Fruit Loops Fragrance Oil

Fruit Loops Fragrance Oil Showcase

VINEVIDA’s Fruit Loops fragrance oil makes you think of pouring out those joyful, fruity, loopy, bright circles of yummy goodness and splashing over the ice cold milk, as the aroma just rises up to meet you and greet your day. Zingy, fruity and just all round delicious!

The fresh, zingy scent of the fruits hit your first with that vibrant blast of gorgeous citrus notes like Lemon, Lime, Orange and Grapefruit. That mellows down into the comforting embrace of Lavender and then squishes you with the gloriousness of soft creamy Vanilla. With a final hug from the soft woody undertones of Sandalwood.

It’s super refreshing and bright with that comforting after feeling, just like tucking into a bowl of Fruit Loops. What fun! Kids just LOVE this fragrance oil… Big kids like it a lot too.

Fragrance Notes

Starting off on those super bright and zingy fruit notes and comforting through the floral Lavender heart note of the scent profile it is a versatile fragrance oil with its woody and creamy finish. It’s one that we absolutely love here at VINEVIDA for its joyful, youthful sense of fun.

    • Top: Lemon, Lime, Grapefruit
    • Mid:  Lavender, Orange
    • Bottom: Vanilla, Sandalwood

VINEVIDA’S Favorite Ways To Use Fruit Loops Fragrance Oil

With such a versatile fragrance oil its uses are veritably endless and the only limit here is your imagination.

With its zingy and refreshing fruity and floral scent, it is absolutely perfect for cold process soaps and for using in toiletries and beauty products.

Citrus scents always tend to evoke images of freshness, cleanliness and often they really make your mouth water, so are good for stimulating appetite. Which makes this the perfect choice for the kitchen diner.

It is a popular choice for scenting the home and makes a good starting point for creating a Signature Home Scent. You can read more about what a Signature Home Scent is and  Layering Perfumes In The Home in our article. There is also a plethora of ideas and recipes to get the creative juices flowing too.

Fruit Loops fragrance oil lends itself beautifully to making laundry related products like washing liquid, tumble dryer sheets and shoe deodorizers. The kids tend to absolutely LOVE it, so they will be all too happy to have some in their rooms.

Fruit Loops fragrance oil can be blended easily with other fragrance oils for a scent sensation.

Personally, I like to mix it with cool, green fragrance oils, like Sweet Strawberry for an intense fruity hit and Coconut Cream for a softer, rounder finish.

It also blends wonderfully with essential oils like Bergamot, Grapefruit and Lemon.

We have a version of Fruit Loops fragrance oil developed especially for your cold air diffusers too. Find it here.

Creative Ways to Use and Blend Fruit Loops Fragrance Oil

Let’s step out of the box and look beyond using the fragrance oil in a diffuser. Let’s look at some creative ways that you can use Fruit Loops fragrance oil to set you apart from the crowd and put you ahead of the curve.

Given I am writing this around International Youth Day and that it is a fragrance oil that kids always seem to gravitate to, I want to dedicate these ideas just to them this week.

Pass this over to the kids now!

Adults aren’t needed until a little later, when we need you to go shopping, pop the oven on and do a bit of mixing please. See you later. :)

How to Smell Great With Fruit Loops Fragrance Oil

Make Your Own Scented Pencil Case

Let’s face it, school can be a grind some days and when I’m bored or feeling a bit low, I like to smell something nice to cheer me up. Often at school, all you have in front of you is your pencil case and some books (or tablets these days).

You can simply add some Fruit Loops fragrance oil to a tissue or paper towel, pop it into a small zip lock bag and seal it well. Then when you need a burst of that zingy, fruity freshness to make you smile, you can just open up the zippy and give yourself a sneaky waft. Suddenly school doesn’t seem so bad after all!

TOP TIP: Pop some nice colored paper next to the open zippy in your pencil case and after 24 hours you will have magically scented note paper onto which to write secret notes to your BFF, or super secret love notes to the apple of your eye. Don’t get caught though!

Sneaker Scent Sensations

You can also follow the exact same principle, as above, for creating Sneaker Scent Sensations and pop the open zip lock bags complete with scented paper towel into your sneakers overnight. Remove them in the morning and your sneakers are going to smell a whole heap better! You will be walking on air!

If you close the bags as you remove them, it helps keep the scent fresher for longer and you can just keep reusing them every night before bed.

Just don’t forget to refresh the fragrance oil from time to time.

Our Favorite Recipes With Fruit Loops Fragrance Oil For Kids

This is where I will share some of my favorite recipes with Fruit Loops fragrance oil, designed just for you awesome kids.

Fruit Loops Body Spritz

This is a brand new recipe just for you all today. I wanted to give you something that is easy to achieve for yourself at home and with minimum adult supervision.


    1. When we make beauty products, we have to follow some rules and the most important one is the ‘ IFRA maximum safety dilution rate’. 
    2. For Fruit Loops fragrance oil in category 2A (deodorants) it is 2.75% in 100ml.
    3. Kids, what this means is that when you measure your 100ml of Body Spritz base, you can only add a maximum of 2.75ml of your Fruit Loops fragrance oil into it if you are using it as an adult.
    4. However, because you are kids, we are going to think about the safety of your delicate skin and reduce that right down to 0.5% or 0.5ml or 10 drops of Fruit Loops fragrance oil in 100ml of Body Spritz base.

