Essential Oils for Self Esteem

We all feel jaded and a little low in confidence sometimes. Life gives us knocks, and getting out there, and shining can feel intimidating and overwhelming. But the truth is, most other people out there are faking it till they make it too. I think it was Edgar Allen Poe who said, "I have great faith in fools - self-confidence my friends will call it." Confidence and self-esteem are certainly tricksters, but aromatherapy can be a great ally to try and tame them both. Today we'll look at some tricks and techniques for using essential oils for self-esteem.

Why Care About Essential Oils for Self Esteem?

There is no doubt that confidence and self-esteem are related, but they are not the same. Confidence is having faith in one's ability to execute tasks and carry out skills. That might be in the workplace or taking care of oneself.

By contrast, self-esteem relates to someone's belief that they are worth something in the world. They are worth taking care of, being loved, or worthy of the job roles they are given. Self-esteem depends on the acceptance of both one's interior and exterior worlds. Endorsement of what you look like and confidence in your thought and decision-making processes and opinions.

At its crux, a person's self-esteem depends on how they perceive that other people view them and how much they are affected by that.

Everyone's self-esteem fluctuates to a certain extent, but low self-esteem has been identified as a vulnerability factor for anxiety, depression, and many other psychiatric disorders.

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A History of Self Worth

From a young age, we have often been conditioned to base our self-worth on factors such as our appearance, successes and failures, parental conditioning, and even childhood and domestic violence. But understanding how these factors affect your sense of worth can help you take steps toward creating more positive relationships and experiences that increase your overall feelings of self-worth.

Parental Conditioning 

Much of our self-worth starts with the messages we receive from our parents. If our parents instill in us that we are worthy of love, respect, praise, and success, this will likely be reflected in our beliefs about ourselves. On the other hand, if our parents are overly critical or dismissive of us, this can also negatively affect our self-esteem and lead to low levels of self-worth. 


Our physical appearance can also have an impact on how we view ourselves. Society places a great deal of emphasis on having specific physical attributes, which can lead to feelings of inadequacy and low self-esteem in those who don't fit these narrow standards. It's important to remember that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes and should not be used as a measure of your worthiness. 

Success & Failure 

Successes and failures both play a role in how we perceive ourselves. Our successes give us confidence, while losses can cause us to feel inadequate, like impostors. Learning to embrace both success and failure is crucial in maintaining healthy levels of self-esteem. It helps us recognize that neither defines who we are nor outweighs the other in terms of value and significance. 

Childhood & Domestic Violence 

Unfortunately, for many people, childhood or domestic violence has lasting impacts on their sense of worthiness as adults. These experiences may lead some individuals to believe they are less valuable or deserving than others which can manifest itself in unhealthy behaviors such as neglecting their own needs or constantly seeking validation from others. Overcoming these experiences takes time, but resources are available for those who need help navigating through them to move past them with greater ease and comfort.

The Self-Esteem Map

A team of researchers at UCL has created a mathematical algorithm for self-esteem. It was created by asking a group of subjects to click like or unlike symbols to make judgments on people. When analyzed, the subjects' self-esteem took a bigger hit when an unlike judgment was received from someone the subject had perceived as pleasant. Those who displayed more significant reactions to the unlike showed signs of lower esteem generally and experienced more depression and anxiety in their lives. The mathematical algorithm, known as esteem mapping, could be developed to help predict vulnerability to psychiatric diseases and help protect and prepare people. (Geert-Jan Will, 2017)

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How Do Essential Oils Affect Self-Esteem?

Olfaction - our smell system - is processed by the same part of the brain that rules learning, mood, memory, and cognition. It is linked to how we feel from moment to moment and is the closest thing we have to time travel! Smells of baking or perfume conjure people and places in an instant.

Smells are made up of hundreds of tiny molecules. Our brains and nervous systems have evolved to respond in specific ways when they encounter them. Prominent examples are how THC has a psychoactive effect when someone smokes marijuana, but most essential oils interact with our nervous systems to some extent.

Lavender and Jasmine, for example, have constituents that relax us by interacting with GABA, the body's calming neurotransmitter. Serotonin has been named one of the main confidence neurochemicals. Higher serotonin activity is associated with feeling more confident, which motivates you to do things that will stretch you and build self-esteem.

Using essential oils for self-esteem is like knowing where the spare key is hidden to the house of success.


Using lavender essential oil is an effective and natural way to help someone with low self-esteem feel more relaxed and at ease. The soothing scent can calm nervousness, so when feeling judged or nervous in a public setting, use lavender essential oil to help ease those anxious feelings. Applying the oil topically or inhaling it through a diffuser can relieve nervous jitters and tensions, allowing the individual to feel more secure in their environment. Since lavender promotes relaxation and peace, it may provide general emotional support that feels calming and secure, making it easier for the person to develop higher self-esteem.


