Sugar Cookie

Sugar Cookie Fragrance Oil Showcase

VINEVIDA’s Sugar Cookie Fragrance Oil evokes those childhood happy memories from when you had those gorgeous teeny tiny fingers. How wonderful it felt to be clutching the precious prize of a Sugar Cookie.

What do you serve with Sugar Cookies? Why, milk of course! This Fragrance Oil masterfully combines the beautiful memories of them both to create this stunning Sugar Cookie Fragrance Oil.

The perfect after-school treat, rich in scent notes of warm cookies, rich, smooth Vanilla, creamy cold milk, and that mouthwatering buttery sugar. Top it all off with a sprinkling of warm spices for truly nostalgic fun.

Sugar Cookie is evocative of carefree days, throwing the door open, dumping your school bag, and heading straight for the kitchen counter to find a cold glass of milk and a plate of Sugar Cookies, and if you were really lucky, they would still be warm. 

Make no mistake, this fragrance oil is a sweet and sugary scent, heady with Vanilla and balanced beautifully with that dash of spice. 

Naturally, this fragrance oil has a universal appeal and can be used year-round. 

Let this mouthwatering scent remind you how carefree you were as a child. Remember the time when you knew what it was like to have fun but also to take time to rest, relax, and let go, without feeling guilty? Surrender yourself to the mouthwatering nostalgia of your youth. 

Fragrance Notes

Sugar Cookie is the nostalgic call to remember when you still had those precious little fingers, curling around a prized Sugar Cookie.

Mouthwatering notes of Sugar Cookie, Butter, and creamy cold milk finally, delicious warming Spices and smooth Vanilla embrace us in nostalgic glee. 

Let it fire your memories of childhood, of a carefree time, where you didn't even know what responsibility meant! It's a Fragrance Oil that we love here at VINEVIDA.

    • Top:  Milk, Buttery
    • Mid: Sugar Cookie
    • Bottom: Vanilla, Spices

    VINEVIDA’S Favorite Ways To Use Sugar Cookie Fragrance Oil

    Sugar Cookie is a mouthwateringly sweet confection of a Fragrance Oil. It encourages nostalgia and evokes the memories of a more carefree time.

    It is a fragrance oil that you can have oodles of childlike fun with, so explore ideas that are lighthearted, fun, and appeal to the child in us all.

    With its sweet and milky Sugar Cookie start, warmly buttered and spiced heart, and delicious Vanilla finish, it is wonderful to use in bath products, like bath bombs, bath melts, cold process soaps, and shower gels.

    With a variety of nostalgic and mouth-watering notes, this fragrance oil will always prove itself time and again for you.

    It is suitable for scenting the home, but you will want to soften that sweet aspect with fresh bright citrus notes. Adding deeper spices and woods can make it more sophisticated and better suited to spaces in the home. You might like to choose this as the base for creating a Signature Home Scent. Find out about what a Signature Home Scent is, in our article Layering Perfumes In The Home.

    Sugar Cookie Fragrance Oil is perfect for use with wax. Why not have a go at making some of the new wax sachets? Or your wax melts, beautifully scented candles, or reed diffusers. It can also be used in all types of candle burners.

    Sugar Cookie Fragrance Oil is easily blended with our other Essential Oils and Fragrance Oils for a true sensation. It is quite versatile and will take a serious amount of padding to create something unique and magnificent.

    Its mouthwatering Sugar Cookie start, warm buttery, and spicy heart, and smooth Vanilla finish make it perfect for the kitchen.

    I like to mix it with citrus and spicy fragrances for an amazing sensation. Try blending it with Fruit Loops and Sweet Strawberry but it also blends wonderfully with essential oils like LimeSweet Orange and Nutmeg.

    We have a version of Sugar Cookie Fragrance Oil developed especially for your Cold Air Diffusers too. Find it here.

    Creative Ways To Use And Blend Sugar Cookie Fragrance Oil

    Jump in with me and let’s explore some wonderfully childlike, carefree, and creative ideas for using this mouthwatering Sugar Cookie Fragrance Oil. Why not shut yourself away with a glass of milk and some Sugar Cookies and make a few fun projects? 

