it this way, please see the section on precautions of using this oil.)

Historical Uses of Allspice Essential Oil 

The allspice tree, also known as the Pimento Berry Tree is native to Central America and the West Indies. Its name derives from the berries which can be dried and are flavored like a combination of cloves, cinnamon, and nutmeg when they are ground down. This is the quintessential Christmas smell in Britain since allspice is the primary ingredient of mincemeat and is also used as a pickling spice, another ingredient of Christmas teas! Important in Jamaican cuisine, this is also the spice of Jerk Chicken.  In Arab cuisine from the Levant, allspice features as the single spice in dishes giving them warmth and spice and a sense of the exotic. 

We say Pimento Berry tree, but actually, it is an evergreen shrub, part of the myrtle family, although this shrub can grow to as tall as 60 ft high. Its large leaves are deep green oval and glossy like a laurel, and berries form clusters of white asterism flowers. As stated, this oil is steam-distilled from the leaves of the tree. 

Traditional Medicine of Allspice

Allspice is an important ingredient of the traditional medicine of the West Indies. All parts of the plant are used to treat:

Digestion, pain, inflammation, coughs, colds, viral infections, bacterial infections, menstrual pain, dyspepsia and diabetes. (Zhang, 2014)

Allspice essential oil is particularly helpful to add to massage treatments since it is so warming and soothing, and the high presence of eugenol also means it can be extremely helpful for pain…especially neurological pain - that is nerve pain. 


Allspice essential oil’s pain-killing effects are executed through two channels, eugenol and beta caryophyllene. 


Eugenol is especially useful for acute pain. Clove oil is also extremely high in eugenol, which is why it is so helpful for toothache. 

Note the distinction of acute pain. To clarify, acute as opposed to chronic. Acute pain is short term like an injury, as opposed to chronic pain which would be classified as after 6 months of pain.

Like other spices, allspice essential oil is warming. The receptors that sense that warmth, also help to reduce pain. These are called TRP channels. In the same way that our mouths feel hot when we eat chilies, then our bodies follow suit…eugenol heats our body and then desensitizes pain. (Chung, 2014), (Klein, 2014)

Eugenol also inhibits pain signaling through the COX-2 inflammatory pathway. (Kim, 2003) This is the same pathway that  NSAIDS work on when we take anti-inflammatory drugs, thus essential oils high in eugenol also have a strong anti-inflammatory effect. Cox-2 is an inflammatory pathway. Eugenol inhibits it. 

Eugenol is then supported in its painkilling and anti-inflammatory properties by beta-caryophyllene.


This molecule has a unique action in the body because it is a weak agonist of the CB2 receptor, which is like a volume switch for our levels of pain and inflammation as well as for our immunity.

CB2 is short from cannabinoid receptor 2. This is one of two known endogenous endocannabinoid receptors in the body.

There are two main cannabinoid receptors and these are part of our endocannabinoid system - endo meaning that it is in the body. The two receptors are the CB2 receptor that beta caryophyllene interacts with, and the CB1 receptor.

    • CB1 receptors modulate pain, cognition, appetite, memory, nausea, and itching live in cells that inhabit the spinal cord and brain. 
    • CB2 receptors, (that we are interested in here),  live mainly in the blood and lymphatic tissues and occupy the periphery (in other words, everything outside the brain and spinal cord.)

The most famous plant medicine that the endocannabinoid system responds to is cannabis - that’s how it got its name- but the cannabinoids that do the work in cannabis hate water. This hydrophobia means that you won’t find cannabinoids like CBD in essential oils since they won't pass through distillation. 

But since we now understand that cannabinoid dysfunction plays a huge part in disease,  finding any essential oil molecule that interacts with the CB2 receptor is a massive gift.

Consider that any cell involved in blood or lymphatic transfer, in our bodies, has a receptor for beta caryophyllene, which can then send messages to the brain to switch down inflammation and pain. 

It’s a massive deal.

Since CB2 receptors also work on immunity, (and this eta caryophyllene will support healthy immunity)  let’s circle back and see how eugenol can support this too.

Anti Germ!!!

Consider that germ season will soon be on us. You know it well, when everywhere you go someone seems to be coughing and hacking, then worst case scenario, you catch it.  You start coughing, and then suddenly the world and his wife quickly become qualified doctors, begging you to get antibiotics.

The problem with that, as we know, is twofold. We don’t want to be taking too many of those because then your body gets too used to them, and germs have a habit of evolving to outmaneuver them. Since this is also the doctors’ stance on them, they don’t want you to have them. It’s like prizing gold from a dead man’s hand! 

The bigger problem though, is that if you have a bacterial infection, they may be helpful,  but if it’s a virus you’ve picked up, then they probably won’t.  

Universal wisdom, I think now…which is great if you can only remember which of the bugs are viral… 

The most common viruses include colds, flu, coughs, bronchitis, herpes simplex, chickenpox, and of course, the one that recently brought the world to its knees.

To stress, antibiotics cannot help any of these viral infections. So allspice essential oil may be a tremendous opportunity to support your healing since many viruses are vulnerable to eugenol.