Grapefruit essential oil can be of real help to someone with low self-esteem. Not only does it uplift the mood, but it can also work as a go-getter attitude to elicit fun-loving enthusiasm. On top of that, grapefruit essential oil has been scientifically shown to increase positivity, instilling confidence in an individual. So go ahead and give yourself a dare - try this powerhouse oil and feel more optimistic and empowered!

Grapefruit has skills to offer if your self-esteem is linked to how you feel about your appearance. Its cleansing properties are especially beneficial in supporting healthy lymphatic function. The oil is helpful in massage, stimulating circulation, and detoxifying the system. Reduce bloating and swelling under the skin with lymphatic support. Additionally, grapefruit essential oil's astringent properties break down fat deposits below the skin's surface, giving it a firmer appearance - superb for those beach-body legs.

It's effective for both greasy skin and blackheads. When used with a healthy lifestyle, grapefruit essential oil could be a vital component of an effective beauty routine to help your self-esteem rocket.

A few words warning for grapefruit essential oil - it thins the blood, so it should be used with caution if you are on blood thinners or have a platelet disorder. Cease using it if you have planned surgery in the next 48 hours.

In addition, even though grapefruit essential oil positively shouts bikini body, take care of using it in the sun. Like many citrus oils, it is phototoxic, which can irritate the skin and cause rashes. Do not expose the skin to direct sunlight (or sunbeds) for 12 hours after use.

Though, inhaling the oil is straightforward and free from worries about phototoxicity.


Lemon essential oil is blissfully uplifting for someone struggling with low self-esteem. Inhaling its intense and bright aroma ignites happy feelings as serotonin is released in the brain, boosting energy and positivity. The fresh and citrusy scent can give you a natural 'spring in your step,' making it easier to look at yourself in the mirror and relish a happy and confident reflection. It's a beautiful way to regain your positive outlook on life.

Lemon essential oil is known for its uplifting and energizing effect. Inhaling it brings an overall sense of self-worth and self-love, as well as a creative boost, making you feel bouncy, upbeat, and ready to tackle tasks. Its bright and cheery scent will make you seem to radiate confidence and contentment.

Again, like grapefruit, we have issues with phototoxicity, and the same guidelines apply. Sniff it freely, and use very low dilutions on the skin, but trust me…you do not want lemon essential oil in your bath. The less said about that particular experience, the better!

Sweet Orange

The sweet orange essential oil has many calming and happy effects. It can reduce feelings of worry, relax your mind, and help you feel more confident in yourself. This oil makes you feel calmer and happier, and it makes you more attractive and likable. Its sweet citrusy scent brings joy; it lifts your mood and puts you in a much more positive state of mind. So why not let sweet orange essential oil be part of your daily routine? You'll soon find yourself in better spirits each day!

Another essential oil is cold pressed from the fruit's peel, and so again, it has the same phototoxic restrictions.

That said, a drop or two of sweet orange essential oil is blissful in the bath. It's my go-to oil when I'm having an ugly day, have a big date planned, or want to look glam.


Lime essential oil for its sassy scent that feels like an educated courtesan. It feels beautiful yet well-read, confident in its abilities, and assured that it would mesmerize. Lime has an atmosphere of enthusiasm and joy - something about the bright notes of lime makes you feel flirty and fun. The lime essential oil has many therapeutic benefits, from reducing stress and anxiety to helping soothe physical pain. But at its core, it is drawn upon for its unparalleled ability to instantly lift your mood and create a relaxed feeling that lingers on delightfully.

Safety: Yep, boring now, I know…phototoxic.


Bergamot essential oil has a powerful, uplifting aroma. Originally derived from Bergamo, a city in northern Italy, the sweet citrusy notes of this oil bring rays of sunshine and positivity into your life. Bergamot helps to dispel negative emotions such as anxiety, hopelessness, and sadness while providing hope and well-being. Inhaling Bergamot essential oil aromatically promotes relaxation, eases stress levels, builds hope, and leads to an overall calmer feeling throughout the day.


Geranium essential oil is a powerful tool for boosting self-worth. This oil celebrates you as an individual and creates a solid sense of self-worth beyond what is dictated by external circumstances. It has a calming, supportive energy that helps us separate our mental stuff from the powers of other people and situations outside ourselves. Strengthening our connection with our actual worth invites feelings of confidence, inner peace, and acceptance into our lives, helping us feel our inner power and potential.

Using geranium essential oil can have an incredible balancing effect on the body. The oil's sweet, floral aroma helps relieve stress levels and even acts as hormonal support. It balances your inner world, giving you a sense of equilibrium and relaxation which benefits both physical and mental well-being.

If you are worried your skin might be letting you down, feeling a bit old or haggard…

Geranium essential oil nourishes dry skin, giving it a youthful glow. Known for its wide array of benefits, geranium essential oil helps give the complexion a soft, nourished look and can make skin look younger with increased elasticity. Its main components are monoterpenes and esters, which help to soothe irritated skin while providing powerful antioxidants to promote smoother-looking skin. In addition to nourishing dry skin and stimulating the regeneration of new skin cells, the geranium essential oil can also reduce inflammation, diminish wrinkles and control the production of excess oils. Applying this essential oil regularly can help keep your complexion nurtured and young-looking.

