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Pink Grapefruit Essential Oil: Uses, Benefits, and Blends

Let the zesty, alluring scent of Grapefruit sweep you away to summer paradise. The uplifting aroma of VINEVIDA’s Pink Grapefruit Essential Oil benefits people by bringing a cheerful vibe to any room and is easy to diffuse or add to the product of your choice. Grapefruit Oil contains a high level of antioxidants and makes a great addition to perfumes and facial products, in addition to being known as an appetite suppressant. Indeed, Pink Grapefruit Essential Oil uses are great in numbers. 

Grapefruit Essential Oil Product Details

A member of the citrus family, Citrus x Paradisi—as the Grapefruit is botanically known—is a hybrid between a Pomelo and a Sweet Orange. The result is a large, juicy, fruit with a fleshy pink or red inside and a thin orange-like peel. Though originally native to Asia, the Grapefruit made it to the USA via the West Indies in the year 1823. This is when Count Odet Philippe brought the fruit to Florida, where it has thrived ever since. The USA is a huge exporter of Grapefruit, though in recent years China has slowly overtaken the majority of the market. 

Grapefruit and Medication

One interesting thing about Grapefruit is that it can interact with certain medications. This is because Grapefruit can block the action of the enzyme CYP3A4, which is responsible for breaking down certain drugs in the body. When this enzyme is blocked, drug levels rise causing a negative interaction. Contraindicated medicines include both statins taken for cholesterol and contraceptives. 

Pink Grapefruit Essential Oil Benefits: Component Breakdown

  • Sabinene: Sabinene is a monoterpene that has a spicy aroma, reminiscent of black pepper.
  • a-Pinene: a-Pinene is an organic terpene. Studies indicate that it shows effectiveness as an antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and analgesic agent, among others. For a more in-depth look at a-Pinene, check out this review on PubMed. 
  • Nootkatone: Among all the properties that make sure of Grapefruit Essential Oil benefits, Nootkatone is another remarkable one. Nootkatone is a sesquiterpenoid as well as a ketone, and it is the main contributor to Grapefruit oil’s trademark aroma. Due to its fresh scent nootkatone is prevalent in the fragrance industry, but as of recently, it also has another role. The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) now lists nootkatone on their site as a natural insecticide. 
  • b-Myrcene: b-Myrcene shows indications of being an effective anti-inflammatory as well as a mild sedative. It is one of the major components contributing to Grapefruit Essential Oil benefits.
  • Limonene: Limonene is the most prominent component of Pink Grapefruit Essential Oil, and is prevalent in the rinds of Citrus fruits. It is a common additive in many industries including both the cosmetic and food industry. Similar to nootkatone, it is also listed on the EPA website as an insecticide.

Pink Grapefruit Essential Oil Uses: For Wholesale Purposes


One contributing reason to Grapefruit’s popularity is that it is well-known for its ability to suppress appetite. However, many people either can’t tolerate the taste of fresh Grapefruit or are unable to consume it regularly due to medication reasons. 

A solution to this is Pink Grapefruit Essential Oil. When using Grapefruit Oil for Aromatherapy, there is no concern over drug interactions as the components that make up the oil differ from those in the whole fruit. 

Forecasts indicate that the market for weight loss products will reach USD $408.36 billion by the year 2024. However, many of these products are either ineffective or downright bad for your health. If weight loss is your goal, using a natural method such as Grapefruit Oil to lose weight can be a safer, healthier alternative to many options on the market.

If you choose to try Grapefruit Oil Aromatherapy, there are a few different approaches you can take. The easiest is the inhalation method, which can be done by either using Grapefruit Oil in a diffuser or simply sniffing directly from the bottle. The other route is to use Grapefruit topically, which has the added benefit of doubling as a natural perfume. 

If you decide to use Grapefruit oil topically it is important to properly dilute it first. Use a few teaspoons of carrier oil, such as Sweet Almond or Jojoba, and add a few drops of Grapefruit Oil. Then apply to pressure points as needed. 

Beauty Products 

Grapefruit Essential Oil uses in facial products are common, including those targeting acne, cellulite, stretch marks, and oily skin. This is likely because of the oil’s antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and potential antibacterial properties.

