Winter Holiday


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Scotch Pine

Beautiful fresh winter pine needles. You can almost sense the stags wandering around Queen Elizabeth’s Scottish estate. Great in a diffuser or add a drop to your bath water when you’re feeling sluggish. 

Fir Needle

Bring a little bit of Siberian mystery into your home with invigorating and refreshing Fir Needles. Perfect for a holiday atmosphere in a diffuser, or a drop on your pillow if you get a sniffle. 


Most famous for being a gift of the Magi, Frankincense appears in the sacred incenses of the religions of the world. It brings about a spiritual calm and has a lovely pine-y resinous aroma. 

Clove Bud

The quintessential aroma of holiday cookies. Blend a drop with sweet orange oil to emulate the fragrance of Victorian pomanders designed to clear the air of germs. 


Egg nogs and rice pudding, the fragrance of comfort! Beautiful blended with rose or geranium if you fancy turning the heat on romance. 

Sweet Orange

Happy, sweet and positive, every holiday should have a festive orange somewhere in the proceedings! A drop in a diffuser gets a party jumping and a couple in massage oil will make you smile.

Winter Holiday

Winter Holiday



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