Easter Diffuser Blends

This week cultures across the world will observe many different sacred and special celebrations. Together, as humanity, we celebrate the growth of the sun as spring brings warmer days and more light. Why not create a truly special diffuser blend to observe and mark the sacred in your life? Palo Santo and Frankincense essential oils are perfect choices for this, and you could try blending these with some of our fragrance oils. We have created several recipes for you.  Try our blends: Magic of The Magnolia, The Majesty of Wisteria, The First Blush Of Roses, Sacred and Reverent, and our Middle Eastern Celebration. Delights of Easter And Beyond. Take time to relax, reflect, and show gratitude with our Diffuser Blends For Easter.

Diffuser Blends For Easter

At this time of the year, people across the globe celebrate and recognize a whole host of different celebrations. Christians celebrate Easter, while Muslims celebrate Eid, their New Year. Jews celebrate Passover while Jains celebrate Mahavir Jayanti. Catholics go on to celebrate the Feast of the Divine Mercy, a little later in the month.

Wherever you are in the world, whatever sacred event you are observing or celebrating, there is a Diffuser Blend here for you. 

Easter in England

Easter in England

The sun returns and the Earth awakens.

Almond and early Cherry trees burst forth with tiny delicate blossoms for honeybees to collect the first pollen. Stately Magnolias put on a show like no other. The waterways are dressed in vibrant chartreuse green as weeping willows tumble into them. Fields are tinged with the first green flushes and fluffy white lambs jump for joy.  Birds busy themselves in newly leafed hedgerows and their songs fill the air… Sunny banks are punctuated by Lemony primroses and  Devon Violets pop up everywhere. Their fragrant lilac flowers gladden the heart. Daffodils dance in the breeze bobbing their jolly heads and fat Bumblebees stumble their way between dandelions,  still drowsy from their Winter sleep.

Spring in England is a joy to behold. I’d like to share some of it with you through these beautiful Diffuser Blends For Easter.

Why Make Your Own Diffuser Blends For Easter

Control The Mood

Control The Mood

The joy of creating, designing, and producing Diffuser Blends For Easter is you can control and dictate whatever mood you want to convey. Feeling in control of the process of making your own Diffuser Blends For Easter is wonderfully empowering! 

Essential oils are full of active benefits and properties that can calm, soothe, and relax, or even uplift, energize, and enliven. It only takes a handful of essential oils to create a variety of ambiances for your home.

Fragrance oils do not have the same properties, or benefits as essential oils, but their scents can still influence your mood. We respond to smells that appeal to us and scent is strongly linked to our memory and certain scents can trigger good memories. Vanilla is a good example of this, it can make us feel homely, comforted, safe, and secure. 

Control The Cost

The beauty of learning how to make your own blends gives you scope to control your budget. You can easily make your own Diffuser Blends for Easter to rival big designer brands for a lot less money. Some essential oils and absolutes stretch even the deepest pockets making them unattainable for most of us. Fragrance oils allow us to use scents like Rose, Jasmine, Neroli, Sandalwood, and Oud for a fraction of the price of the essential oil. 

Best Essential Oils For Diffuser Blends For Easter

I looked at some of those early Spring flowers that make utterly delightful, but rather expensive essential oils and absolutes, in Early Bloomers: Perfect Diffuser Blends for Spring, so please do pop on over and learn about those. Some of them are perfect for the sacred celebrations that take place globally at this time of the year. 

Use delicate and almost medicinal florals like Lavender. Rose Geranium and Palmarosa add in those rounded and smooth Rose-like notes. Go more intoxicating with Jasmine and Neroli to emulate the heady Jonquils and Narcissus. 

Go for leafy essential oils for that bright green uplifting and invigorating ambience. Plump for essential oils like Ravnesara, Eucalyptus, and Spearmint to create that ‘breath of fresh air’ effect. 

One thing I find people neglect in their blends is those hefty base notes to anchor the whole profile, Don’t be scared of them! Adding in those earthy scents of Oakmoss, Vetiver, and Patchouli, help balance the whole profile. Mixed with these fresh, green leaves, it gives that

scent impression of newly emerging and unfurling leaves from the depths of the rich, precious earth. 

Think, why does this time of year smell so amazing to me? It will be different for each of you, depending on where you live in the world, and your personal preferences.

