Meet the Team


President, Co-founder

Jake’s own personal experiences with aromatherapy not only transformed his health but ultimately led to the creation of VINEVIDA. After graduating from Johns Hopkins University with a BA in Psychology, Jake decided to take his extensive knowledge of essential oils and put it to use for the benefit of others. VINEVIDA was co-founded in 2017 with the aim of redefining what the aromatherapy industry should look like. Jake’s goal is to provide high-quality essential oils at bulk pricing to any and all customers. As President of VINEVIDA, Jake is in charge of overseeing day-to-day operations. From product sourcing to conducting research, he endlessly commits his time to ensure that every customer receives the best experience possible.


Vice President, Co-founder

Bringing to the table years of business management, Shaul co-founded VINEVIDA alongside Jake in 2017. Shaul is responsible for all product management and meets regularly with clients in order to maintain and advance VINEVIDA’s business relationships. He is also in charge of the company’s financial and IT operations. Prior to VINEVIDA, Shaul ran several businesses in addition to his role as manager at both INGEAR and Flash Sales. Shaul’s leadership and management skills have proved to be invaluable to the success of VINEVIDA. His commitment to the company—along with his positive energy—help to encourage other members of the team to grow and reach their full potential.


Customer Service Director

One of the newest members of the team, Phoebe joined VINEVIDA in the fall of 2020. She brings with her years of customer service and sales experience, having previously been responsible for consumer relations at various small businesses. As VINEVIDA’s Customer Service Director, Phoebe strives to ensure every customer’s experience is both positive and rewarding from start to finish.


Warehouse Operations Manager

Joining VINEVIDA as an intern in 2018, Ariel’s goal was to find a company he could learn and grow with. Since joining the team, he’s helped to outline and develop systems within our facility to improve efficiency and productivity. The success of these systems illustrates his hard work and dedication to VINEVIDA. Currently, Ariel serves as the company’s Warehouse Operations Manager. In addition to ensuring compliance with VINEVIDA’s rigorous quality service standards, he is in charge of overseeing all daily warehouse operations, including orders and packaging.


Head of Digital Marketing

Mostafij joined the VINEVIDA team in May of 2020 as a content writer. He quickly moved up the ranks to become the company's Digital Marketing Manager, due to his extensive experiences and skills in content and media marketing, as well as search engine optimization. Mostafy has helped VV build our brand image to what it is today, and continues to come up with innovative ways to promote and educate consumers. Today he is company's Head of Digital Marketing.


Content Manager

Elizabeth Ashley is a plant shaman, a bee guardian and a Clinical Aromatherapist with 30 years professional experience. She is the UK Director of the National Association of Holistic Aromatherapy and an overseas speaker for the International Federation of Aromatherapy. She is also a regular contributor to four of the world’s leading aromatherapy trade journals and the creatrix of the inhalation work Aromythology. She is the author of 22 books including 13 Amazon category number 1 best sellers. Her unique slant takes the most recent research about essential oils done in the clinical laboratories and matches it with the botanical's earliest mentions in history.