Is Peppermint Essential Oil Safe for Dogs

Is Peppermint Essential Oil Safe for Dogs? The study has found that house pets exposed to essential oils scent suffer fewer issues than those who do not. Having a dog at home must be fun, if not a blessing. The dogs roam freely. You never know when they fall sick or fall victim to infection of viruses and bacteria.

Moreover, specific bugs and insects tend to stay on them all the time. Yes, you should consult a vet whenever your furry friend falls sick. But if there is anything like a certain essential oil that can give your pet immediate relief, you should avail of this opportunity. On the safe side, the regular application of peppermint essential oil allegedly prevents viruses, bacteria, and pollen attacks on your dog.

To be specific, exposure to your dog's peppermint essential oil may improve its comfort and keep in good health. Furthermore, applying the essential oil on its body will enable the dog to have a good skin texture. And your dog won't smell bad then.

Healthy skin is what you owe to your dog. And the peppermint essential oil ensures the best quality skin. The nutrient properties in that oil remove any rough patches and enable fair fluffy skin to your dog.

That being said, any essential oil will be counterproductive if applied undiluted. Therefore, it is crucial to know how, why, and when to use peppermint oil essence for your dogs. That is the imperative of this short but informative article.

Features of Peppermint Essential Oil for Dogs

While researching on the features of peppermint essential oil, you may know all your answers to the question, is peppermint essential oil safe for dogs? Here you go:


The main chemical components of Peppermint essential oil are menthol and menthone. It also contains several other minor constituents, including menthofuran, 1,8-cineole, and limonene. These components help the oil to have a sharp odor, which is cool and refreshing. Its taste is as similar – intense and cold.


Peppermint essential oil is a highly concentrated oil, and people use it for aromatherapy by defusing or applied to the skin by diluting with other ingredients. Due to its high-concentration, it is not suitable to use in excessive amounts.

Keep Bacteria and Virus Away

Peppermint essential oil also contains properties that help to keep different bacteria, viruses, and fleas away from your dog's skin when applied to them.

Acrid Smell

The acrid smell of Peppermint essential oil helps dogs to get rid of breathing problems and anxiety. It soothes the mind of dogs and helps to make them active.

Cleaning Agent

The most disturbing factors are allergen and flea for your pets. To rescue, Peppermint essential oil can act as pretty efficient as a cleaning agent. And some properties in it will eradicate the allergens from and around your dog. 


Peppermint oil extraction does have a considerable amount of stimulant properties. Therefore, applying the oil on your pup can keep it agile, active, and sportive. That may help the dog to be more sociable. But be careful that overdosing can be provocative as it can affect sleep habits and other side effects.

Benefits of Peppermint Essential Oil

Is Peppermint Essential Oil Safe for Dogs

Peppermint essential oil has many benefits for dogs if used in proper amounts and process. The safety concern of using or applying any essential oil is obvious to rise. It is because these oils are intense and many have toxic properties in them. Therefore, is peppermint essential oil safe for dogs? is a must arise while treating your loved pet. Now, let’s know about the benefits so that the worries will be no more.

Flea Repellent

One of the significant benefits of Peppermint essential oil is that it can help repel and prevent fleas from bothering your dog. Fleas are small insects that feed on the blood of mammals and birds. It sometimes transmits diseases through its bite. The flea-repellent properties of peppermint essential oil keep fleas away from your dog. It also helps to soothe the itchy bite.

Resist Microbial Build-up

Peppermint essential oil has such properties in them that can stop spread and growth of fungus, allergens, and all other microbial beings. So this oil can reduce swelling and brings relief to skin issues. It can do that if combined with other high-quality ingredients like Vitamin E, Glycerin, Coconut oil, Almond oil, Lavender Essential Oil, etc. Applying Peppermint essential oil on the dog's skin by diluting with high-quality ingredients helps heal inflamed, irritated skin, and relieve your dog stop itching.

Removes Allergen

Using Peppermint essential oil gives excellent benefits when used on dogs who suffer from seasonal allergies. The natural ingredients in it help dogs find relief from itching, sneezing, and other allergic symptoms.


Another benefit of Peppermint essential oil is that it works like a mental stimulant. The aromatic odor helps to refresh the mind of the dogs and reenergize them. As a result, they become more active, and you can quickly notice the increase in their energy. Again, Peppermint oil has a fresh and pleasant aroma that works as a natural, long-lasting deodorant and helps your dog smell clean for a long time.

So, what we have seen above is that Peppermint essential oil allegedly possesses several therapeutic properties. To categorize, it offers three general uses and benefits that include cosmetic, odors, and ointment.  Now, we will highlight the ways this essential oil can be the most effective for your dog. Therefore, you have no unanswered query like is peppermint essential oil safe for dogs?

How to Use Peppermint Essential Oil for Dogs?

There are two common ways to use peppermint essential oil for dogs: 1) Applying them topically and 2) By administering them through a diffuser.

Applying topically

To apply Peppermint essential oil on your dog's skin at first, you have to dilute the essential oil with other ingredients like Vitamin E, Glycerin, Coconut oil, Almond oil, Lavender Essential Oil, etc. The undiluted essential oil can make your dog sick. 

Carrier oils like Coconut oil, Avocado oil, Aloe Vera gel, Sunflower oil, and Sweet Almond oil are safe to use, and they are lightly scented oils that help deliver the oil safely to your dog's skin. To dilute your essential oil, try to add one drop of essential oil for every tablespoon and a half of carrier oil. Thus you will create a 0.25% dilution, which is a safe range for dogs. Apply the mixture to the skin of your dog, avoiding sensitive areas.

