April's Oil of the Month: Grapefruit Essential Oil
Put a spring in your step with April’s oil of the month! 
This month we want to spotlight Grapefruit Essential Oil, as its bright, citrusy aroma practically spells out spring. Grapefruit is not only famous for being an appetite suppressant but also jam-packed with vitamin C, making its oil perfect for adding to skincare products. VINEVIDA’s grapefruit oil is perfect for whenever you’re feeling a little peckish, or if you simply want a burst of those summer feels!
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The ways you can use grapefruit oil are endless. Diffuse it at home or on the go, using active or passive diffusers. You can sniff directly from the bottle, or you can dilute it with a Carrier Oil (such as Jojoba or Sweet Almond) and dab a bit on your neck or wrists. Alternatively, add a few drops of grapefruit oil to skincare products, such as facial toners or cleansers, to take advantage of all those antioxidants!

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