Black Pepper

It can be hard to put ourselves first when it comes to our own needs, especially when the needs of those around us seem so urgent. Black Pepper reminds you are worthy and deserving of prioritizing what is suitable for you. It is important to remember that you should not treat yourself any differently than you would a friend. While they deserve to put their desires and dreams at the top of the list, you also deserve the same respect and equality. Finding a balance between attending to others' needs while simultaneously minding your personal goals and dreams can help you navigate times when it feels selfish or uncomfortable to focus on yourself.

Inhaling black pepper boosts mental clarity and concentration, helping you to remain motivated to work towards your goals. The sweet yet spicy aroma of this essential oil fosters feelings of self-confidence and control - you can be less anxious about what others think or say, so you have more opportunity to prioritize yourself first.


Low self-esteem can be an unfortunately common consequence of failure. Studies have shown that failure can lead to negative self-appraisals, reduced focus on tasks, and difficulty engaging in activities, all of which can contribute to low self-esteem. This is often significantly pronounced when the failure is perceived as public or reflects poorly on one's overall identity. In such cases, it can cause significant psychological damage unless adequately addressed. It is vital to ensure that failure does not demoralize us but serves as an opportunity for growth and improvement.

Fennel essential oil has been proven to help increase stamina and fortitude when under stress, making it a must-have for anyone seeking an extra edge. Fennel increases resilience and can help reduce failure to finish projects due to its ability to improve mental stamina and focus. With improved mental alertness and energy, Fennel oil is the perfect choice when needing a boost in stamina or an extra confidence boost when trying something you have found difficult before.


Cardamom essential oil helps by grounding and looking at where you have come from compared to where you are now. It celebrates successes, reminds us of our strengths, and encourages mindfulness. The oil promotes looking at the lessons learned over struggles - look how far you have come! Connecting with cardamom essential oil and allowing it to provide you wellness on a spiritual level allows for greater appreciation of oneself and clarity to look forward- not just at what is left behind.


Lemongrass comes very high on the list of essential oils for self-esteem because inhaling it is a great way to boost confidence and craft the courage to try new things. It helps to overcome those psychological blocks that often impede our progress, replacing them with bright, optimistic, and enthusiastic energy. With regular use of lemongrass oil over time, users report feeling increasingly brave in even the worst scenarios. There's no limit to what you can attempt after building your courage with this helpful essential oil!

Sweet Basil

Last on the list of essential oils for self-esteem, but certainly not least. Sweet basil has the potential to bring a sense of driven motivation to anyone who uses it. The aroma can evoke a feeling of enthusiasm, making you feel capable and confident. Sweet Basil is excellent for people who overthink (that'll be me, then!) because it demands you "Get out of Your Head!" It's a kind of "Feel the fear and do it anyway" kinda gal.

It's impossible not to strut when you have sweet basil. 

Sniff it and Bring it on, world… Lookout. I'm Ready! 

Ways to Use Essential Oils for Self Esteem

There are many creative and aromatherapeutic ways to use essential oils to boost self-esteem. One of the best techniques is to make a personalized inhaler filled with an essential oil blend of your choice, like the scent of citrus or lavender. This inhaler can be kept with you throughout the day to give a little mental boost whenever needed.

Another way to use essential oils is by diffusing them in areas where you often spend time, such as your home or office. Just be aware that essential oils will also affect others around you, which could be problematic for someone with epilepsy, for example.

Additionally, adding some drops of any essential oil into a warm bath can also promote a feeling of general well-being and relaxation.

A rollerball filled with a jojoba carrier oil and more energizing essentials like lemon and peppermint can easily be applied onto pulse points when out and about for those moments that require extra courage and strength.

Lastly, adding calming scents like juniper berry or chamomile into massage oil can provide comfort while massaging sore muscles or joints at home or during a spa session. When used thoughtfully, there is no limit to how much essential oils can help restore self-esteem!

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Consider Getting into Massage!

Massage provides well-being, helping individuals accept and appreciate all their body has to offer. Through touch, massage can redefine feelings of self-esteem and acceptance. Neurotransmitters and hormones released due to the physical contact help an individual relax, while endorphins also add to feelings of well-being. The results of such positive emotions lead people towards a further state of self-assurance. It is beneficial for both mental and physical health.


Our sense of worthiness constantly evolves depending upon the various factors present in our lives at any given time. While some factors, such as parental conditioning or childhood/domestic violence, may be more challenging to overcome than others, understanding how each element affects your sense of worth will allow you to take steps toward creating more positive relationships and experiences that increase your overall feeling of self-worth - essential oils included! So make sure you take the time needed to nurture yourself mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually - whatever works best for you - so you can live with intention! ​​​​Make today your turning point in how you feel about yourself by staring to work with essential oils for self-esteem.

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