You will need:

    1. Measuring jug
    2. Stainless steel stirrer or spoon
    3. Funnel
    4. Label
    5. Plastic spray topped bottle.


    • 50 ml / 1.69 fl oz Spring Water
    • 50 ml / 1.69 fl oz Witch Hazel (Don’t skip this as it helps disperse the fragrance oil)
    • 10 drops or 0.5ml of Fruit Loops Fragrance Oil (0.5% dilution)


    1. In a measuring jug combine all of the ingredients.
    2. Mix thoroughly 
    3. Once combined, using a funnel, decant into your spray bottle
    4. Screw the top on tightly and prime the pump.
    5. Use the last of priming pump spray to do a 48 hr patch test on your inner elbow or wrist,  to make sure you are not allergic to any of the ingredients.
    6. Label clearly with all ingredients for safety reasons
    7. Perform a 48 hour patch test before using. 
    8. This recipe will store for at least a month.

How to use:

    1. You can spray this as you would a deodorant spray or body mist, avoid your face and head and don’t spray it around your private areas as it could really sting. 
    2. Let it dry and dress as normal, or just refresh your scent through the day with a quick spritz. It’s nice and refreshing too! Especially after playing sports or doing exercise. 


    1. Always do a 48 hour patch test.
    2. Do not spray at your face and if the product gets into your eyes, tell an adult. Then rinse with clean water. If irritation persists seek medical attention taking the labeled bottle with you.

You can find more guidance on making deodorant based body sprays here: How To Make Essential Oil Body Spray.

Fruit Loop Bath Bombs

Kids you will just LOVE these super fizzy bath bombs that explode with fruity, zesty gorgeousness. You’ll be begging for a bath!

The instructions look long and complicated but they are just thorough, because it’s easy to make mistakes by getting too excited and ruining expensive ingredients.

Unfortunately, you will need some adult help, but just see it as getting your hands on your bath bombs much quicker.

Take your time, and once you know how to do it it really is a very easy process!


    1. When we make beauty products, we have to follow some rules and the most important one is the ‘ IFRA maximum safety dilution rate’. (Kids : Notice that this is different to the Body Spritz, that is why you need to check the IFRA guidelines).
    2. For Fruit Loops fragrance oil in category 9 (Soaps and rinse off products) it is 3.7% in 3.75 oz.
    3. Kids, what this means is that when you make your Bath Bomb mixture, you can only add a maximum of 3.7ml of your Fruit Loops fragrance oil into it if you are using it as an adult.
    4. However, because you are kids, we are going to think about the safety of your delicate skin and reduce that right down to 0.5% or 0.5ml or 10 drops of Fruit Loops fragrance oil in the 3.75oz for ONE bath bomb in this recipe.

You will need a bit of adult supervision and help with this if you are younger than 14 years of age.

You Will Need:

    1. Measuring spoons/cups
    2. Mixing spoons
    3. Selection of medium-sized bowls
    4. Medicine dropper
    5. Small spray bottle - or a plant mister
    6. Muffin tray or bath bomb two-part molds


Note: buy a bit extra because you and the kids will make mistakes in this project.

    • Citric acid (Look in the canning aisle)
    • Baking soda
    • Cornstarch
    • Water
    • Vegetable oil
    • Natural food coloring liquids or powders x2. Beetroot, carrot, and spirulina powders are good options 
    • Fruit Loops fragrance oil

Optional Ingredients To Add To Your Bath Bombs: 

    • Epsom salts
    • Pink Himalayan salt (Choose well-ground)
    • Sea salt 

Do not use table salt as it has anti-caking agents added

I always LOVE to add LOTS of glitter, but stick to edible or cosmetic glitter for this project.

Note that the recipe amounts given in this activity are for approximately filling one large muffin cup, but this greatly depends on the exact size of the cups in your muffin tray.

You can double or triple the recipes to make additional bath bombs.


    1. Preheat the oven to 170 degrees Fahrenheit (or its lowest setting) since you use a muffin tray to dry your bath bombs. Always assist children when using the oven.
    2. Now, just a note before we begin. You must be careful how much liquid you add to your dry ingredients. Please hear me on this. It can go from perfection to ruination in less than a drop.
    3. The ingredients can be expensive, and if you get carried away, you will be simply standing there watching your beautiful bath bomb fizz away in front of your eyes on the kitchen counter. (If this happens, tip it into a jar quickly, leaving the lid off until it stops fizzing. You can still benefit from the ingredients by adding them in your next bath, saving it from going completely to waste).
    4. Have all your things on hand and set out ready in front of you because you need to work fast at the mixing stage.