Antiviral Abilities of Allspice Essential Oil

Importantly, Eugenol has both antiviral and virucidal abilities.

What's the Difference?
(Stops you from catching something)
(Slows the proliferation of the virus)
An excellent way to remember is that we use virucides outside of the body as disinfectants, for example. If you are unlucky enough for the virus to gain entry into your body, an antiviral will stop it from spreading and multiplying.

     COVID 19

    I wouldn't normally start with COVID because it seems sensationalist and suggests I am saying allspice might be able to cure it. I am not. Far from it, but eugenol is being explored as a  valuable therapeutic for SARS-CoV-2 since it can target the exact genes the virus uses to access our bodies.

    The science shown helps to demonstrate just how good an antiviral agent eugenol is. 

    An explanation of how the germ does this is explained in this video:

    The virus uses a specific receptor to gain access to the body and then to spread through it. This receptor is called ACE-2 and is found in the heart, kidneys, blood vessels, and intestines. It has many functions, including helping to control blood pressure. 

    SARS-CoV-2 binds to the ACE2 enzyme by making a spike in the virus’s proteins. This spike is now called S1. (Lai, 2022)

    This Spike S1 binds to the ACE2 receptor, which then opens the cell doors to initiate a COVID-19 infection. (Paidi, 2021)

    So how is eugenol able to prevent this infection from spreading through the rest of the cells? 

    Eugenol suppresses the amount of the S1 protein circulating in the body. This then effectively locks the doors to each cell it is looking to invade. 

    The fewer cells it can invade, the less aggressive the infection can be.

    There's more.


    We spoke earlier about how eugenol is so helpful for pain, because of its anti-inflammatory abilities. Those same anti-inflammatory abilities form part of the effects against the germ.

    In a preliminary mouse trial, Eugenol inhibited the release of a variety of inflammatory markers in the lungs. It improved the poorly mouse’s heart function and also brought fever down (Paidi, 2021)

    So that’s all tantalizing data, but before we get carried away, let’s just balance and ground it a bit.

    Because it is exciting, and I would use eugenol-rich oils if I thought there was a chance I might be brewing COVID. But to be clear, this was not a human trial.

    Neither was it a topical application at a 3% dilution of allspice essential oil, which is how we would use it in aromatherapy.

    It was undiluted eugenol given orally to a mouse, which is a lot more eugenol given to a way smaller creature.

    All things are not equal, and so we must stress that:

    As yet, there is no proof that Eugenol can provide blanket protection against the Sars-Cov -2 virus.

    But, again…if you feel dreadful, and you want something that may help…allspice essential oil is up there with a ton of evidence that suggests that it certainly could. 

    The same applies if you are unlucky enough to catch a cold or the flu.


    An excellent 2014 Canadian trial assessed how vapors from different essential oils could inhibit the 'flu virus. 

    Bergamot, eucalyptus oil, and two isolated compounds, citronellol, and Eugenol, were effective against influenza germs after the cells had been exposed to the vapors for 10 minutes.

    Of all the tested agents, Eugenol proved to be the most effective, killing 100% of the virus in the 10 minutes allotted. (Vimalanathan, 2014)

    Again though, to be clear, this was in a petri dish. There still needs to be more evidence to say it can do the same within the human constitution.

    That said, what harm can steaming your head over a bowl of warm water with allspice essential oil do? I reckon the worst that could happen is you develop an overwhelming craving for mince pies. I’d call that improvement!

    Herpes Simplex Virus

    HSV1 is an orally transmitted virus and most commonly manifests as cold sores and oral herpes but it can sometimes also present as genital herpes. 

    HSV2 causes genital herpes and sores around the genitals and rectum.

    Herpes simplex is notoriously difficult to treat since not only are there two different strains but it is incredibly intelligent and the virus becomes antibiotic-resistant very quickly. 

    Eugenol is antiviral to both strains, limiting how they spread through the body.

    Further, it has powerful virucidal abilities against herpes simplex since it prevents the enveloping of the virus in both in vitro (test tube) and in vivo (animal) experiments. (Benencia, 2000). 

    As seen in the COVID section, enveloped viruses enter cells by attaching to a factor located on the surface of the host cell. Whilst it seems likely that a different factor may be identified as the route into the cell (rather than S1,) potentially, the magic may be explained as a similar process.


    In the future, it may also be possible to create therapeutics to treat the initial infection by HIV-1 since Eugenol and eugenol derivatives seem to prevent the spread of infected lymphocytes around the body. (Aboubakr, 2010)

    Antibacterial Abilities of Allspice Essential Oil

    Anti- Microbial

    Eugenol also gives allspice essential oil tremendous protective abilities against bacteria, and as such is very helpful for keeping wounds clean or for help with ear or chest infections, etc.

    These include:

    Staphylococcus Aureus

    Staphylococcus aureus is involved in cellulitis infections and is one of the critical pathogens that determines whether a wound will go septic and turn into an abscess. This gram-positive bacteria naturally lives on the skin and in the upper respiratory tract but its levels can get out of control. This is one of the bacteria that causes respiratory infections to develop into pneumonia.

