Spiritual Bliss


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Historically, more valuable than gold, frankincense slows the breath, bringing about a peaceful connection with the divine. Gentle, comforting and restorative.  


The plant that is mentioned more times in the Bible than any other, humans have used myrrh as a way to commune with the sacred for at least five thousand years.

Palo Santo 

Native to South America, Palo santo grows in dry tropical forests. Its name is Spanish and means “Holy wood.” and refers to the gifts of its fragrant resin exuded from the dead heartwood. 

Cedarwood (Himalayan)

No-one really understands how cedarwood dispels negative thoughts. Even now, if you visit Egypt you can find remnants of the cedarwood temple doors their ancient ancestors used to create relaxed quietness in solitude.


Aesclepius was the ancient Greek god of Medicine. Healing took place in dream sanctuaries full of snakes and cypress. This bright, returative oil has an unusual way of reaching the subconscious for insights. 


Ayurvedic medicine’s grounding medicine is hydro-distilled from these grass roots that penetrate over 8 meters into the ground. Its profound weightiness is tranquilizing and aphrodisiac, creating languid Tantric bliss. 

Spiritual Bliss

Spiritual Bliss



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