What Is Cardamom Essential Oil Good For?

I’m always so pleased when somebody asks me what cardamom essential is good for, because it’s not really not spoken of in many books, or popular as people’s first choices of essential oil. Yet, I think it’s glorious. Cardamom can support healthy digestive function, it is soothing to the nervous system and can be particularly helpful for people who are suffering from nervous exhaustion.

In the respiratory system, cardamom seeds have traditionally been used for breaking up catarrh, for chesty coughs and for  releasing fluid retention. Emotionally cardamom is soothing and reaffirming, and works beautifully in aphrodisiac blends.

Cardamom is reputed to be one of the oldest spices known. According to Gabriel Mojay, in Healing The Spirit, the word cardamom is thought to have originated from the Arabic hemama, a derivation of the Sanskrit term for something hot and pungent. Hemphill says it is derived from an ancient Semitic word, amomum, a term that means “very spicy”.

According to The Complete Guide To Aromatherapy Third Edition Volume 1 Foundations And Material Medica By Salvatori Battaglia, the most common actions cited for aromatherapy are:

Antiseptic, antispasmodic, carminative, phallic, digestive, diuretic, expectorant, general tonic, stimulant, systematic.

The only actions that have been supported by clinical studies are its antimicrobial, antispasmodic, digestive, hepato-protective and stomachic actions.

What Is Cardamom Essential Oil Good For Physically


Use of cardamom seeds in the Middle East probably goes back further than human memory. Their warming, soothing action helps to reduce heartburn, indigestion and flatulence. They are wonderful for bloating.

Clearly, traditionally the spices would have been used in food, or often in the case of cardamom, stirred into warming drinks.

Cardamom essential oil does the same job. Add it into massage oils to rub onto the abdomen.

Aromatherapists blend it with oils like chamomile, dill, carrot seed, fennel, peppermint or coriander seed to relieve stomach cramps.

Cardamom's action is soothing, yet invigorating.  It is useful for stimulating sluggish appetite or slow digestion.

It’s a great choice for constipation, especially if blended with rose.


Cardomom’s energetic action is warming and drying.

As such, we can see how it can support healthy respiratory function by clearing out stagnating mucus from the chest. It’s soothing and antispasmodic, helping to relieve coughing, and may also be supportive to people with asthma through its actions on the emotional body.

Fluid Retention

This warming and drying action is helpful for edema, premenstrual bloating, cellulite, sinusitis (particularly if it’s blended with tea tree and myrrh).

Cardamom essential isn’t necessarily an oil that immediately springs to mind to be used in a cosmetic manner, however it would have a  good action on puffy eyes, especially if it was blended with Cypress or Angelica Root essential oils.

What Is Cardamom Essential Oil Good For Mentally

I always describe cardamom essential oils as being like a warm coffee, drunk in a Bedouin tent. You’ve been indulged with the most magnificent Eastern meal, maybe partaken of a few Turkish delights. The air is warm, calm and barmy. The sky is clear deep blue filled with stars. The air tonight is silent except for the sound of friends happily singing around the fire.

When you smell cardamom you can do nothing but stop and relax. It invites  you to sit, take stock, and look how far you have come.

It helps us to relax when we feel worried. If our brains feel sluggish or overstretched, it helps us to concentrate.

Cardamom has a way of reminding you there magic is everywhere around you.

It’s a great oil to choose if you feel like you’re missing out on opportunities. I’ve used it a lot this summer, when the world decided to go on holiday, and I had not booked mine. Using cardamom reminded me of all the exotic places I’ve been and all the things I have yet to see and made it perfectly comfortable to sit here and love what I already have.

Cardamom is harmonizing, without agenda. What you see is what you get. It helps us to speak our truth, ask for want and be clear in our motivations. Simple words, simple actions, magic in simple things.

It feels fair and just. 

What Is Cardamom Essential Oil Good For Emotionally?

I think its magic comes in seeing beauty.

Often we can feel trapped in our mundane lives.

Perhaps we are exhausted by the constant treadmill of marriage. Feel lonely or isolated on our own.

Cardamom says “But how beautiful is everything that you have achieved? The universe has put you exactly where you’re supposed to be.”

Remember how we are looking up at that midnight blue sky under a blanket of bright shining stars. So easy to feel the magic of the universe moving around you.

Perhaps this is why it’s such a good aphrodisiac. It reminds me of the song: 

 “If you can’t be with the one you love, love the one you’re with….

It’s rich, unctuous and luxuriating, and feels so cosseting. It’s comforting and reassuring. Cardamom essential oil feels hopeful.

What Is Cardamom Essential Oil Good For Spiritually?

I guess its best energy would be described as charisma. 

It feels detached, in charge and visionary.

When you smell cardamom, you see wonder, and that pervades through your personality, so other people sense that wonder too.

It’s incredibly easy to fall in love with the cardamom personality. They feel exciting and rich, but honest, truthful and serene.

Cardamom Essential Oil Safety

This is a gentle and safe oil. Like any other essential oil, avoid using the first 16 weeks of pregnancy, however there are no other specific contraindications or worries about conditions or other medicines.

Maximum Dilation Of Cardamom Essential Oil

3% for an adult

2% for someone in a weakened state. This would be a tremendous choice of oil, because not only is it fortifying rebuilds hope.

1% for children over six months. Gentle choice for coughs and colic.


So I guess the answer to What is cardamom essential oil good for?... is making your reality and loving it for the wonder that it is. Living your best life!  I’d love to know what you use cardamom for. Leave us a message in the comments.

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