February's Oil of the Month: Black Pepper Essential Oil
Black pepper essential oil benefits people who tend to give all their warmth and energy to other people too. Mums who have no idea how to center attention on themselves and whose energy eventually becomes very depleted. It helps them redirect that warmth and energy back to themselves without feeling guilty about doing it.

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At VINEVIDA we source our Black Pepper oil from India, giving us rich, aromatic oilWe supply Black Pepper oil to many aromatherapists, artisan soap, candle, and cosmetic manufacturers, aiming to provide them with premium oil at wholesale costs. We offer the oil in a variety of sizes ranging from individual to bulk essential oils. Contact us today to find out how you can best incorporate Black Pepper's crisp, fresh, and peppery fragrance into your life!
*10% discount applies to oil sizes up to a gallon.*

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