Essential Oils for Tourettes

Our Top Five Essential Oils for Tourettes 

It’s funny, I got asked about essential oils for Tourettes three times last week. It’s been months since I was asked before. It must be on people’s minds! As far as I know, there are no specific essential oils for Tourette’s Syndrome, but it is a condition of the nervous system that is made worse by stress. Now, stress? That really is something we can help with. 

These would be my top five suggestions of essential oils for Tourettes. 


Everything about frankincense is slowing and relaxing. Most importantly in this case, it slows the breath. Helpful for making the brain think it has more time to phrase words and make sounds. I use this for people who stutter too. 


In the trade, we call this The Oil Of Tranquility. If there is a back catalog of stress going through your mind, it is like vetiver essential oil pulls a weighted blanket over you so you can just hide from it. 


I chose this, because most articles about essential oils for Tourettes choose sedative oils. That would be absolutely fine if the tics or vocalizations were the only issues. But while essential oils do not have side effects, they do have many main effects. 

So, often a problem you'll see, is that the oil simply makes the person too relaxed to be able to do things like exams or driving lessons or tests effectively. And, indeed, these are stressful things that potentially may make Tourette's syndrome worse. But, the person really does need to be able to operate at their best. So, oils like lavender or frankincense might  be too relaxing for these kinds of situations.

Melissa essential oil is proven to reduce stress and agitation in a way that the  brain can still remain alert.


Like vetiver, patchouli is a great essential oil for Tourette's if you’re male. Often essential oils can smell too flowery or feminine. Patchouli and vetiver have lovely masculine fragrances, deep and reassuring. I always say that patchouli brings the energy down from the head into the body. So if you are prone to your thoughts racing away or you sometimes find yourself feeling like you're a bit out of your head, so your body won’t follow what your mind wants it to do, then patchouli seems to bring the two together.


This one is bringing out the big guns. Where Melissa is essential oil, will still allow you to function well in math exams for example, valerian switches stress off. It contains constituents that operate on the same receptors as benzodiazepines. It feels very much like taking Valium, without the problems of addiction. 

It's extremely sedative and is one of the best performing essential oils for helping people sleep. This is a great oil to use at night, to try to relax the nervous system as you sleep, and to improve the substrate of your neurochemistry.

I love Valerian in the bath and in massage oils. What I will say though, is valerian essential oil is produced from the roots of the plant, so whilst I could be kind and say it smells Earthy, it would be closer to the truth to say it smells like week old dirty socks. 

Always blend Valerian to make it palatable. Any of the oils above are great, but rose, geranium and lavender are gorgeous with valerian. 


Don’t let worries about how to use essential oils for tourettes syndrome add to your stress either. Be free with them. Use them in an inhaler, or even just a drop on a tissue if you feel stressed. Perhaps wear some aroma jewelry, get a massage or indulge in some essential oils baths. Anything you can do to tackle your stress is a meaningful way to invest in your future wellbeing. 

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