Is Lemongrass Essential Oil Safe For Dogs?

The use of essential oils, such as lemongrass essential oil, within the home, has increased significantly in recent years causing pet owners to ask if lemongrass essential oil is safe for dogs. 

Yes, lemongrass essential oil is safe for dogs. In fact, lemongrass essential oil is a wonderful insect repellent, which makes it a good option to use with your pet. It is important when using essential oils with your dog to understand a dog’s sense of smell is a hundred times stronger than a human’s, meaning it can be easy to overwhelm your canine companion. It’s also important to understand the proper dilution of essential oils to ensure safety when using. 

Is Lemongrass Essential Oil Safe For Dogs To Smell?

When using essential oil in the home, it is important to use them in an open space, where air can flow through effectively. Not all members of the family, pets included, will appreciate, or react, the same way to the oils you choose to use. While one person may think a certain essential oil smells amazing, another may not like it at all.

Our pampered pooches have an impressive sense of smell, 100 times stronger than our own. For every one drop of oil we smell, they are smelling a teaspoon full. This makes the experience even stronger for them, and in some cases, quite overwhelming. If your dog is stuck in a space where they’re not able to retreat from the smell, it might not be a pleasant experience for them.

Is Lemongrass Essential Oil Safe For Dogs - Toxicity?

No, when diluted properly, Lemongrass essential oil is not harmful to dogs. As with any essential oil, your dog should not be drinking it. You might think this goes without saying, but spills happen and when they do you should be mindful to clean up the spill to ensure the safety of everyone in your home, not just your four-legged friends. The intake of essential oils in our pets can lead to liver toxicity. If this were to happen you would need to contact a pet poison helpline or a veterinarian for guidance. 

When using lemongrass essential oil with dogs, proper dilution should be kept under 1%.  And no matter what oil you are using with your pet, be mindful to steer clear of their eyes.

Is Lemongrass Essential Oil Safe For Dogs - Topically?

A component of lemongrass is Geranial, most commonly referred to as Citral. This component is high in antioxidants and is often used in the production of cosmetics and perfumes. The oil also contains b-Myrcene, which has been useful as an anti-inflammatory as well as a mild-sedative. Another essential component is Geraniol, not to be confused with the above, Geranial. Geraniol is known to be a natural insect repellent. 

Since a dog’s skin is typically covered in hair, you may wonder what the best way is to apply an essential oil blend. It’s good to note that essential oils don't need to be applied directly where needed. They are easily absorbed through the skin and into the bloodstream, meaning they can essentially be applied where there is a good supply of blood. Once absorbed, they circulate through the blood to where they’re needed the most. Some of the easiest places to apply essential oils is to their tummy, the inside of their ears, or even to the insides of their back legs. You can also apply the blend to the back of their neck if you’re concerned about them being able to lick the area where it was applied. But remember, as long as you have diluted the oil well enough into carrier oil, licking the area where the blend was applied will not harm them. Proper dilution should be kept at, or under 1%.

Is Lemongrass Essential Oil Safe For Dogs - Benefits?

Is Lemongrass Oil Safe For Dogs

Many components in lemongrass essential oil provide significant benefits for the health and well-being of your family’s favorite pet. The most useful benefit might be the natural insect repellent properties. Plus, many pets and humans enjoy the citrusy aroma. 

Another benefit provided by b-Myrcene, a component found in lemongrass oil, is that of mild pain relief when applied topically. The component has also been found to provide anti-inflammatory assistance, great for dogs with arthritis or joint issues. Consistent users of lemongrass oil in their homes also state the oil is a wonderful odor fighter, which is essential for pet owners. 

The use of lemongrass essential oil, or any oil for that matter, will not solve the issues overnight. But if used properly, and consistently, you may see improvement over time. Be mindful if your pet has a reaction as not all pets will respond the same. If you have questions, seek assistance from your veterinarian.

Is Lemongrass Essential Oil Safe For Dogs - Irritated Skin?

If possible, always avoid applying essential oils to places where the skin is irritated. It’s perfectly fine to apply the blend near the area, just not the area itself. Keep in mind, you do not need to use the oil directly on the area to be treated to be effective. And remember, some dogs will react differently than others to certain oils. Just like humans, not one of us responds the same way. If you notice your dog’s reactions or allergies seem to be getting worse, stop using the oil and seek advice from your veterinarian if needed.  

Is Lemongrass Essential Oil Safe For Dogs - Adverse Reactions?

If you’re curious how your pup will react to certain essential oils, try this simple test. Simply take the lid off the bottle and hold it in the air about a foot away from him. Watch as he twitches his nose, or his eyes close. He may also just turn away. 

Do not test more than one essential oil at a one time as it will be hard to know which scent they’re reacting to. Remember to leave space between your dog and the bottle, and if you’re sitting the bottle down, it should not be within their reach. 

Other than watching their nose and eyes, you can also test their reaction by watching their mouths. They tend to smell scents through the air and will lick their lips to test a new scent out. If they turn their head away or bury their face, it might be a good indicator they do not like the scent. 

Is Lemongrass Essential Oil Safe For Dogs - Practical Applications?

Now that you know lemongrass essential oil is safe to use topically on your dog, you might be curious how to apply the blends. There are several options available, and you may find one works better than another. Or, depending on where you’re applying the blend, a certain method is a better choice over. Some pet owners create a balm, using cocoa butter or beeswax. You can also apply essential oil to a gel, such as aloe vera gel and apply regularly. A third option may be to add the essential oil to a blend of water and vodka in a glass bottle and spray their bedding, or areas they like to relax in the house. In this instance, you are not applying the spray directly to your dog. This method works exceptionally well when using lemongrass essential oil since the main benefit of its components is the natural insect repellent.


The answer to is lemongrass essential oil safe for dogs is yes. You can feel comfortable using lemongrass essential oil around and with your dog as long as you ensure proper dilution and use. As always, if you do notice a reaction, please discontinue use and consult your veterinarian. Proper dilution should always be kept at, or under 1%.

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