    Naturally, given that the Holidays are right around the corner and creeping ever closer, why not make a few last-minute gifts too?

    Ideas Around the Home

    Room Spray With Sugar Cookie Fragrance Oil

    Room Spray

    Any of our mouthwatering scents are good to stimulate the appetite and so are good for family dinners and parties. Room sprays are the perfect way to create an amazing ambiance at the tip of your fingers. You can even take it with you as you move from room to room and refresh at any time.

    Room Sprays fall in IFRA category 12. Sugar Cookies Fragrance Oil in that category has no restrictions on the amount you use, but don’t use it as an excuse to go mad.

      1. To make 100 ml of Room Spray, combine 40 ml of Witch Hazel with 45 ml of Rubbing Alcohol or High Proof Vodka with 5 ml of Sugar Cookie Fragrance Oil.
      2. Pop into a spray bottle, and label clearly listing all ingredients for safety reasons.
      3. To use, simply spray a few bursts into the middle of the room, avoid spraying at people, pets, and furniture.

      If you want a more in-depth tutorial, pop over to How To Make Essential Oil Room Spray.

      Wax Melts With Sugar Cookie Fragrance Oil

      Wax Melts

      If you have never made wax melts before, they are super quick and easy and oh-so-simple to make. You need very little specialist equipment to do this project either.

      If you have never used wax melts, why ever not? Simply take a candle or electric bowl oil burner and drop them into the well until the wax melts and the aroma is released. They are generally very long-lasting.

      To be more sustainable, once you have finished with your wax melts, tip the old molten wax into a jar/mold with a wick fixed into the bottom, and over time you’ll get a candle into the bargain! 

      Sugar Cookie Fragrance Oil in IFRA category 12 has no restrictions, so you can use as much as you would like, within reason. Though as a guide: To 1lb of wax we would recommend using between 1-2 fl ozs of Sugar Cookie Fragrance Oil, for strongly fragranced wax melts.

        1. Simply melt your chosen wax in a clean old tin can set in a saucepan of hot water - or use a double boiler if you have one. (Don’t use the same one that you would use for food).
        2. Add your Sugar Cookie fragrance oil and any colorant you wish to add. I like to add a sprinkle of glitter, of course.
        3. Pour into your molds and allow to set. Yes, it is that easy!

        You can buy plastic outers that act as both mold and packet which are great. Simply pour, let it set, then close it up and slap a label on the front. Job done.

        mold and packet

        Take a look at the Roasted Pine Cone - Fragrance Oil Of The Week article for a section on making Wax Sachets. It is just the next step up and you could make these at the same time to get the most from your wax, especially if you have leftovers. They make a lovely gift set together, especially with the Room Spray. 

        Our Favorite Recipe With Sugar Cookie Fragrance Oil

        While it is great to come up with new and exciting recipes For VineVida Fragrance Oils, you don’t always have to reinvent the wheel. Occasionally, it’s good to roll out old favorites, reminding ourselves, that they are favorites for a reason.

        Bath Bombs with Sugar Cookie Fragrance Oil

        Bath Bombs

        Kids adore Bath Bombs, almost as much as they LOVE cookies. Bath Bombs make stunning gifts for the upcoming Holiday season and can be put together over a weekend as last-minute gifts. 

        Maybe even get the kids involved and keep their little hands off those Sugar Cookies! 

        Let Sugar Cookie Fragrance Oil bathe you or your recipient in its mouth-watering embrace. 

        Sugar Cookie Fragrance Oil in IFRA category 9 has safety dilution restrictions of 2.22%.

        You Will Need:

          1. Selection of medium-sized Bowls
          2. Measuring Spoons/Cups
          3. Mixing Spoons
          4. Muffin tray or bath bomb two-part molds or make square ones like the image above.
          5. Medicine Dropper
          6. Small spray Bottle - or a plant Mister


          Note: buy a bit extra because you and the kids will make mistakes in this project.

