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4 Oz Amber Glass Bottles - Wholesale Amber Glass Bottles with Caps

It's always good to have a set of empty essential oil bottles and containers at home. This set is where you stop your search. Learn why below:


  • Each case contains 50 empty 4 oz (120 mL) glass bottles for essential oils, mainly used as aromatherapy bottles.
  • Each bottle comes with tight sealing polycaps, to prevent even the smallest leak.
  • This set can be used for samples, aromatherapy, do it yourself mixing and matching, preparing vials for diffuser or Nebulizers, and more.
  • Recommended for VINEVIDA Nebulizer Diffuser.

This essential oil tool kit is reusable. The bottles are high impact glass amber essential oil bottles to protect the sensitive oils and mixtures from light. We ship all parts. This comes as a full set, every time. The seal is tight, the dropper provides a nice drop control, so you know exactly how many drops were used in your formula.

A perfect idea for handmade gifts! (perfumes or create your own favorite oil blend).

What are Amber Glass Bottles? How are they made?

Amber Glass is the most trending and convenient method of packaging and storing products in the current era. Jugs, bottles, and other containers are made up of amber glass, but bottles are the most useful and common among them. You’ve probably seen them in many places like kitchens, offices, bakeries, pharmaceutical labs, and many more. The main secret of much popularity of Amber Glass bottles is that it is a great protector of various kinds of products, especially liquids. It protects certain products from photo-oxidation. This means that Amber Glass Bottle has light-resistant properties and keeps the products safe from ultraviolet rays as well as blue light.

The production of Amber Glass Dropper Bottles involves some materials and a process which is the following:

  • Soda ash, sand, and limestone are mixed and heated at a very high temperature.
  • When this mixture is liquefied, other materials such as Carbon, Sulphur, and Iron are added to give the bottle its unique characteristics and color, durability, and ability to retain the stored content's integrity.
  • After that, workers and machines give different shapes to this mixture, and it is ready for you!

Various Uses of VINEVIDA Amber Glass Bottles

You’re not limited to using our 4 Oz Amber Glass Bottles to store essential oils only, but we expand its usage.

  • Amber Glass Bottles do exactly what they do for essential oils. Other oils like absolute oils, perfume oils, and carrier oils maintain their chemical composition and originality if they live in this bottle!
  • From students to scientists, our 4 Oz Amber Glass Bottles serve them all without any discrimination! The bottle keeps in their real condition the chemicals that are in students’ use and in laboratories that scientists use.
  • Many pharmaceuticals like eye drops, antioxidants, and many other products can be seen stored in Amber Glass Bottles.
  • Skin products and other cosmetics lose their special qualities unless they’re stored in Amber Glass Bottles. The bottles don't allow UV to damage skin products and ruin their vitamin and mineral composition.

Why Do VINEVIDA Amber Glass Bottles Break the Ground?

Many other companies are selling their Amber Glass Bottles, but their product is not what they are claiming it to be about. Our 4 Oz Amber Glass Dropper Bottles break the ground for only one reason: They do what we are writing about them! They contain the following qualities:


VINEVIDA offers leakproof bottles that are thick and durable. The bottles come in a sturdy double-walled box to protect from any damage during transit. We implement drop tests to ensure the box never crushes, and the glass never breaks. Our caps seal tightly to prevent leaks, and our pipette droppers are 3.7 inches long, which are thick and protective.


This essential oil bottle set contains 50 pcs of 4oz amber glass boston round bottles, that come with polycone caps. Diameter: 1.9", bottle height: 4.4", capacity: 4 oz (120 mL).


These glass bottles are made of corrosion-resistant amber glass, which protects chemicals from decomposing or changing their structure. Be confident that your essential oils will be safely protected from damaging sunlight and the risk of rapid evaporation.


We understand the awful experience when parts are missing, preventing us from getting the job done efficiently. We double-check to ensure the set is complete, so be assured that no parts will be missing. If you need high-quality essential oil supplies and accessories, you came to the right place!


These bottles can be used for so many DIY projects involving essential oils, carrier oils, moisturizing water, perfumes, cleaning sprays, lotions, and much more. The leakproof nature of the bottle allows this to be portable for traveling and everyday use.

More Practical Features of VINEVIDA Amber Glass Bottles with Caps

Following are some other features of our 4 Oz Amber Glass Bottles that may create ease for you in using the product stored in it:

  • Our 4 Oz Amber Glass Bottles’ cap is 100% leak proof. You should not be afraid of losing your precious content now.
  • We’ve fit a dropper on the cap so that you can use the content more conveniently.
  • And above all, our 4 Oz Amber Glass Bottles are cheaper than that of other sellers.

Our 4 Oz Amber Glass Bottles are 100% inert. Meaning, they don’t leach or break down its chemicals into the products it stores. This way, your product remains safe and healthy for you.

All the materials used in our 4 Oz Amber Glass Bottles production are 100% pure and of high quality because we source them from trusted suppliers.

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Petreaux's G.
United States United States

Cheaply made

The bottles arrived and I found that two bottles were broken inside of the box. The bottles were thrown into the box loose with no packing. They sent different caps than I requested. The glass is very thin. I went ahead and used them because I needed some bottles but won't order from them again.

United States United States

Looking forward to using these.

Great price. Looking forward to using.

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120 mL (With Caps)




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