(Last Updated May 27, 2020 )



At VINEVIDA, we pride ourselves on providing the most accurate and best quality products to our valued customers. In line with our commitment to transparency and precision, our filling policy distinguishes between products filled by volume weight and those by mass weight. This policy ensures that our customers understand the metrics behind our product filling and aids in achieving consistent product experience.


Filling Metrics Explained

  1. Volume Weight (10 mL to 1 gallon): Products that fall within the range of 10 mL up to, and including, 1 gallon are filled based on volume weight. Volume weight refers to the space that a product occupies within its container. By adhering to this method, we guarantee that you receive the exact volume of product you ordered, regardless of its mass.
  2. Mass Weight (beyond 1 gallon): For products that exceed a volume of 1 gallon, our filling procedure shifts to mass weight. Mass weight refers to the actual weight of the product itself, excluding the container. By utilizing this method for larger quantities, we can ensure precision and consistency, especially when dealing with substances that might settle or have variable densities.


Customer Assurance

It's our pledge that the measurements and quantities of our products are filled to the exact specifications as outlined in this policy. Through clear distinctions and consistency in our filling methods, we aim to maintain our reputation for reliability and precision.


Special Considerations

Occasionally, due to the nature of some products, there might be slight variations in the appearance or settling of content. Rest assured, our filling methods account for such instances, and the quantity of the product you receive will align with the method prescribed for its volume or mass.


Inquiries and Clarifications

Should you have any questions or require further understanding regarding our Filling Policy, or if you believe the product you received doesn't adhere to this policy, please reach out to us directly via the 'Contact Us' option on our website. Our team is dedicated to ensuring customer satisfaction and will address your concerns promptly.



VINEVIDA remains committed to delivering quality with precision. By distinguishing between volume and mass weight filling methods, we can better serve our customers' needs and ensure they receive the exact product they expect. Your trust is paramount to us, and our Filling Policy is one of the ways we continue to earn it.