            • Baking Soda
            • Citric Acid (Look in the canning aisle)
            • Vegetable Oil
            • Cornstarch
            • Water
            • Natural food coloring Liquids or Powders 
            • Sugar Cookie Fragrance Oil

            Optional Ingredients To Add To Your Bath Bombs: 

              • Sea Salt - Finely ground
              • Pink Himalayan Salt - Finely ground
              • Epsom Salts

              NOTE: Please do not use table salt, it has anti-caking agents added.

              I like adding oodles of lovely glitter, use only edible or cosmetic glitters for bath bombs.

              Now, the recipe amounts given are for approximately filling one large muffin cup. Naturally, this also depends on the exact size of your muffin tray cups. You can multiply the recipe to make additional bath bombs.

              Some Notes Before We Start
                • First of all, since you use a muffin tray to dry your bath bombs, preheat the oven to 170 degrees Fahrenheit (or its lowest setting). 
                • Before we begin, just a note of caution: You must be super cautious about how much liquid you add to your dry ingredients. Hear me on this. It can go from perfection to ruination in less than a drop.
                • These ingredients can work out expensive if you are not buying them in bulk. It is easy to get carried away, but if you do, you will be watching your beautiful bath bomb fizz away in front of your eyes. (If this happens, tip it quickly into a jar, and leave the lid off until it stops fizzing. You can still benefit from and use the ingredients. Simply add them to your next bath, it will save it from going completely to waste).
                • Prepare beforehand and have all your things on hand and set out ready in front of you. You need to work quickly at the mixing stage.
                In A Bowl, Mix The Following:
                  • 2 ⅔ tbsp of Baking Soda
                  • 2 tbsp of Cornstarch
                  • 1 ⅓ tbsp of Citric Acid
                  • 2 tsp of your choice of Salts. (Epsom, Pink Himalayan Sea Salt, or a mix of all three).
                  • You can add up to 1 tsp of Glitter too. (Sorry Mom)!
                  For Extra Dramatic Explosions and Fizz:

                  You can add more citric acid and baking soda. You would simply reduce or omit the cornstarch altogether. Essentially, cornstarch is used as a filler to bulk up your ingredients, helping to reduce the cost. However, it also gives a lovely, velvety, and silky feel to the bath bomb. Of course, cornstarch is also a much better choice for your kids' sensitive skin!

                  Before You Add Any Liquid - Read This:

                  You now have a choice here, choose what you prefer, but I like to add my drops of Sugar Cookie Fragrance Oil to the dry mix. I do it this way because I can control how much scent I want and stick within safety data usage guidelines. 

                  Not to mention that when you add it to the liquid mix, a fair bit can be left over and wasted. There is no point in that, you don’t want to waste your expensive ingredients unnecessarily. By all means, try it both ways and see what you prefer.

                  In A Second Bowl, Mix The Following:
                    • 1 tsp Water
                    • 1 tsp Vegetable Oil
                    • 2 drops of liquid Food or Cosmetic Coloring 
                    • Up to 20 drops of Sugar Cookie Fragrance Oil (Unless you have added them already to the powdered ingredients).


                      1. Make sure that you thoroughly wash and dry your mixing spoons and droppers in between moving across the different colors and ingredients.
                      2. You can either use a medicine dropper or a small spray bottle for your liquid mix. I prefer a small spray bottle that dispenses a really fine mist over a larger area.
                      3. You must be super careful how much liquid you add at this stage. Gauge it very carefully. You also need to mix it quickly, so don’t hang about.
                      4. Using the spray, spritz your dry ingredients or dispense a couple of drops at a time with your medicine dropper, adding each slowly. 
                      5. Your mixture will fizz; don’t panic here! All you need to do is take the back of a spoon and push it down into the dry mix to stop the fizzing process. Then work the damp powder through the rest quickly and thoroughly. 
                      6. Continue adding the liquid in small amounts until your mixture begins to look like crumbly sand. It should start to come together when pressed into your hand and hold its shape.
                      7. As soon as it does this, you have enough liquid. If you have liquid left over, don’t worry too much about it. It is better to err on the side of caution, the dry side, rather than risk ending up with a wet soggy mess.
                      8. People do struggle to get this balance right sometimes. It is all part of the learning process. Don’t get stressed out about it.
                      9. If it does go wrong, simply put it all in the scraps jar and start again. Whatever you do, don’t give up! You’ll soon find the sweet spot and crack it! 
                      Molding Your Bath Bombs
                        1. Grease your muffin tray or bath bomb mold very lightly with vegetable oil. 
                        2. Fill the bath bomb mold or muffin cups with the bath bomb mixture and press down well with the back of a spoon. The aim is to create a nice dense mix that will give a long-lasting bath bomb. Make sure you press it all down well and pack it in tightly.
                        3. Once you have filled your tray or molds, place in the oven. 
                        4. Then turn the oven off and close the door. Leaving them for at least 45 minutes in the residual heat. 
                        5. Once they have cooled, remove them, very carefully, from the muffin cups. You don’t want them to crumble in your hands.
                        6. Follow the manufacturer's instructions if you are using a bath bomb mold. Many are made from plastic and therefore, are not suitable for use in an oven. There are silicone ones on the market that do allow this, so read the instructions that come with it for full guidance.
                        7. If you cannot put your bath bomb in the oven, that’s fine too. Simply leave it to dry in a warm, dry place like an airing cupboard for 12 hours in the mold. After that time, remove it very gently and with care from the mold. Then set it aside somewhere warm and dry again and allow it to harden and cure for at least 48 hours before use.

