Make Your Own Set of 10mLEssential Oils


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One of the greatest things you gain when you learn how to use essential oils is control. Control over your moods, your hormones, and the quality of the products you use on your skin. How infuriating then, that when you come to create sets of oils for gifts you have no control at all! 

They always seem to have oils you already have or ones you don’t like, in them, don’t they?

Thanks for pointing that out guys…we got you covered! 

Introducing The Ultimate Luxury Pick and Mix.

Need to supplement a winter set for coughs and colds - take your pick. 

Fancy creating a set for a friend to match her skin type - choose away.

What about discrete hormonal support…your wish is our command. 

You tell us what oils and we'll box them up beautifully. Perfect for gifting or an elegant accessory for your dressing table, bathroom, or even the kitchen cleaning cupboard. 

No more random bottles floating around the house, only the oils you want, where you want them elegantly tidied away. 

Well, what are you waiting for…get boxing!

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