Fresh Cut Roses Fragrance Oil

Fresh Cut Roses Fragrance Oil Showcase

VINEVIDA's Fresh Cut Roses Fragrance oil makes you think of sitting under a Rose Bower in the height of summer as the bees buzz drowsily through the soft, blowsy petals and blooms. The grass beneath your feet is strewn with fragrant rose petals, and the sun's warmth intensifies that unmistakable and coveted perfume of the Rose itself.

Yet, it is more. The scent of the sun-warmed leaves weaves their fresh green magic into the mix. As you snip through the precious stem to take a bud into the house to savor, the green, resinous wood joins the fragrant throng. A final flourish of musk leaves you breathless.

Fresh Cut Roses Fragrance Oil is all about the fantastic Rose and then some. It has that delicious and delightful slightly musky rose fragrance that you expect but with a surprising green twist, that scent of freshly cut roses and snipped green stems. It deepens down into sensual woods and musk. Floral, green, woody, and musky all at once, and it envelops you in its complex, refreshing embrace.

Fragrance Notes

Starting off on those refreshing light notes and deepening sensuously through the scent profile, it is a very versatile fragrance oil, and it's one that we love here at VINEVIDA.

    • Top: Floral
    • Mid: Rose
    • Bottom: Woods, Musk

VINEVIDA'S Favorite Ways To Use Fresh Cut Roses Fragrance Oil

With such a versatile fragrance oil, its uses are veritably endless, and the only limit here is your imagination.

Its fresh rose scent is perfect for cold process soaps and use in toiletries and beauty products. Rose-scented products stay in fashion and have always been among my top sellers. People can't seem to get enough of Rose.

Authentic Rose scents are always my first choice when making products for myself, the home, or for gifts. I loved the freshness and depth of this version, Roses, but with so much more!

It is a popular choice for scenting the home and makes a good starting point for creating a Signature Home Scent. In our article, you can read more about a Signature Home Scent and Layering Perfumes In The Home. There are also many ideas and recipes to get the creative juices flowing.

Fresh Cut Roses fragrance oil lends itself beautifully to making scented candles and reed diffusers and can be blended easily with other fragrance oils for a scent sensation. Its softness makes it perfect for any room in the house, and it's ideal where you need a burst of that luscious floral freshness.

I like to mix it with other floral fragrance oils, like Honeysuckle and Lilac Blossom, but it also blends wonderfully with essential oils and Absolutes like Vanilla, Patchouli, and Jasmine.

We have a Fresh Cut Roses fragrance oil version developed especially for your cold air diffusers. Find it here.

Creative Ways to Use and Blend Fresh Cut Roses Fragrance Oil

Let's step out of the box and look beyond soaps, candles, and using the fragrance oil in a diffuser. Let's look at some creative ways to use Fresh Cut Roses fragrance oil to set you apart from the crowd and put you ahead of the curve.

Beauty Ideas With Fresh Cut Roses Fragrance Oil

Make Your Signature Perfume

Everyone loves a heady perfume with Rose; some popular scents have Patchouli as a musky, earthy underlayer. As soon as you mix the soft floral of Rose with those musky, woody scents, you start to create something extraordinary.

Why not have a go at creating your perfume? It's not a quick process, and you need to dedicate some time, effort, and experimentation to it, but once you land on a winner, you might have your signature scent for life! Fresh Cut Rose fragrance oil is the perfect starting point for making your perfume.

Start here - How To Make Perfume With Essential Oils.

Make Your Sumptuous Bath Oil

A few of us look at the price of Rose essential oil and sigh because it is out of our price range. But that does not mean we cannot treat ourselves to some of the beautiful properties of the plant itself, just in a different form—rosehip carrier oil.

The rosehip carrier oil is jam-packed with skin-nourishing ingredients and all those magical antioxidants. You only need a small amount to go a long way. You want to use at most 10% of your final volume; otherwise, it could dry the skin.

Combining Fresh Cut Roses fragrance and Rosehip carrier oil with something beautifully nourishing like Argan carrier oil makes for beautiful bath oil.

For that extra oomph for your skin, you can add more affordable essential oils for their glorious skin properties, like Frankincense and Rose Geranium.

