Is Eucalyptus Essential Oil Safe for Dogs

No one can deny the fact that your pets are as dearer as your own life is to you! From providing quality food to ensuring proper sleep of your pets, you always think and act eagerly and lovingly. Although your intention is not wrong sometimes, you accidentally put your pets into a hazardous situation. Yes! We are talking about a recent prevalent trend of using essential oils, especially for your pet dogs, and eucalyptus essential oil is a part of the list. Most of us intend to use it for dogs without first asking a question from ourselves and our veterinarian- is eucalyptus essential oil safe for dogs? Well, now you’ve asked this question from Google, and we will answer not only this one question but other possible questions that you might have asked regarding usage of eucalyptus essential oil for your beloved dog!

Just sit down, read this article till end and start your journey of becoming the best guardian for your lovely pup!

What Are Essential Oils?

Many natural plants have potential medicinal properties in them. To avail much of the benefits, a liquid is extracted from the various parts of the plant by two standard methods: Cold pressing and water distillation. These are called essential oils. They have a much stronger smell than the plants they’re obtained from. Essential oils are generally used in cosmetics to add fragrance and antioxidant properties. And the diffusion of these oils in our surroundings proves to be very beneficial for health.

What Eucalyptus Essential Oil Actually is?

Eucalyptus oil is extracted from the eucalyptus tree that is native to Australia. This oil is extracted both by cold pressing or distillation method from fresh wet or semi-dried eucalyptus leaves. The oil has a strong refreshing crisp fragrance that makes you feel pleasant from nose to lungs! The eucalyptus essential oil uses and benefits include:

    • Used in creams and to relieve joint pain.
    • Used in mouthwashes as it is believed to have antiseptic properties.
    • It has been used in many cold and cough relieving products to help with congestion.
    • It is believed to have medicinal properties which make it suitable for healing wounds
    • Research has shown that this oil is beneficial for patients with Asthma, Bronchitis, Acne, Fever, Flu, and Stuffy nose.
    • Aromatherapy of eucalyptus oil is recommended to the people with breath and liver problems as an effective treatment

Although eucalyptus essential oil has plenty of benefits for humans, the question Is eucalyptus essential oil is safe for dogs is still under investigation.

Is Eucalyptus Essential Oil Safe for Dogs?

Is Eucalyptus Essential Oil Safe For Dogs

Well, the answer to this question is both yes and no at a time. The safety and risks of using this oil for dogs have much to do with the way you use it. You will be able to get a clear idea by reading the next few questions which are related to the main question "is eucalyptus essential oil safe for dogs?"

Is it okay to Diffuse Eucalyptus Essential Oil Around Dogs?

Diffusion of essential oils is a method in which the aromatic particles are spread in the air. The primary purpose of doing so is to get the potential benefits of essential oils directly from breathing. Although diffusing eucalyptus essential oil is a healthy option for you but not for your beloved dog! Dogs are susceptible to scents. Their smelling power is a thousand times more than ours! A fragrance that is mild to you will be strong enough to make your dog feel unpleasant and irritated. Well, you can make sure that your dog should stay out from the area you’ve diffused this essential oil.

What Can be the Risks for Dogs if it Comes in Contact with Eucalyptus Essential Oil?

Anything you use as a medicine or food for your dogs can be harmful if you don’t do enough research about that thing. When it comes to using eucalyptus essential oil for dogs, you must keep in mind that your dog can be on the following risks:

    1. There can be chemical burns if directly applied to the dog’s skin. Moreover, its presence on the skin for an extended period can cause long-term skin allergy that would, later on, prove very painful for the dog.
    2. If the dog has digested it through any means, then it will disturb both the stomach and neurological system of him/her.
    3. If you diffuse eucalyptus oil around your dog, this will result in so much irritation for him/her. Irritation caused by scents can cause adverse behavioral changes and dog can harm you and other people around him/her.

How Would You Recognize that Your Dog has Eucalyptus Poisoning?

Unfortunately, if your dog has accidentally come into contact with eucalyptus oil, but you don’t know about the fact, then the pet will himself let you know by changes in its physical and mental condition. These changes/symptoms are as follows:

    1. Vomiting is the very first sign you will notice when your dog has eucalyptus poisoning. The smell of eucalyptus oil will be prominent in that dirty stuff.
    2. If your dog is having difficulty in walking or stumbles, it is clear that he/she has got eucalyptus poisoning.
    3. You should also get alert if your dog shows unexpected weakness.
    4. Over-tiredness and fatigue are direct signs of eucalyptus poisoning in dogs.
    5. If your dog paws on its face or mouth again and again, then there is just something wrong with him/her.
    6. Diarrhoea in dogs can be caused by other unhealthy and unsuitable foods, but it is often the result of digestion of eucalyptus oil.
    7. Digestion of eucalyptus can redden the various parts of the mouth and skin.

What to do After Your Dog has Got Eucalyptus oil Poisoning?

If you’ve used eucalyptus oil for your dog without asking the question “is eucalyptus essential oil safe for dogs” from anybody and now, you’re sure that your dog has become the victim of eucalyptus oil, so, you need to take following steps immediately instead of wasting time in applying other useless strategies:

    1. Take a thorough look at the entire body and wash the oil present on the skin with a bar of soap. Give special attention to the eyes and ears of the pup.
    2. Don’t try to use any home remedy without first talking to a veterinarian.
    3. If you know the source product of eucalyptus poisoning, take that product with you and go to the right vet.
    4. The veterinarian will treat your dog by useful methods, and he might prescribe a few medicines for him/her. Once the pet is at home, always give medicines on the prescribed time to ensure a faster recovery.
    5. Make sure that the atmosphere must be relaxed, and freshwater is always available for the dog.

Now, if someone asks the same question "is eucalyptus essential oil safe for dogs?", the answer would be “No” based on the above-mentioned facts. But we are going to prove our being answering in “Yes” now. Take a look below!

What are the Benefits of Eucalyptus Oil for Dogs?

Although eucalyptus essential oil negatively affects dogs, it also has some potential benefits if used properly. These benefits are as under:

    1. If you bath your dog by mixing a few drops of eucalyptus oil in shampoo, it will prevent him/her from becoming the house of fleas and ticks. This type of bathing will also kill these bugs if they’re already on the dog’s body.
    2. Applying a blend of eucalyptus oil and some other beneficial and safe oil can soothe your dog’s skin damaged by insect biting or itching etc.
    3. You can also add just a few drops in water to clean up your dog’s bedding and other pots used for him/her.

How to Safely Use Eucalyptus Oil for Dogs to Minimizing Risks and Maximizing Benefits?

Keep in mind these few critical things if you’re thinking to use eucalyptus essential oil for your dogs:

    1. Never let your dog consume this oil orally.
    2. Using this oil for small and pregnant dogs will be very dangerous.
    3. Consult the veterinarian before making any type of use for your dogs.
    4. Don’t add this oil, even a small amount to water or foods of your dogs.
    5. Use eucalyptus oil for a period of two weeks. Then give a break and ask the veterinarian when would it be okay to again use it for your dog.
    6. This oil helps healing wounds for humans but not for dogs. Never apply it directly or indirectly on the open wounds.

Over to You

To conclude the topic, the answer to the question "Is eucalyptus essential oil safe for dogs?" is “No” because if it is applied directly on the skin or digested to the dogs, it can cause severe stomach problems, skin and mouth allergies, and adverse mental conditions. You can enjoy the benefits of this oil if you use it safely, such as mixing it with shampoo, mixing it with water and blending it with other safe oils.

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