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Muscle Meditation Synergy Blend contains Peppermint (Piperita) Oil, Clove (Bud) Oil, Wintergreen Oil, and Helichrysum Oil.

Concentrate your healing efforts on weary and overworked muscles with this synergy of peppermint, clove, wintergreen, and helichrysum oils. 

What Is Synergy?

This is a blend of pure essential oils, brought together to enhance and improve each other's effects. They are fantastic for use in diffusers and for making your own products for home and everyday use. Importantly, these are not contained in carrier oil.


This is a fantastic blend of oils brought together for their analgesic powers.

Wintergreen Essential Oil for Pain

Wintergreen essential oil is composed almost entirely of a natural chemical called methyl salicylate. This constituent has powerful analgesic effects (Guo, 2022) and is beloved by the pharmaceutical industry for its ability to make medicines absorb through the skin better. 

It has a strange numbing effect where the skin feels both warm and cold at the same time. Methyl salicylate is a precursor to the manufactured medicine aspirin, but because of its high concentrations is also stronger. Methyl salicylate also thins the blood. For this reason, there are warnings to consider before using Muscle Meditation Synergy Blend. These can be found in the precautions section of this description. 

Cooling Peppermint Essential Oil for Pain

Peppermint is high in menthol which has a clever hidden action on pain. Our skin is full of receptors that constantly sense the surrounding environments. Menthol interacts with one particular set of receptors called TRPM8. (Bautista, 2007) These send messages about mechanical pressure (how heavy your bag is on your shoulder for example,) about pain, and also about the cold. Cold can be an extremely useful tool for massage therapists to use to relax overly tight tissues deep in the fascia. When these are overly taught, massage can be so painful,  they constrict when touched. However, they can be “tricked” using freeze sprays, because they can only “think” about one thing at a time. The cold engages the signaling, distracting the muscle from the pressure being applied and confusing it into relaxing. Engaging cold receptors helps to massage muscles more deeply. 

Why Clove Bud Appears in the Muscle Meditation Synergy Blend

Clove bud is rich in eugenol, the powerful painkiller that meant your grandmother would recommend clove oil for toothache. Where menthol interacts with “cold” receptors, eugenol engages receptors to do with heat. (Takahashi, 2021) This is lovely for rheumatic muscles that feel achy and sore in the cold and damp. Eugenol reduces pain using the same COX-2 anti-inflammatory pathway used by NSAID pharmaceuticals. (Zhang, 2022)

Clove bud essential oil also contains beta-caryophyllene (albeit in much smaller amounts). Beta-caryophyllene engages with the CB2 receptor involved with modulating inflammation and pain.  (Aly, 2019) This receptor is also concerned with healthy immunity. Eugenol also has powerful antimicrobial abilities (Marchese, 2017) which may make this a useful blend to use if your aches and blends accompany some kind of infection or virus. 

Helichrysum’s Role in Muscle Meditation Synergy Blend

Helichrysum is an all-around fortifying essential oil for muscle pain, with actions upon pain and strength. 

The Most Effective Ways to Use Muscle Meditation Synergy Blend

Massage with Muscle Meditation Synergy Blend

Use two drops of Muscle Meditation Synergy Blend in a teaspoon of carrier oil to massage the affected area twice daily. 

It is useful to understand that this will engage two separate therapies,  each with its own merits. 

Benefits of Massage

Muscles are made of fibers that move across each other.

As they work, energy is used and a byproduct of this is chemical waste which is left between the fibers. Over time, the acidic waste crystalizes and rubs against the fibers, making them stiffer and more painful. Massage breaks this waste down, relaxes the fibers, and pushes waste into the lymphatic system to be excreted. 

Massage can do all of this alone. 

But then add the essential oils contained in Muscle Meditation Synergy Blend and the therapy becomes more targeted and effective. 

Understand that simply stroking Muscle Meditation Synergy Blend into aching parts has merit, and the essential oils are capable of doing a good job of tackling pain alone. However, adding massage into the mix will further improve its effects.  

So, even if you don’t have time for a full massage, it makes sense to apply your oils each day. 

Likewise, it is the build-up of the essential oils in the system that is perhaps more important than the massage. Oddly, while it makes sense to massage the affected area, or even just stroke the oils into the sore spot, essential oils can get to the parts that need them, wherever you put them. Even just putting the Muscle Meditation Synergy Blend onto the inside of the wrist gives the essential oils for muscle pain and good access to the blood supply, Then they can start working from the inside out. 

Therefore, people often carry rollerball blends of Muscle Meditation Synergy Blends in their pockets to use as and when they feel that using soothing essential oils for pain might be useful.

Muscle Meditation Synergy Blend Rollerball

Can You Use Muscle Meditation Synergy Blend In The Bath?

Clove bud essential oil can be a bit sharp on the skin so always dilute your Muscle Meditation Synergy Blend into a teaspoon of carrier oil before adding it to your bath. 

It’s worth noting that most of these oils are stimulating rather than relaxing, so it may be worth adding a few drops of our Sleepy Slumber Synergy Blend if you plan to use this before going to bed. The two are beautiful together.

Muscle Meditation Synergy Blend Inhaler Sticks

These synergy blends are great for sniffy sticks because you can just put the cotton wick into your bottle, let it suck up enough oils, and then pop it into your inhaler. No measuring is required. 

Keep it with you, wherever you go. Take five mins to inhale it, every time you need it. 

Why Not Use It in Your Diffuser? 

Our nervous systems are controlled by chemicals called neurotransmitters. The main calming neurotransmitter is called GABA. GABA is made in many ways in the body, but notably, it is expressed by olfactory neurons. That is when we smell something pleasant, the nerves in our noses actually make more GABA to calm our nervous system down.

So engaging with relaxing fragrances makes sense. We can do that deliberately (via a sniffy snick or aroma pendant, for example) or by just putting a couple of the Muscle Meditation Synergy Blends into a diffuser. 

How Long Does It Take to Start Working? 

It will take 19 minutes for essential oils for stress to absorb through the skin and begin circulating around the bloodstream. 

When you inhale essential oils for pain, the oils go up your nose, are processed by the limbic system, and start to act on the nervous system after just 5 minutes. 

A combination of inhalation and topical use of essential oils for muscle pain can be really effective.

Is It Safe To Use On Children and Babies? 

We would not advise using this blend on children under the age of six.

Is It Safe For Use During Pregnancy?

We do not recommend using Muscle Meditation Synergy Blend during the first 16 weeks of pregnancy. 


Methyl salicylate thins the blood, as does eugenol. Methyl salicylate is used in many different ointments and liniments for aches and pains. We do not recommend using Muscle Meditation Synergy Blend if you are using other preparations that may contain methyl salicylate or wintergreen essential oil. Likewise, it is not suitable for use by people who may have a platelet disorder or are taking anticoagulant medications. Cease using Muscle Meditation Synergy blend 48 hours before planned surgery.

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Muscle Meditation Synergy Blend Muscle Meditation Synergy Blend Muscle Meditation Synergy Blend Muscle Meditation Synergy Blend Muscle Meditation Synergy Blend Muscle Meditation Synergy Blend Muscle Meditation Synergy Blend

Muscle Meditation Synergy Blend




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