                        Naturally, we have some great articles that show you How To Make Bath Bombs With Essential Oils. However, if you or the kids have sensitive skin and tend to miss out on these treats because they upset your skin, try our gentle bath melts instead. How To Make Bath Melts With Essential Oils.

                        Safety Using Sugar Cookie Fragrance Oil

                        Always be sure that you are following the IFRA safety dilution recommendations when you are creating these projects. 

                        Follow these guidelines when you make any products for yourself, or friends & family and you can’t go wrong. Of course, you should give the utmost attention to those that you intend to give away, gift, or sell for safety reasons.

                        Naturally, we like to supply you with all the information you need on our website. Pop over to the individual fragrance oil webpage, you will find a link labeled DOCUMENTS. Click on that to be taken to its IFRA STATEMENT and that has all the safety data you could ever need. 

                        Our Vinevida calculator tool is incredible and makes figuring out how much fragrance oil to use in a given project, an absolute doddle. It will tell you the exact amount of fragrance oil for the volume/weight of your chosen project. You can always be 100% confident, that you always know that you are within the safety guidelines, every single time when you use this tool... 

                        The Final Word

                        Icecream Sandwitch

                        We have revisited some old favorites today that affirm it’s not always necessary to reinvent the wheel. I hope that you have enjoyed this showcase on Sugar Cookie Fragrance Oil. These fun projects are perfect for making uber-quick and cost-effective last-minute Holiday gifts. 

                        Sugar Cookie draws you to the nostalgic memories of childhood, the smells in the kitchen, and if you are lucky, clutching a warm and delicious Sugar Cookie.

                        Allow those mouthwatering notes to pervade your home and memories. Those gorgeous Sugar Cookies meet soft fragrant Butter and then creamy cold Milk. It is finished with deliciously warming Spices and then the last flourish of smooth Vanilla entrances us in our memory.

                        This showcase should give plenty of quick, easy, and cost-effective ideas on how to use this mouthwatering and nostalgic fragrance oil. 

                        Don’t be afraid to explore some of your creative ideas. We always love it if you share them with us in our Vinevida Facebook Group. We are always thrilled to see what you are creating with VINEVIDA products. Maybe, just maybe, one day, your recipe could appear here.

                        Try blending Sugar Cookie Fragrance Oil with other fragrance oils and essential oils for something truly unique and individual. Load the top end with citrus notes and the bottom end with woody notes to elongate that scent profile. Whatever you create, I am sure it will be an absolute sensation.

                        Always work within the recommended IFRA safety dilutions, it is good working practice and sets a standard, that will always serve you well. If you get a bit stuck or confused, don’t panic, you can use the VINEVIDA calculator to help you out and unravel the confusion..

                        It has been mouthwatering and making me hungry to work with Sugar Cookie Fragrance Oil and I am sure that you will love it just as much as we do here at VINEVIDA. I’m off to snaffle some milk and a Sugar Cookie!