In A Bowl, Mix The Following:

    • 1 ⅓ tbsp of citric acid
    • 2 ⅔ tbsp of baking soda
    • 2 tbsp of cornstarch
    • 2 tsp of your choice of salts. (Epsom, Pink Himalayan Sea Salt, or a mix of all three).
    • ½ tsp of your colored powder; use beetroot powder, spirulina, or carrot powder. (Do not use Turmeric - it might seem like a good idea at the time, but your bath will be yellow, and so will you. Ask me how I know this! Cue eye-roll.)
    • You can add up to a 1 tsp of glitter too. (Sorry mom)!

For extra dramatic explosion and fizz - add more citric acid and baking soda and reduce or omit the cornstarch altogether. Cornstarch is a filler to bulk up your ingredients and reduce the cost, although it also gives a lovely, luxurious silky feel to the bath bomb. Cornstarch is also a better choice for your kids' sensitive skin!

You have a choice here, and it depends on what you prefer, but I like to add my 10 drops of Fruit Loops fragrance oils to the powdered mix because I can control how much scent I want and stick within safety data usage guidelines. Also, often, when you add it to the liquid mix, a fair bit can be left over and wasted…and what is the point of that? Don’t waste your expensive ingredients unnecessarily.

Try it both ways, and see what you prefer.

In A Second Bowl, Mix The Following:

    • 1 tsp vegetable oil
    • 1 tsp water
    • 2 drops of liquid food coloring if not added colored powders
    • 10 drops of fruit loops fragrance oil (Unless you have added them already into the powdered ingredients).


    1. Be sure to thoroughly wash and dry your mixing spoons and droppers when moving between the different ingredients and colors.
    2. At this point, you can either use a medicine dropper or a small spray bottle. I prefer a small spray bottle that dispenses a really fine mist.
    3. Now, you need to be careful how much liquid you add and gauge it very carefully. You also need to be ready to mix it quickly.
    4. Spritz your dry ingredients or dispense with your medicine dropper one drop at a time.
    5. Your mixture will fizz; simply take the back of a spoon, push it down to stop the fizzing process, and work the damp powder through the rest quickly and thoroughly. Keep adding the liquid until your mixture starts to look crumbly and will start to come together when pressed, and it will hold itself in shape.
    6. Once it does this, you have enough liquid. Don’t worry if you have liquid left over. Best to err on the dry side rather than a wet soggy mess happening.
    7. Getting this bit right really is the challenge. If it goes wrong, tip it all in the jar and start over again from fresh. Don’t give up! Every time, you just find another way NOT to do it, and you WILL find that perfect sweet spot. It does take practice to get it right, so don’t expect to do it perfectly the first time.

Molding Your Bath Bombs

    1. Take your muffin tray or bath bomb mold and oil the cup/mold very lightly with vegetable oil - use the medicine dropper to dispense just one drop if that is easier.
    2. Fill the muffin cups or bath bomb mold with the mixture and press down well with the back of a spoon; you want a nice dense mix, so press down well, packing it tightly.
    3. Once filled, place your muffin tray in the oven, turn the oven off, close the door, and leave them for at least 45 minutes. Once cooled, remove them very carefully from the muffin cups.
    4. If you have a bath bomb mold, follow the manufacturer's instructions. Many are plastic and not suitable for use in an oven. Some silicone ones do allow this, though, so read the instructions that come with it.
    5. If you cannot put it in the oven, leave it to dry for 12 hours in the mold and then remove it gently and with care from the mold and allow it to harden for at least 48 hours before using.

You find more information and recipes on making bath bombs here: How To Make Bath Bombs With Essential Oils.  If you or the kids have sensitive skin maybe try our more gentle bath melts instead How To Make Bath Melts With Essential Oils.

Safety Using Fruit Loops Fragrance Oil 

You must remember that you need to follow the IFRA safety dilutions recommendations when making products for yourself and any that you intend to give away, gift or sell.

You can find all the information that you need on the individual fragrance oil page under DOCUMENTS and then IFRA STATEMENT.

You can also use our handy calculator tool to help you work out just the right amount of fragrance oil for your preparation.

The Final Word

Well kids, I hope that you have enjoyed this showcase on Fruit Loops fragrance oil as much as I have. I’ve had fun designing all the recipes and ideas just for you. Because let's face it, you’re all pretty awesome and deserve lovely treats like a bottle of Fruit Loops fragrance oil.

Hey, there’s only 20 weeks until Christmas, get it on your Santa list!

Have fun with it and have a go at creating your own ways to use the fragrance oil to smell incredible at home and at school. Maybe pop 2 drops in a 20 ml roller ball with some Sweet Almond Carrier oil for perfume you can carry in your pocket. Keep the Body Spritz in your school bag and refresh yourself if you're a bit warm or just need a pep up!

I hope I have given you plenty of fun and creative ideas on how to use this luscious fragrance oil. It is such a versatile fragrance with that intense citrus and fruity introduction of Lemon, Lime, Orange and Grapefruit followed by those delicious floral notes of Lavender and then deepening into comforting those comforting notes of Vanilla and Sandalwood.

You’ll be the coolest smelling kid in town!

Don’t forget to send me photos of your creations and let me know how you got on! Have oodles of pleasure with it and get your imagination fired up!

We hope that you enjoy the fun and joy of Fruit Loops fragrance oil as much as we do here at VINEVIDA.