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Leaves by BBWFragrance Oil for Soaps & Candles


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This particular formulation of fragrance oil has been specially crafted to ensure compatibility with soaps, candles, reed diffusers, perfumes, haircare, skincare, and cosmetic preparations. Please be advised that this oil may not be suitable for use in cold air diffusers, as it is an extremely potent formulation. For that specific need, we recommend customers to select our other specially formulated fragrance oils designed for that specific application.

Leaves by BBW (Our Version Of) Fragrance Oil

Leaves Fragrance Oil is not a pure essential oil but contains fixatives to make a longer-lasting and more fragrant product. It works beautifully for Candle Making, Soap making, and Personal Care Applications such as Lotion, Shampoo, and Liquid Soap. This list is incomplete, and we invite you to play, create and invent a million other ways to use it.

Scent Profile

Feel the sun slipping away and winter drawing in with earthy musk notes, cedar leaf pine, lemon, and spiced fruit.

Fragrance Notes

    • Top: Lemon, Cedarleaf
    • Mid: Pine, Spiced fruit
    • Bottom: Earthy musk

Leaves by BBW (Our Version Of) Fragrance Oil Uses


The gentle autumnal breeze as you walk through the park. 

Reed Diffusers and Candles

Gorgeous for the bathroom, to make it feel fresh and clean. 

Custom Soap and Bath Products

Add a few drops to the cold process or melt and pour soaps to fragrance your bathroom beautifully. 

Air Fresheners and Linen Sprays

Dilute a couple of drops of ocean rain fragrance oil into a teaspoon of alcohol, then fill your spray bottle with water. Freshen the furniture, sheets, and carpet. 

Crafting Projects

Great for candle making, or how about adding a few drops to driftwood floral arrangements?

IFRA Guidelines for Maximum Dilution

Maximum dilution for this fragrance oil depends on the products you plan on making.

It should be noted that maximum dilutions are from a safety aspect only, based on the chemical composition of the oil. Sometimes, these are very high because all components are relatively benign. These amounts are not necessarily recommendations of how much to use in your recipe. They may smell too strong or make the item prohibitively expensive to produce. As long as you remain below the advised limits, you can be as generous or parsimonious as you like. Use more, use less. We’ll leave the creative stuff to you.

The following maximum dilutions apply based on the ingredients used, as per the International Fragrance Regulation Authority.

Directions for Use


Candles and related scented items fall under Category 12 of the IFRA safety standards. Leaves Fragrance oil has no restrictions on use for category 12. Feel free to use as much or as little as pleases your nose.

Soaps and Bathroom Fragrances

Leaves Fragrance oil lends itself well to bathroom products. Maximum dilution for soaps, shampoos, or any other IFRA category 9 product is 8.64%. This category also covers laundry pretreatment and cleaning products.

Maximum dilution for making an aerosol room spray or any other item that will be propelled using a pump is  27.06%.

Hand Made Perfumery

Fragrance oils make wonderful additions to handmade perfumes. For cologne designed to be applied to freshly shaved skin, a maximum dilution of 0.88% is appropriate. This would apply to both Eau de Toilettes and fine fragrances. You can afford to be more generous with products designed for unshaven skin to a maximum dilution of 10.5%.

If you use Leaves Fragrance oil in deodorant or antiperspirant products, the maximum dilution is 2.41%. This applies to either roll-on or body spray products.

Body Care

As per the IFRA regulations, the maximum safe dilution for Leaves Fragrance Oil is set at 2.71% if used for body creams, foot care products, insect repellents, or talcum powder. For facial preparations, consider reducing to a maximum dilution of 1.77%.

For specialized hand creams or fragrance hand sanitizers, the maximum dilution would be 2.77%.


Leaves Fragrance Oil is not approved under IFRA safety guidelines for lip- or mouth-related products as per their categories 1 and 6.

We recommend testing a small amount before scaling to larger formulations, as with all Vinevida products. These fragrance oils are intended for external use only and should not be ingested under any circumstances.

While Leaves Fragrance oil will have no therapeutic properties because it is a synthetic product, it’s a wonderful way to scent your home. Have the best time experimenting with your Leaves Fragrance Oil to make your home an ever more beautiful expression of you.

Our Commitment to Quality:

All of our Fragrance Oils are free of Phthalates, Parabens, SLS, and SLES.


Copyright Disclaimer:
Leaves Fragrance is a registered trademark of Bath & Body Works. VINEVIDA is not affiliated with Bath & Body Works in any way. This fragrance is our version of the fragrance used in Bath & Body Works products.

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Leaves by BBW (Our Version Of) Fragrance Oil for Soaps & Candles Leaves by BBW (Our Version Of) Fragrance Oil for Soaps & Candles Leaves by BBW (Our Version Of) Fragrance Oil for Soaps & Candles Leaves by BBW (Our Version Of) Fragrance Oil for Soaps & Candles Leaves by BBW (Our Version Of) Fragrance Oil for Soaps & Candles Leaves by BBW (Our Version Of) Fragrance Oil for Soaps & Candles Leaves by BBW (Our Version Of) Fragrance Oil for Soaps & Candles

Leaves by BBW (Our Version Of) Fragrance Oil for Soaps & Candles




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