Start here - How To Make Bath Oil With Essential Oils.

Ideas For Around the Home

There are so many ways you can use Fresh Cut Roses fragrance oil around the home that I must edit myself heavily. I get so excited by its endless possibilities. 

Linen Spray

I have started to use these of late. I like how it freshens your linen, especially bed linen between washes.

I also have cats, so I cannot always have my diffuser going, and when I feel the room needs a quick boost of scent, I spray a few cushions on the sofa and turn them over out of the way of the cats.

It is so simple to make that once you start making it, you will wonder why you ever bought commercial products in the first place.

Start with these: How To Make Essential Oil Room Spray (The process is the same).

How To Use Aromatherapy Around The Home has many excellent suggestions and ideas. 

Our Favorite Recipes With Fresh Cut Roses Fragrance Oil

This is where I will share some of my favorite recipes with Fresh Cut Roses fragrance oil with you; some you may have seen before, and others will be brand new just for you. 

Ravishing Roses Facial Mist

This is a brand new recipe just for you all today. I wanted to give you something that is easy to achieve for yourself at home but feels unique and luxurious to use.

Ravishing Roses Facial Mist can be a toner or refreshing and hydrating mist. It is excellent to work in an artificially heated or cooled environment.

Note: The IFRA maximum safety dilution rate for Fresh Cut Roses fragrance oil in category 5B is 16.31%. This means in 100ml of this product, you can use up to 15.63 ml. We are using approximately 1 ml in this recipe.

You will need:

    • Measuring jug
    • Stainless steel stirrer
    • Funnel
    • Label
    • 100ml /3.38 fl oz Bottle with spray mister


Optional: 1% Preservative


    1. If you are using a preservative, follow your manufacturer's guidelines and note where in the process you need to add it and how much. 
    2. Carefully measure and mix all of your ingredients until well combined.
    3. Use a funnel decant in your bottle.
    4. Prime your pump and make sure the mister works well.
    5. Label clearly with all ingredients for safety reasons.
    6. Perform a 24-hour patch test before using.

How to use:

    1. Always ensure your eyes are closed when spraying this across your face and décolletage. 
    2. Pat dry if necessary and allow to absorb fully.
    3. You can apply serum or moisturizer over this product.


    1. Do not use it in the first 16 weeks of pregnancy.
    2. Always do a 24-hour patch test.
    3. If any product gets in your eyes, rinse well with clean, cool water; if irritation persists, seek medical advice by taking the clearly labeled bottle with you.

Carpet and Soft Furnishings Deodorizer

This is another recipe that is so simple to do yourself that you'll never repurchase the commercial versions.

To refresh carpets and couches from stale odors, add 100 drops of Fresh Cut Roses fragrance oil to about 200 grams of baking soda or cornstarch, mix well, and store in an airtight container for about 2 days to let the mixture infuse, and the granules absorb the fragrance oils.

Before using the mixture, stir it last time, sprinkle it onto your carpets, and leave it to infuse for 30 minutes up to a few hours. Keep pets away from the area during this time. Then you can hoover the carpets and furnishings, and you will have clean, fresh-smelling carpets and soft furnishings throughout your home.

Safety Using Fresh Cut Roses Fragrance Oil

You must follow the IFRA safety dilutions recommendations when making products for yourself and any you intend to give away, gift, or sell.

You can find all the information you need on the individual fragrance oil page under DOCUMENTS and IFRA STATEMENT.

You can also use our handy calculator tool to help you work out just the right amount of fragrance oil for your preparation.

The Final Word

This showcase on Fresh Cut Roses fragrance oil has whet your appetite and give you plenty of new and creative ideas on how to use this luscious fragrance oil. It is a versatile fragrance with that beautiful soft and blowsy rosy introduction, followed by fresh greenery and deepening into woods and musk.

Have fun with it, create your own beauty formulations and preparations, and find new and exciting ways to use it around your home. However you decide to use it, I am sure it will be an absolute scent sensation.

Remember to blend Fresh Cut Rose fragrance oil with other fragrances and essential oils. Ensure you are mindful of your safety dilutions and will be ready.

We hope you enjoy Fresh Cut Roses fragrance oil as much as we do here at VINEVIDA.