Using Diffusers - things to consider

With the rise of the popularity of essential oils, there has been a rise in the use of other aromatherapy accessories. One of these accessories is a diffuser. There are literally thousands of diffusers available in the marketplace, and each one of them operates differently. Whilst it is best to follow manufacturers’ directions, also take into account the advice of the leaders within the aromatherapy and essential oil community.

We have ultrasonic diffusers. Candle burners. Atomizing diffusers. Heat diffusers. The list goes on. Regardless of which one you choose to use, make sure you take into account the following:

Before you start diffusing, make sure you know and understand the properties and contraindications of essential oils. Some oils can be irritating, some can interact with your medications. 

Do you know the age of your oils? Do not use expired or old oils as they can cause irritations to the nose, mouth and throat. 

Robert Tisserand suggests using it for 30 minutes on, and 60 minutes off. 

Take into account the size of the room you are diffusing in

Olfactory fatigue - your mind will start not to notice the aroma. Some people think this is a time to add more oils to their diffuser. This is not the case. Your brain has become closed off from the aroma. This is a good opportunity to turn off the diffuser, and or leave the space for a short time. When you return, you’ll notice the smell again. 

If diffusing in an enclosed space or small room, follow the advice of Tisserand. If it is a larger room, or with open doors, you can diffuse longer. 

Diffusing in enclosed spaces or with closed doors, we leave our pets vulnerable to the full effects of the essential oils, therefore it is important to allow your animals the opportunity to leave the room if they don’t like the smell. Also, make sure you notice if they start acting abnormally.

According to most manufacturers’ instructions for diffusers, only a couple of drops of an oil or blend is required. There is a perception that if you add more oils, you’ll get a stronger smell and they’ll work better. The opposite is true. Use only a few drops, and it will work on your mind and mindset, even if you can’t discernably smell it.  

There are a number of oils that we should consider using more mindfully due to the plant materials being on the ?? list. There are several trees that are now considered endangered, and we should be making sure that we are using the oils mindfully, and that the oils are sourced from sustainable sources.

Be mindful of who else is around you as you diffuse. Do you have older people with you? Do you have young children with you? Do you have pets in the room? Do you know the medical information of all who are with you in the room? 

Whilst the act of using a diffuser is great, and a simple way to use your essential oils, it is important to consider the bigger picture to make sure it is safe for everyone.

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