    Pseudomonas Aeruginosa

    No matter how clean you keep a hospital, with the sheer number and variety of germs, they can be breeding grounds for bacteria. A hospital is not only a place to be cared for and to heal, but sadly, it is also a breeding ground for germs. Pseudomonas Aeruginosa affects the lungs and the urinary tract.  which can also lead to sepsis.

    This highly advanced, gram-negative organism thrives on surgical or medical instruments and catheters. It has developed to become antibiotic-resistant, however, Eugenol is demonstrated to prevent its genes from multiplying and spreading. (Rathinam, 2017)

    It is also active against other hospital-related pathogens responsible for blood infections like sepsis, meningitis, and Klebsiella pneumonia.


    Do you suffer from thrush, ringworm, or athlete’s foot?

    Allspice essential oil may also be helpful for these. 

    Eugenol has also been found to possess antifungal activity against various fungal strains in vitro, including Candida Albicans, (the cause of  oral and vaginal thrush)  Trichophyton Rubrum & Trichophyton mentagrophytes) the fungi behind the athlete’s foot and ringworm.

    Is Allspice Essential Oil Safe To Use? 

    Yes, but only in very small dilutions.

    Tisserand and Young 2014 suggest a maximum dilution of 0.15%.

    This is extremely low. So for clarity, in practical terms, this is one drop of allspice essential oil in a tablespoon of carrier oil, as opposed to the usual teaspoon measure.

    It’s also important not to use allspice essential oil on broken skin. Always remember that essential oils can pass through the semipermeable skin and then circulate the body. If the skin is broken, apply it to another part of the body and allow the circulatory system to deposit the healing as it will.

    Allspice Essential Oil for Skin

    This is not a beauty essential oil. It’s too rigorous. We would suggest allspice essential oil for more skin and fungal infections. 

    It may be helpful for infected acne, however, again, to stress, it should not be used on sensitive or broken skin.

    May have indications for Malassezia infections, but again, use very small dilutions and not on broken skins.

    It makes a beautiful addition to massage treatments.

    Allspice Essential Oil Essential Oil for Hair

    Its antifungal properties could make it very good for dandruff.

    Allspice Essential Oil Essential Oil Uses: For Wholesale Purposes


    Terrific for diffusers and inhalations for coughs and colds. Also very warming, bracing, and comforting.


    Not suitable. Very astringent and you would need to use too high a dilution to get it to smell enough. 

    Natural Perfumery

    Warm, spicy, and comforting. Works well in oriental and chypre blends.


    There is a suspicion that methyl eugenol may be carcinogenic. As such then, to be safe, only use very small concentrations of allspice essential oil. 

    Tisserand and Young 2014 suggest a maximum dilution of 0.6%.

    This is extremely low. So for clarity, in practical terms, this is one drop of allspice essential oil in a tablespoon of carrier oil, as opposed to the usual teaspoon measure. 

    We do not recommend using this essential oil during pregnancy or breastfeeding.

    Its high levels of eugenol also mean it will affect the consistency of the blood - that is it will thin it. Avoid using allspice oil if you have a platelet disorder or are on anticoagulant medications. Also cease using allspice essential oil for the 48 hours before any planned surgeries, including dental surgery. 

    Moderate risk of skin sensitization (protected by that very low dilution) and of mucous membrane irritation, so do not put it too close to the face and if you are using it for its aphrodisiac properties keep away from genital areas.

    Allspice Essential Oil Blends: DIY Recipes

    Athlete’s Foot Powder

    Mix well, then keep in a sealed container for the vapors of the allspice essential oil to “cook” through.

    To Use, dry the feet with the powder after bathing.

    Also, scrunch some allspice essential oils into socks before washing to kill any leftover spores.

    Sciatica Body Oil

    Note: One should never massage over sciatica, so simply stroke the oils into the lower back, buttocks, and the back of the leg. 

    Method of Use: Stroke the oils in, three times a day, for a week. 

    Safety: Not suitable for use during pregnancy, if you have any kind of platelet disorder are on anticoagulant meds, or have surgery planned in the next 48 hours.

    Germs Away

    Coughs, colds, and all manner of nasties.

    Method of Use: apply to the chest, and to the inside of the wrist, where there is good blood supply. Use five times a day for a week. 

    Safety: Not suitable for use during pregnancy, if you have any kind of platelet disorder are on anticoagulant meds, or have surgery planned in the next 48 hours.

    Winter Allspice Essential Oil Diffuser Recipe

    A tremendously uplifting holiday oil that just happens to have loads of antimicrobial goodies parceled inside!

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    Allspice (Leaf) Essential Oil Allspice (Leaf) Essential Oil Allspice (Leaf) Essential Oil Allspice (Leaf) Essential Oil Allspice (Leaf) Essential Oil Allspice (Leaf) Essential Oil Allspice (Leaf) Essential Oil

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