Using diffuser

Diffusers work for dogs in the same way they do for human beings. Add one or two drops of Peppermint essential oil to a water-based diffuser. Dogs don't share the same sense of smell as ours. They have a much more powerful sense of smell. So, the time we are content with the freshening smell of Peppermint from a diffuser may be overwhelming for a dog.

As dogs have a powerful sense of scent, we should run the diffuser for only 10 minutes and let the air clean for about 30 minutes. We should also be careful about not keeping the diffuser in reach of the dog. We will place the diffuser out of the reach of the dog at a higher place.

As Massage Blend

Diluted with other essential oils, Peppermint oil essence can be used as a massage blend or bath. And when used as a blend, it can improve blood circulation, relieve tired feet, ease muscular pain, and many more issues faced by your favorite pup. Not to miss, a Peppermint essential oil blend can treat itchy skin to be rejuvenated.

These are the answers to your concern is peppermint essential oil safe for dogs?

Caution to Keep in Mind While Using Peppermint Essential Oil for Dogs

By now, you have a clear answer to is peppermint essential oil safe for dogs? So, you may go over-enthusiastic to make an overdose. But you should know that using Peppermint essential oil directly or in an inappropriate amount on a dog can cause different hazards to a dog. In this case, proper knowledge of the use is the sole salvation. Some measures to avoid these hazards are:

    • Avoid using essential oil directly to the skin of the dog. Use either in blend massage or in diluted form with other mild oils.
    • Do not keep the essential oil in reach of the dog. If ingested or inhaled in a large quantity, that may lead to mishaps.
    • Used carrier oils to dilute the essential oil before applying it to the dog's skin. And apply first on a small patch of the dog's skin to test whether the skin can withstand the direct potion.
    • Make sure that the droplets from the diffuser don't get into the dog's nose directly. The sensational and pungent smell can cause serious discomfort.
    • Avoid sensitive areas while applying the oil on the skin. Some body parts can be too sensitive to apply any intense oil directly.
    • If any symptoms of Lethargy, Weakness, Diarrhea, Vomiting, Excessive drooling, Difficulty walking, Muscle tremors are noticed, rush immediately to the emergency veterinary clinic.
    • Different dogs have different types of skins. So before applying an essential oil to your dog, take advice from your local veterinary clinic and use essential oil accordingly.
    • Always find the 100% pure essential oil that is free of toxic chemicals. Given the essential oils' spiraling popularity, it is not unlikely to have essential oils having toxic chemicals. The only way out in this regard is to find Certified Organic companies.

FAQs about Peppermint Essential Oil

Is Essential Oil safe for Dogs?

Any essential oil is a natural plant essence extracted through the distillation process. So, you may have the impression that they are safe and free of harmful chemicals. But they can still be harmful as they have chemical pesticides used while cultivated. Besides, essential oils available in the markets may have mixed with abrasive chemicals or preservatives. So the answer is yes whether the question general like the above or regarding particular oil such as is peppermint essential oil safe for dogs?

So, the answer cannot be a simple no or yes. It depends on the way how you treat the dogs with this. If you can find pure oil and use them safely, the essential oil is safe for dogs and other pets.

What are other safe essential oils for dogs?

Another essential oil other than our discussed one is the Chamomile essential oil that can prove effective when your furry darling is in physical discomfort and mental anxiety. Yes, chamomile oil can have the most effective calming effect on your anxious dog. Not to limit here, a little dose of this essential oil can also ease your pet's stress along with settling the upset tummy of your pet. Furthermore, you may notice your shy and scared pup goes agile and socialize in a gathering. Yes, it can happen with the help of chamomile essential oil.

Can dogs smell Essential Oils?

Given the extremely sharp sense of smell dogs have, the answer is pretty clear. That merits the risks of storing essential oils in your house where your favorite pet can go. It is because some essential oils may not prove friendly even when sensed.

With that said, both topical and smelly treatment of essential oil can be useful - the first one for skin rejuvenation and the later to fight fleas. But before you do any one of the mentioned, know better what may be beneficial for your furry darling. No doubt, they are as sensitive as you are.

Is peppermint essential oil safe for dogs if applied directly?

Properties in Peppermint essential oil may not prove safe for pets like dogs, cats, and others when applied raw. So, concentrated Peppermint essential oil at your home runs the risk of irritating your furry friends' skin. As a better alternative, you can use Peppermint oil diluted with milder oil.

To mention particularly, natural repellent products are very effective to fight flea in pets. Therefore, mix Peppermint essential oil is a natural flea repellent product if your furry friend is suffering. Moreover, you need to check whether the product has gone through a safety test on the manufacturer's part.

Apart from Peppermint, some people might also want to know about whether Eucalyptus essential oil is safe for dogs or not. We have written about that topic as well. You can give it a read. 

Can dogs consume peppermint?

Peppermint is poisonous and so harmful for dogs if digested in large servings. Given peppermint oil essence, like other essential oils, are super concentrated and so is very dangerous. Therefore, better to keep the oil away from pets and children. If the flea repellent products are used or applied on the dogs, make sure that it contains other essential oils making it milder. So the answer to is peppermint essential oil safe dogs? is yes. But the answer to the question posed here is no.

Final Words

Using Peppermint essential oil for dogs may yield good results if applied with full knowledge. And we have discussed that in this article.

Gifting a fair skin to the dog is an outstanding feature of the Peppermint essential oil. In addition to that, the skin becomes resistant to various bugs and insects.

To answer the question is peppermint essential oil safe for dogs? apply the peppermint essential oil on your dog, gift him with the utmost comfort, prevent him from serious discomfort, and revive her when suffering from fleas and fever. Mind it; Peppermint can be an efficient and smart deterrent for household pests, insects, and allergens only when you make it applicable before direct use.

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