Best Fragrance Oils For Diffuser Blends For Easter

There is absolutely no reason at all why you cannot use the fragrance oils suggested in Early Bloomers: Perfect Diffuser Blends for Spring. Let's remind ourselves of those:

We still want to bring in those later Spring scents and fragrances and push more towards that hope of the coming Summer, warmer days, filled with sunshine and light. Consider these for your Diffuser Blends For Easter:

1. NO. 1101, Inspired By: A Thousand Wishes By Bath & Body Works

The scent of a thousand wishes drifts on the fragrant Arabian breeze.  Peony and Jasmine dance with divine Amber, while precious Sandalwood and alluring Musk are all wrapped in dreamy, juicy Starfruit.

Fragrance Notes

    • Top: Starfruit
    • Mid: Peony, Jasmine
    • Bottom: Amber, Sandalwood, Musk

2. NO. 1500, Inspired By: Amazing Grace By Philosophy

Gorgeously dreamy, airy, and light, vibrant and hopeful. Fresh green citrus notes of Bergamot and juicy Mandarin meld with other zesty citrus tones. While the lingering Rose and Jasmine floral notes entwine through the scent profile. It is all finished beautifully by a delicate wisp of seductive Musk.

Fragrance Notes

    • Top: Bergamot, Mandarin, Citrus
    • Mid: Jasmine, Rose
    • Bottom: Musk

3. NO. 1111, Inspired By: Endless Weekend By Bath & Body Works

Imagine that blossom-laden stately Magnolia tree, waving gently in the sunset breeze. Notes of fresh, tart, juicy Raspberry, rose scented Lychee, are laced with smooth, creamy Vanilla. But, it is the final flourish of precious Sandalwood that balances this profile so wonderfully. 

Fragrance Notes

    • Top: Raspberry, Lychee
    • Mid: Magnolia
    • Bottom: Vanilla, Sandalwood

4. NO. 48 - Lemon Verbena

This is the fragrance of sunshine on a late Spring day. It is a fiesta of citrus notes all dancing together harmoniously. Lemongrass weaves it fresh greeny through zesty Lemon and Sweet Orange. It is a gloriously fresh, zingy, citrus delight.

Fragrance Notes

    • Top: Lemon, Orange
    • Mid: Lemongrass

5. NO. 1409, Inspired By: Wisteria Blue By Nest 

Those late Spring panicles of fragrant Wisteria want you to dive into its ethereal, floral, watery depths. Bask in the aquatic top notes entwined with the exciting fragrance of Wisteria. The best Bulgarian Roses take your hand and marry you to the tea-like notes of Imperial Jasmine. The swansong comes from divine Amber, rich, warm, and smooth. Sublime. 

Ethereal, fresh and aquatic, deeply floral, with just the merest hint of warmth and spice. 

Fragrance Notes

    • Top: Aquatic, Wisteria
    • Mid: Jasmine, Rose
    • Bottom: Amber

Which VINEVIDA Fragrance Oil Should I Use?

At VINEVIDA we stock two different types of fragrance oils.

    • DIFFUSER fragrance oils are specifically designed for Cold Air or Nebulizing Diffusers. Naturally, we recommend that you only use it for this purpose.
    • SOAPS & CANDLES fragrance oils have been specifically designed for the cosmetics and skincare industry. They have been carefully designed to withstand the high heat processes of the candle and soap-making processes and so that makes them ideal for making skin care and toiletries. NEVER use Soaps and Candles fragrance oils in a Cold Air or Nebulizing Diffuser, the fluid will be too thick and could clog the nozzles on the Diffuser. You can use them in other types of diffusers though. 

For more comprehensive information on VINEVIDA fragrance oils and diffusers, check out How To Use VINEVIDA Oils.

Diffuser Blends For Easter

Essential Oil Diffuser

I’m eager to get this started and I am sure you are too! Thankfully, you need very little equipment to get some fantastic results in your sensational Diffuser Blends For Easter.  

You Will Need:

    • Stainless steel spoon
    • Small measuring jug
    • Silicone spatula
    • Funnel
    • 10 ml glass bottle with dropper
    • Oil Proof label


    1. Carefully measure out your fragrance and essential oils.
    2. Add them one by one into the measuring jug and combine well. 
    3. Use the funnel for ease and decant your Diffuser Blend for Easter into your 10 ml dropper bottle. 
    4. TOP TIP: A good quality silicone spatula helps you get every last precious drop into the bottle. Scrape out the oils from the measuring jug and funnel into the bottle, then scrape the funnel well. This way you don’t waste a drop. You want to be following this practice when using very precious and expensive essential oils. 
    5. Clearly label your bottle. Don’t forget to list all of your ingredients and the date of production. 
    6. Annotate your label as ‘UNDILUTED’ oils for safety reasons, please. Be responsible!
    7. Always be sure to thoroughly wash and dry your equipment in between making your Diffuser Blends For Easter. 