In addition to these properties, the cheerful scent of Grapefruit adds a cheerful burst of freshness to any product. You can add the oil to toners, moisturizers, lotions—even shampoos and conditioners. One thing to be aware of is that certain properties of Grapefruit Oil can react with the sun, so be sure to wear proper sun protection.


Grapefruit Oil is a top note in fragrance terminology. This means that it is the first scent you notice when smelling a perfume. Top notes tend to be highly volatile, meaning they dissipate the quickest. Grapefruit offers an uplifting, summery aroma that is a popular addition to many designer fragrances, including  Clinique’s Clinique Happy Summer, and Ralph Lauren’s Big Pony 1, among others. 

Soap Making

Grapefruit Essential Oil Soapmaking

Grapefruit Essential Oil used for soapmaking is quite popular. Grapefruit Oil’s uplifting aroma brings a big burst of cheer to any soap it's in. Grapefruit pairs well with many other aromas, offering endless options. You will want to use around 3.25 teaspoons of Grapefruit Oil for a pound of soap you are making, assuming you aren’t blending in any other oils. That is a 3% dilution rate, which is what you should be aiming for when making soaps.

DIY Essential Oil Perfume 

Making your own perfume is a great way to avoid synthetics and other irritants that make their way into the commercial perfumes you see in stores. 


  • Dark, glass roll-on Bottle
  • 1 tbsp of Carrier Oil (we recommend Sweet Almond or Jojoba, as they are mild in terms of their own scent)
  • 2 tbsp of Vodka or pure-grain alcohol *this is added to help the oils combine, and it also helps the scent last longer before dissipating
  • 1 tbsp distilled or filtered water
  • Essential Oil (10 Grapefruit, 10 Ylang-Ylang, 2 drops of Vanilla)


  • In a small glass container add first your Carrier Oil, and then the alcohol
  • Add Essential Oils
  • Add water using a dropper
  • Mix well and transfer to a dark bottle. Let sit for at least 24 hours, if not longer before use
  • Shake well before application to mix

Pink Grapefruit Essential Oil Blends - Best Blending Partners

Grapefruit’s bright, Citrus aroma means it blends well with many other oils. One idea is to combine different fragrance categories to create new scents, such as floral and citrus. Try blending Grapefruit (Citrus) with Jasmine (Floral) and Cedarwood (Warm). 


As previously mentioned, using Pink Grapefruit Essential Oil means you do not have to worry about drug contraindications. However, there are still some common precautions to take when using essential oils. Most importantly, never ingest them. The reason behind this is the high concentration level of these oils. Even though people ingest Grapefruit every day, they generally don’t eat hundreds of pounds of them. Additionally, essential oils and water don’t mix. This means that the oil will separate from the water when it enters your body, which can lead to burning and tissue irritation, among other problems. 

For the same reason, always use a carrier agent if using Grapefruit Oil topically. It is also advisable to do a patch test. This is where you apply a small amount of your diluted mixture to the skin, then wait 24 hours. If there is no sign of a reaction then you can continue with use. 

Flash Point

48 °C


Grapefruit Oil not only smells great but offers many potential benefits. Its fresh, citrusy fragrance can brighten up any room, and it can be added to a variety of products including cosmetics, household cleaners, and perfumes. Using Grapefruit Oil is also a great way to avoid any potential complications with medications such as statins or contraceptives. Still, if you have any underlying conditions it is best to speak with a medical professional before use, just to be on the safe side. 

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love this oil

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High quality oil at a decent price!

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I have tried products from various companies for my small business, but the quality of VINEVIDA's products is excellent, so I have decided to order exclusively from them. However, one unfortunate issue is that the bottom of the oil bottle is consistently dented during delivery. While the product itself is not affected, I hope this issue can be addressed and resolved in the future.

Grapefruit Essential Oil (Pink) Grapefruit Essential Oil (Pink) Grapefruit Essential Oil (Pink) Grapefruit Essential Oil (Pink) Grapefruit Essential Oil (Pink) Grapefruit Essential Oil (Pink) Grapefruit Essential Oil (Pink)

Grapefruit Essential Oil (Pink)




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