Statement from Our President: Things are Changing at VINEVIDA

Dear all of our special VINEVIDA customers,

Things are changing.

At Vinevida, we believe in fairness in all aspects of our business and have no interest in making extra profits from shipping. Recently it has become clear that is impossible for us to offer it and remain competitive on price. So, we have taken the decision to remove the offer from our site.

This is a bittersweet move because for many customers this will result in lower unit prices. Shipping was previously included in each product's unit price. Removing it has resulted in decreased price right across our catalogue.


Almost all customers will benefit from this move. It means more competitive prices and cheaper costs for all.

Customers purchasing multiple items from us benefit the most Since the charge was previously integrated into each item listed on our website, anyone buying more than one product previously paid numerous amounts of shipping. Customers with full baskets now enjoy much bigger savings when buying.

For customers purchasing single items, your price essentially stays the same.

In addition to these changes, we are aware that there may be customers who have preferential shipping rates arranged with their own couriers. If that applies to you, and you find you have negotiated rates more economical than we can provide here, we'd like to invite you to provide us with shipping labels from your own supplier at no further cost to you.

As we continue to grow, side by side with our fantastic customer base, we'd like to take this opportunity to tell you how grateful we are, and how much we appreciate you.

Truthfully, it is you, our customers, who make VINEVIDA possible, and we will announce new promotions that give you all better opportunities to save, in effort to continue supporting our customers. We are so excited for what's to come!

Jake Myara
President, VINEVIDA

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