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Lavender French

The original and the best. Soft, pacifying, gentle, and relaxing massage oils, in a diffuser or bath. A drop on the pillow is soothing for dreamtime and restful at night. 

Clary Sage

Euphoric, dreamy, and mellow. Of all essential oils, this is the most helpful at that certain time of the month. It is especially helpful when blended into a massage oil with ylang-ylang and lavender. 

Ylang ylang

Seductive, exotic, and erotic, no wonder the people of Madagascar name it Flower of Flowers. Use it in a diffuser for a harmonious atmosphere. For a really special night, make a massage oil. 


Tranquility itself. When your mind is buzzing and unsettled, vetiver’s root medicine draws the energy like a heavy blanket. Rich, grounding, and fortifying. A drop in the bath will knock you out! 

Palma Rosa

Romantic, intriguing, and happy. A cousin of lemongrass, that acts like lavender. It's a strangely magical and marvelous thing. So pretty in a diffuser. 

Sweet Orange

An unusual oil because it’s not sedative. Happy, bright, uplifting, and positive. A gorgeously mellow calming oil that keeps your mind lovely and alert. We love this one in diffusers or aroma- jewelry.





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