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Fresh Ginger Essential Oil: Uses, Benefits, and Blends

Spice up your life with our Fresh Ginger Essential Oil! This hot oil is sweet, fragrant, and bursting with zing–literally! Zingiberene, one of the major components of Ginger Oil, is reputed to help relieve nausea and upset stomach. Not only that but Ginger Oil can be incorporated into massage therapy, where its anti-inflammatory properties may provide relief to sore muscles and joints, particularly in those who suffer from arthritis. Our Ginger smells fresh, fragrant, and it's sure to add a bit of a kick to your daily routine!

Ginger Essential Oil Product DetailsGinger Essential Oil, extracted from the Zingiber Officinale, is common in many types of traditional medicine. It belongs to the same family as Turmeric and Cardamom and is native to Southeast Asia. One of the first oils to reach Europe, it was a favorite of the Greeks and Romans. Interestingly, Ginger is no longer wild. The Ginger we see now is a cultigen, selected and adapted by humans to grow a certain way. Ginger Essential Oil also has a reputation for calming nausea and upset stomach. Because of this, it is present in many over-the-counter medications for stomach upset, including those for sea and motion sickness. Let’s take a look at what components make up Fresh Ginger Root Oil, and how they contribute to Ginger Essential Oil benefits:

Ginger Essential Oil Benefits: Component Breakdown

  • Zingiberene: Zingiberene is the component that gives ginger its flavor and aroma. It is a sesquiterpene and scientists believe the plant likely uses it to repel pests and insects. In addition, it is the subject of current studies to look at its effectiveness in treating nausea.
  • a-Farnesene: This sesquiterpene appears from colorless to a pale yellow-green and offers up a mild, fruity aroma. 
  • b-Sesquiphellandrene: b-Sesquiphellandrene belongs to the sesquiterpenoid family. It works as a metabolite in many plants and herbs.
  • ar-curcumene:  alpha-curcumene, or ar-curcumene is also a sesquiterpenoid and plant metabolite.

Ginger Essential Oil Uses: For Wholesale Purposes

Most famous for its use in cooking, Fresh Ginger Essential Oil has expanded to include more than just its culinary benefits. Here are a few other great ways to incorporate ginger into your life. 


Though more research is necessary, initial studies indicate that the inhalation of Ginger can help reduce feelings of nausea and upset stomach. As a bonus, it adds a spicy note to diffuser blends, creating a warm, cozy atmosphere. 

Soap Making 

Ginger Essential Oil Soap MakingSoap making is one of the most popular Ginger Essential Oil uses. Ginger contains a high level of antioxidants, and certain studies indicate it also offers anti-inflammatory properties. These qualities make it a great essential oil to use for soap making! Not to mention, not only is the fragrance of Ginger sweet and spicy, but it's also very powerful. This means it can create long-lasting soaps with minimal amounts of oil. 

Ginger Essential Oil for Hair 

Using Ginger Essential Oil for hair is reputed to promote hair growth, and soothe an itchy, dry scalp. However, the research in this area is minimal, so these claims mostly come from certain shampoo companies or individual opinions. If you do decide to use Ginger Essential Oil on your hair or scalp, make sure to follow proper dilution recommendations, as Ginger can cause sensitivity in some people. 

Massage Therapy

Here comes another one from the list of Ginger Essential Oil uses. Possibly due to the high level of antioxidants, there is some anecdotal evidence that indicates Ginger Essential Oil benefits include pain relief. Some massage therapists incorporate the use of Ginger into their treatments, particularly for patients suffering from arthritis and joint pain. There may also be some Ginger Essential Oil benefits for the skin, as antioxidants can help fight free radicals that can lead to wrinkles, fine lines, and sun damage. 

Ginger Essential Oil Blends: Best Suitable Oils

There are many wonderful combinations you can make that include Ginger Oil. Here are a few of our favorite diffuser combinations:




Essential Oils should never be ingested. This is because they are extremely high in concentration, and can cause burning and irritation. The same is true for using Ginger Oil on the skin. It is a “hot” oil and needs to be diluted first before applying topically. We also recommend doing a patch test if you are going to apply Ginger Oil to the skin, as this can minimize the risk of irritation. If you are pregnant and looking to use Ginger Essential Oil to help with morning sickness, it is always best to consult with a medical professional first.

Flash Point

66° C


Ginger is not just a delicious spice, it is also an oil that may be beneficial in reducing nausea, easing pain from sore muscles and joints, and potentially even helping to soothe an itchy irritated scalp. No matter which way you choose to use your Ginger Essential Oil, remember to take care and follow recommended guidelines. At VINEVIDA our excellent customer service team is always available to answer any questions you might have!

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Cecilia J.
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Love the Ginger

Love the Ginger. Has amazing smell and works great with the blends I make

Shani C.
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smells great

A little pricey for 10mL but smells great!

Harmonie l.
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The best quality yet

my most frequently used ingredient. The best quality yet.

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I need Ginger in my life

Didn't realize the increase in price on this item but I need Ginger in my life!

Ann H.
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Love the product and my oils

Compared with some other sites. The price was not too expensive. Love the product and my oils

Ginger Root Essential Oil (Fresh) Ginger Root Essential Oil (Fresh) Ginger Root Essential Oil (Fresh) Ginger Root Essential Oil (Fresh) Ginger Root Essential Oil (Fresh) Ginger Root Essential Oil (Fresh) Ginger Root Essential Oil (Fresh)

Ginger Root Essential Oil (Fresh)




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