The Magic of the Magnolia

The Magic of the Magnolia

This evokes the glorious sight of a Magnolia tree in full blossom. Stately, breathtaking, and almost angelic looking. Let this fill your home with the magic of Magnolia. 


    • It is not designed for topical use on the skin.
    • Do not diffuse in a home with cats - Lemongrass & Tangerine

The Majesty of Wisteria

The Majesty of Wisteria

There is nothing like the waft of Wisteria on the breeze, it catches your attention and leads you by the nose to find the source of this hypnotic fragrance. All at once, you turn a corner and you will be greeted by the breathtaking show of cascade upon a cascade of highly fragrant Wisteria. Utterly dreamy.

Safety - It is not designed for topical use on the skin.

A Breath of Fresh Air

A Breath of Fresh Air

This is one to breathe deep of, to pause a moment, and take just a minute for yourself to center. It is light, bright, and airy like that first breath of sun-warmed Spring air.  Hope is on the horizon for better things. It is lively, vibrant, and uplifting. 


    • It is not designed for topical use on the skin.
    • Do not diffuse in a home with cats - Lemon

The First Blush of Roses

First Blush of Roses

The first Rose to bloom in my garden is a David Austin English Rose called ‘Golden Celebration’ that I ‘saved’ from my late grandfather’s garden. It’s a lovely lemon-yellow color and it has hints of Lemon and Myrrh to the sublime fragrance. This is in honor of those first, long anticipated, and beloved blooms. (And of course, Grandad).


    • It is not designed for topical use on the skin.
    • Do not diffuse in a home with cats - Frankincense

Sacred and Reverent

Sacred and Reverent

This time of year is sacred for many people across the globe. It is a time of reflection, reverence, and gratitude. We can create an ambiance in our home that encourages prayer, reflection, or meditation. It is a truly special diffuser blend and one to treasure.  


    • It is not designed for topical use on the skin.
    • Do not diffuse in a home with cats - Frankincense

Middle Eastern Celebration

Middle Eastern Celebration

So many celebrations happen in the Middle East at this time of the year, and it seemed poignant to acknowledge them.  This Diffuser Blend is deeply rich and evocative.  Find time and space for peace and reflection with this sublime scent.


    • It is not designed for topical use on the skin.
    • Do not diffuse in a home with cats - Frankincense & Sweet Orange

How To Use Diffuser Blends For Early Spring

Now you have made your Diffuser Blends For Early Spring, you need to know how to use them.

Unfortunately, it is almost impossible for us to advise you all individually. Think about it, you all have so many different types, brands, and varieties of Diffusers. For this reason alone, VINEVIDA cannot possibly advise you all individually.

Please take responsibility for your own Diffuser and double-check the manufacturer's operating instructions for your machine.

Don’t forget, we do have the chart in How To Use VINEVIDA Oils. Check the section called ‘So Many Different Diffusers’. It shows you which fragrance oil variation we generally recommend for those types of diffusers. 

Let me remind you, that these Diffuser Blends For Easter recipes are NOT designed for topical use on the skin. 

Final Words

Easter Eggs

Join the global celebrations and dive into using these Diffuser Blends for Easter. Evoke the growing sun and journey towards Summer. Breathe deep in the fresh air and take a moment to observe the cycles of nature.  

Whether you just want your home to smell amazing or you want to create space for sacred celebrations, there is a Diffuser Blends for Easter here for you.

Grab fragrance oils like:

    1. 1101, Inspired By: A Thousand Wishes By Bath & Body Works;
    2. 1500, Inspired By: Amazing Grace By Philosophy;
    3. 1111, Inspired By: Endless Weekend By Bath & Body Works;
    4. 48 - Lemon Verbena

And of course the gorgeous NO. 1409, Inspired By: Wisteria Blue By Nest.

Marry them with essential oils like bright zingy Lemongrass, and add that camphorous note with Lemon Eucalyptus for a cool edge.

Add soft florals like Rose Geranium and Rose. Use Palmarosa to enhance those Rose notes. Jasmine and Neroli can help emulate the heady notes of Jonquil and Narcissus.

Introduce green notes like Ravensara, Eucalyptus, and Spearmint for freshness and deepen them into those rich Earth notes of Oakmoss, Patchouli, and Vetiver.

Have a go at our Diffuser Blends for Easter recipes or develop your own Signature Scent for your celebrations, however, you choose to observe—many blessings from our hearts to yours at this special time of year.

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