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Calm Cloud Synergy Blend contains Orange (Sweet) Oil, Ylang Ylang Oil, and Lemongrass Oil.

What Is Synergy?

This is a blend of pure essential oils, brought together to enhance and improve each other's effects. Importantly, these are not contained in carrier oil.


They are fantastic for use in diffusers and for making your own products for home and everyday use

Reduce the effects of stress on your body with our Calm Cloud Synergy blend of essential oils to relax and restore you. 

Unlike many relaxing essential oil synergies, Calm Cloud is not about getting you to sleep. It’s about lifting you to a more positive place, where troubles seem left behind and you feel more hopeful. It’s a great blend to use at work, or on days where life seems to be kicking you in the a**.

Sweet Orange Essential Oil

There is something merry about sweet orange oil. It’s full of sunshine and light. Somehow it paints a smile across your insides, so it feels like giggles are continually ready to explode from your lips. 

Sweet orange is one of the most studied essential oils for stress. It has a very fast action on anxiety, able to reduce nervousness in people who are waiting for the dentist after just fifteen minutes of inhalation. 

Sweet orange essential oil is rejuvenating and alleviates feelings of tiredness (Mus, 2017) Inhaling it for ninety seconds increases comfort, relaxed, and natural feelings (Igorashi, 2014). Sweet orange essential oil has been found to exert antidepressant effects, being suitable for treating minor stress.

The key constituent in sweet orange essential oil is limonene which is an effective antidepressant agent, able to heal many aspects of the chemical nervous system. (Zhang, 2019)

Lemongrass Essential Oil Asks “What If?”

One of the worst things about stress is it prevents you from thinking creatively. It’s easy to feel hemmed in by your problems with no way out of them.

Hope disappears and that’s when desperation starts to set in.

This is lemongrass's greatest skill.

It says “Yep, I know that this is happening, which means that that’ll happen, and this…and this…but what if there were something you could do? What would happen if you tried this?”

Lemongrass instills hope and keeps you thinking creatively about ways to navigate the stress you are in. 

Ylang Ylang Balances A Seesaw of Emotions

Ylang-ylang is deliciously relaxing and balancing essential oil. 

Aromatherapists also use it to balance hormones, so it's beautiful if you are suffering from the rigors of PMT, menopause, or any other kind of hormonal disturbances.

Ylang-ylang is beautiful if you feel tense or anxious, especially about any kind of tension in relationships. It is harmonious and soothing and has a powerfully relaxing effect on blood pressure and pulse, (Jung, 2013) soothing the nervous system into a gentle state of peace. 

Inhaler Sticks and Rollerballs with Calm Cloud

These synergy blends are great for sniffy sticks because you can just put the cotton wick into your bottle, let it suck up enough oils, and then pop it into your inhaler. No measuring is required. 

Keep it with you, wherever you go. Take five minutes to inhale it, every time you need it. 

It’s also a great idea to add 20 drops of the blend into a roller ball bottle. Fill the rest up with a thin carrier oil like jojoba or grapeseed carrier oil. 

It works really well to apply the oil to the insides of your wrist, onto the pulse points, where there is good access to blood supply and speedy access into the body. Another great way is to rub some into the back of the neck and shoulders. This is a very fast supply to the spinal column and into the brain. 

How Long Does It Take for Essential Oils for Stress to Start Working? 

It will take 19 minutes for essential oils for stress to absorb through the skin and begin circulating around the bloodstream. 

When you inhale essential oils for stress, the oils go up your nose, are processed by the limbic system, and start to act on the nervous system after just 5 minutes. 

A combination of the two can be really effective.

Why Not Use Calm Cloud Synergy Blend in Your Diffuser? 

Our nervous systems are controlled by chemicals called neurotransmitters. The main calming neurotransmitter is called GABA. GABA is made in many ways in the body, but notably, it is expressed by olfactory neurons. That is when we smell something pleasant, the nerves in our noses actually make more GABA to calm our nervous system down. 

So engaging with relaxing fragrances makes sense. We can do that deliberately (via a sniffy snick or aroma pendant, for example) or by just putting a couple of the Calm Cloud Synergy Blends into a diffuser. 

This creates a lovely atmosphere for when everyone gets home in the evening (especially if the kids are a bit testy!) 

Can You Use It In The Bath?

Lemongrass essential oil can be a bit spiteful on the skin, so we would not recommend adding this essential oil synergy to the bath. 

If you wanted to though, you could have an aromatic bath with something different, but just surround yourself with Calm Cloud Synergy Blend Candles

Calm Cloud Synergy Blend Candles 

Usually, we’d suggest using one of our fragrance oils to make candles because they contain fixatives to make the scent last longer. The problem with these is they will have no therapeutic effects.  

A great plan for candles around an aromatic bath is to light simple tea lights and let them burn for five minutes or so. You want to have a pool of melted wax around the wick. When you have this, add a couple of drops of your Calm Cloud Synergy Blend blend of essential oils for sleep to the liquid. (Take care not to get oil on the wick itself - that smells awful when it burns!) The warmth of the melted wax releases volatiles into the air for you to breathe quickly, to soothe you. 

They’ll lose the scent of the Calm Cloud synergy blend by morning…but surely the nature of a magical candle is that the secret should vanish without a trace?  Perfect for candles you are going to use immediately. 

The Most Beautiful Gift of Relaxation: Massage with Calm Cloud Synergy Blend

Add a couple of drops of Calm Cloud Synergy Blend of essential oils to a teaspoon of carrier oil for a beautifully relaxing massage. 

Touch has powerfully healing properties in its own right. Stroking essential oils for sleep into warm skin means they have millions of gateways into the body. (They are absorbed through skin pores into the bloodstream. 

Don’t forget, you can always use the Calm Cloud Synergy Blend in some oil to use like a body oil if you have no one else to give you a massage. 

Is It Safe For Children and Babies? 

We would not advise using this blend topically on children under the age of 2. 

Is It Safe To Use During Pregnancy?

Since Calm Cloud Synergy Blend contains ylang-ylang essential oil, we would not recommend using this during the first 37 weeks of pregnancy.

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Calm Cloud Synergy Blend Calm Cloud Synergy Blend Calm Cloud Synergy Blend Calm Cloud Synergy Blend Calm Cloud Synergy Blend Calm Cloud Synergy Blend Calm Cloud Synergy Blend

Calm Cloud Synergy Blend




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