Essential Oils for Menstrual Mood Swings

Some of the most uncomfortable conversations I have with women are about how controlled they feel by their hormones. It’s a world of disparity in the workplace; it feels like sabotage for women trying to compete.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be looking at various ways essential oils can be used for hormonal support and to help maintain a healthy mood. Today we’ll look at essential oils for premenstrual tension.

You might remember we talked about essential oils for menstrual cramps in May. Today we are just interested in how hormones affect mood.

Why Use Essential Oils for Menstrual Mood Swings?

I’d like to preface this work by saying that all emotions are valid. Don’t use these essential oils to alter your mood because somebody says you’re difficult to live with during that week. Don’t use them to become more manageable because everybody else would find them more comfortable.

Women are most sensitive and intuitive during the weeks coming up to their period. They are in their sexual prime. If you feel you have something to say, say it. Many women enjoy that surge of sexual fullness and brazen tongue. However, if you feel controlled by your hormones and feel desperate and low each month, these oils may change your life.

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How to Use Essential Oils for Menstrual Mood Swings

I would recommend using small amounts often. So, you might want to wear the essential oil in an aropendant around your neck so you're breathing in support all day long. It can feel supportive as if you have a friend holding your hand.

Add some essential oils to a rollerball blend to administer them throughout the day. I am a big advocate of taking half an hour each day to lie in the bath. You might also want to add some essential oils to diffusers to alter the room's vibration and influence your surroundings. 

Your experimentation will likely bring better results than any recipe. Let your brain and imagination tell you what you need. Have a sniff of one essential oil, or maybe a combination. Breathe in and ask how it makes me feel.

You're looking for a calm, happy and balanced outcome.

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Using Essential Oils for Menstrual Mood Swings Safely

All the oils in this article would be safe to use without concerns around contraindications or conditions.

Many are hormonal and would not be used in pregnancy, but the context of the article suggests that pregnancy is not likely to be an issue here. 

1. Clary Sage

Many problems arising during that premenstrual week are due to changes in estrogen and progesterone. Sclareol, a constituent of Clary Sage, mimics estrogen. Clary Sage helps to supplement those changes and support healthy mood balance.

There is research that suggests that estrogen may be The Molecule of Worry. Scientific trials have proven that men who suffer from obsessive-compulsive disorder can benefit from being supplemented with estrogen. From a personal point of view, I can remember sitting for hours rather than going to bed simply scrolling, checking my emails, checking my Facebook, checking my emails over and over again, being worried something was gonna happen, and just looking out for it.

Only when I read this research did I realize it was estrogen making me obsessive before my period. Clary Sage can be tremendous for this.

In addition, clary sage has an antispasmodic nature, so it is soothing to cramps, aches, and pains.

2. Geranium

Geranium is supportive, balancing, and treatment. It releases us from tension and worries. I am a prominent ambassador of geranium in the bath. It’s like the world just lifts away from your shoulders.

In Medical Astrology, geranium is ruled by Venus, the goddess of love, fertility, and sexuality.

This essential oil helps you feel more balanced, open, and feminine.

3. Ylang ylang

Nature's natural balancing agent. Evocative, romantic, heady, breathing ylang ylang is like lying back on a warm romantic beach, without care. But, on the other hand, if you feel like you are battling with the rest of the world, ylang ylang feels harmonizing, seductive, and generous.

4. Bergamot

This is an excellent oil for people who go to dark places in their premenstrual weeks. For most people, the problem will be irritability, but for some, there can be natural depression as their moods drop right through the floor.

Bergamot is beneficial for these situations, primarily if used in inhalation. I recommend wearing it as an aroma pendant to carry the sunshine. Yuzu essential oil, too, can be helpful.

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5. Myrrh

Physically, myrrh is a uterine tonic. Supporting the physical changes during the menstrual weeks may alleviate pain. I would recommend blending it with some lavender to soothe.

However, myrrh has a profoundly feminine aspect to it. It’s not flowers and happiness. This is a great oil to choose if you know you have something to say but might not have the guts to say it till this week. Myrrh reassures and gives you the confidence to speak your truth.

6. Lavender

If we consider the moment before we use our essential oil as a starting place, we will choose lavender if the world is irritating. If you feel aggravated and angry, lavender soothes you. It calms you. It’s also tremendous if you suffer from being more worried and anxious when your estrogen drops.

7. Roman Chamomile

Again go back to this feeling of anxiety, worry, feeling like you have got to control everything.

Chamomile says Whatever Will Be, Will Be. 

Relax your grip on control and just trust that everything is going to be okay.


As women begin to regain their rights after so many years of being sidelined in favor of men in the workplace, they must maintain their rights to express themselves.

Never allow anybody to dismiss things you say during your menstrual cycle as less because they are hormonal. However, you also have a right to calm, to feel reassured and balanced,  and nature created special elixirs just for this.

Essential oils for hormonal balance can be women’s most special friend. So why don’t you tell us how you’ve used essential oils for menstrual mood swings?

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