Nature’s Most Soothing Gift: Roman Chamomile Essential Oil

Do you ever have it when your mind knows something, but your heart won’t follow its advice? When you’re so angry that you can’t function, or frightened about things that might happen, but have no foundation. Days when you flare up at the slightest thing, whether that’s your temper, your skin or gut? This is when you need the anti-inflammatory nature of Roman Chamomile essential oil. So great when you feel rigid and holding too tightly to control.

Roman Chamomile Essential Oil For Inflammation

The longer you work with botanical medicine and plant spirits, the more you come to realize that each plant has a theme. It’s their speciality. It’s what they know and have watched through generations of humans that have interacted with their species. It’s what they have come to teach. 

Sometimes, it can be a metaphysical thing. For example, the rose knows about love, or a physical thing, like lavender knows about relaxation. The Chamomile plant family knows about inflammation. In their case though, their medicine goes right across several bodies. In the physical body the inflammation is especially on the skin, and in the gut. This is why it is so wonderful for digestive issues. 

It acts upon the emotional body for when your temper becomes inflamed. It engages with the mental bodies when things get much bigger than they should be in your mind. Roman chamomile essential oil knows about things that have become inflamed. 

So that might imply then, that roman chamomile might have no use in something like respiratory medicine. But nothing could be further from the truth. It’s useful to remember that aromatherapy works best when it is seen as a holistic medicine. In my opinion, its strength is stress-related illness. So think about how useful roman chamomile will be for asthma. 

The Soothing Nature of Roman Chamomile Essential Oil

Where its theme is inflammation, its keyword is soothing. 

It soothes itchy skin and, for that matter, sore skin too. 

Importantly, it also soothes inflammation caused by histamines. All the chamomiles are amazing for allergies. Again, we can see how this now becomes a respiratory medicine again, soothing itching caused by hayfever, easing the breathing. 

Other respiratory conditions that feature inflammation include: cute respiratory distress syndrome, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), asthma, and cystic fibrosis (CF).(Aghasafari 2019) 

Roman Chamomile Essential Oil For The Mind

I always say that I can hear Roman Chamomile sing. When I watch the plan interacting with the elements in the garden, or as she starts to enter my neural circuitry, my brain relaxes into a big sigh. It lets go of all it has been trying to keep control of. It releases its grip and the words: “Que sera sera” go through my mind. “Whatever will be will be..” 

Such a gentle thing, but here’s the thing, I can be an extremely volatile person. I have a bad temper that explodes, and I could earn an Olympic god medal for worrying about stuff.  It may be gentle, but to be able to soften my rage requires power. 

The Gift of Roman Chamomile Essential Oil On The Stormiest of Days

In 1999, the Marie Curie Institute conducted a trial in London. Their aim was to examine the effects of aromatherapy massage for palliative care. Patients (who were facing imminent death, obviously) were massaged with or without Roman chamomile essential oil. Their stress and anxiety symptoms were assessed using a questionnaire and scale. It was proven that massage improved all of their assessed symptoms, but massage with Roman Essential soothed them more than massage without the essential oil. 

They used a 1% dilution, and concluded that massage with essential oils is a helpful way to soothe stress in palliative care patients. (Wilkinson 1999)

Roman Chamomile for When You’re Upset

In my experience, there are three volumes of naturally occurring female anger. There is a normal, every day, run of fury. Then there is that fuelled by premenstrual rage. And finally we close our fertile existence like volcanos. 

I dunno about you, ladies, but I should have a sign on my door that says “Enter at your own peril. Be afraid. Be very afraid”. Estrogen is associated with mood disruption.(Hoffman, 2021) Estrogen is implicated in an enormous number of functions in the body, including production and maintenance of serotonin, another neurotransmitter with her fingers in many pies, including modulating mood. It drops of course, during and after menopause, leaving us left to just battle it out! 

So imagine my delight when I found a trial showing that inhaling essential oils, when you are post menopausal, increases estrogen. The trial features several essential oils (mainly flower oils) and our lovely Roman chamomile essential oil. (Shinohara, 2017)

Roman Chamomile Essential Oil for The Oldest

Inhalation of Roman Chamomile essential oil was also proven to increase levels of oxytocin in post menopausal women. (Tarumi 2020) Since oxytocin is responsible for  contractions during labor, for breast milk letdown in breastfeeding for erection and orgasm, we can see how the body might think we would be ok if it stopped creating as much. However, since it is also related to  positive emotions like trust and happiness and to bone density and vaginal lubrication, the syndrome of menopausal symptoms begins to make a little more sense. 

And For The Youngest

The joy of learning about essential oils through their themes is that it no longer takes a million words to explain them. Anytime you see redness or swelling, when things are out of proportion or explosive (think digestive acid, pus filled ulcers) think Roman Chamomile. 

It bears noting, however,  that generally I would say do not use essential oils on babies. The protective oils are not yet fully formed on their skins and we don’t really understand how their little livers metabolize the oils. 

That said, if there is a serious case of diaper rash, a 1% dilution in some lotion can do wonders. Likewise, that same lotion can be used on hot, fierce, teething cheeks, or on groping colicky bellies. 


And so, if you want me to get seriously woowoo, try this on for size. Roman chamomile essential oil teaches you to trust in the universe and know that any idea we have about control in our lives is nothing more than illusion. So, watch as she bobs effortlessly on her tiny slender stem in the storm, and learn to e trust that whatever will be, will be. 

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